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Please join N2N and Raise Up Massachusetts!

Raise Up Workers, Raise Up Massachusetts!

Ensuring that working families are able to earn fair wages and care for themselves and family members when they are sick is essential for Massachusetts workers.

When workers and their families can’t afford the basics, they aren’t able to spend money in their communities to keep the economy growing. That’s why Raise Up Massachusetts and Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts are fighting to require employers to offer earned sick time and raise the minimum wage.

We are also joining our sister Nurses in collecting signatures for putting Paid Sick Days on the ballot

How can I help?

Join N2N members collect signatures for the minimum wage and paid sick days petitions by contacting a N2N Organizer near you!

Door Knocking in Worcester

(508) 754-6866

Lissy Romanow (508)259-1001

Elsie Sanchez
(413) 886-9513

Carlos Rodriguez
(413) 210-4030

Damaris Gonzalez
(617) 735-5910