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Listen! NOW! Be transported by the imagery,

… the rhythm, the wisdom, the courage, the life experience of Martin Luther King, Jr. I listened to this entire sermon, his last, yesterday and was so moved! He was so unlike the preachers I was forced to pay attention to in church years ago. Not at all boring and dull or condescending. MLK, Jr. was the kind of pastor you’d follow ANYWHERE because he LIVED his eloquent and passionate sermons. He practiced what he preached! Hearing him for 40+ minutes makes you understand why he was the kind of preacher with whom people marched straight into the depths of Birmingham, Alabama, impervious to attack dogs, billy clubs and fire hoses, the kind of preacher for whom they knowingly risked their lives. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. just made you believe in your natural, God-given … preciousness.
– R. Tirella