FAHRENHEIT 11/9: a note from film maker Michael Moore … and … we miss you already, Burt! … and more!


In my lifetime, I’ve had maybe only a dozen days like the one I’d woken up to Wednesday morning.

It’s the day that a new film of mine had its World Premiere, and that is what happened last night for FAHRENHEIT 11/9 at the Opening Night kick-off of the Toronto International Film Festival, North America’s premiere film event. The lights dimmed, the curtain rose and my work, with all its revelations and warnings and dangerous ideas –
well, dangerous politically to a President who has no intention of ever leaving office unless the Secret Service physically drags him out of there – was shared with the world. This siren call of a movie is my contribution to ignite the fire underneath a despairing, dispirited public who must – MUST – do its job and end the madness at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I have spent the better part of this year constructing a film that will not only explain how the @#&% we ended up with Trump, but also help show us the way out. I must warn you – I do not pull ANY punches in the film. No one is spared – not even me.

… This film is THE moment of truth we’ve all needed for sometime, and I truly believe its release nationwide on Sept. 21st will be the real beginning of the end for Donald J. Trump (and perhaps, more importantly, the eventual end of the rotten, corrupt system that gave us Trump in the first place).

I also believe we have, as we approach November 6th, a massive tsunami of women, young people and people of color (i.e., TWO-THIRDS of the American public) who maybe — just maybe — will drown the whole stinkin’ lot of them in a record number of ballots for a midterm election.

But this will not happen on its own – and any early celebrations of victory like those that happened in 2016, are sure to keep the Republicans in power for years to come.

Donald J. Trump did not just fall from the sky. His rise to the presidency was not an aberration and should not have come as a shock. It was the logical end result of a long, downward spiral in America that culminated in one of our most loathsome citizens conquering our most powerful office. One of our most deceptive minds, commanding the bully pulpit. One of our most fraudulent hucksters, armed with the powers of the presidency to protect him.

Ever since that fateful morning at 2:29 AM on 11/9/16 when the Associated Press officially called the election for our nation’s new leader, we have been trying to save what’s left of our democracy. This is not a film telling you what a jerk Donald Trump is or what an buffoon Donald Trump is or what a liar Donald Trump is. You already know all that. Everybody already knows all that (except for your conservative brother-in-law whose mind you’ll never be able to change). I wouldn’t waste your time or my time making that kind of film. And with all due respect to your conservative brother-in-law, we don’t need him. We’re the majority in this country, he’s the minority, he knows it and that’s why he’s so mad!

Instead, my team and I have been on a mission to tell a much, much more important story. It’s a story about hope… and what comes after it. It’s a story about deception and betrayal. It’s a story about what happens to people when they’ve hit rock bottom. It’s the story about who we are as a people and what it means to be an American in the era of Donald J. Trump. Finally, it’s a story about where we might be heading as a society.

My crew and I have moved heaven and earth to make sure we deliver this film to you in time to have an impact on this year’s midterm elections. I’m excited to announce to you that “Fahrenheit 11/9” will open in more movie theaters than any of my previous films – over 1,500 theaters across America!

(It will also be opening in dozens of countries around the world.)

We open nationwide on September 21st, 45 days before the most important election in American history (and with voter registration still open nationwide!).

I’m writing you today because I need your help. I’ve made a film that was meant to be seen on a big screen, in a dark theater, filled with a hundred strangers. My hope is that you will experience the magic of cinema the way it was meant to be experienced, in a movie theater. It’s the best way to truly feel the big story I’m telling you.

Any bit of anger, despair, or frustration you’ve felt over the past few years must be channeled into action this fall!

… Monday night in Flint, I will hold the US premiere of FAHRENHEIT 11/9. After that, everyone will have the chance to see it.

We are the majority – never forget that. But we need to rise up. That’s the only way out of this mess.

All my best,

Michael Moore






Global Food Companies Ban Animal Tests after Discussions with PETA

By Zachary Toliver | September 5, 2018

Update: After discussions with PETA, another food company has decided to end cruel and deadly tests on animals! Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. — a leading producer of oils, fats, confectionery ingredients, and soy — has confirmed that it will no longer fund, conduct, or commission tests on animals in order to make health claims about its products. In previous experiments funded and conducted by the company, rats and mice were starved, force-fed, and injected with and exposed to harmful chemicals. Then their necks were then broken, and they were dissected.

Originally posted on August 27, 2018:

Japan’s largest meat supplier and its third-oldest sugar producer are the latest companies that PETA has persuaded to establish new policies banning cruel and deadly experiments on animals.


After discussions with PETA, multibillion-dollar global meat manufacturer NH Foods and multimillion-dollar sugar company Ensuiko Sugar Refining Co. have both agreed to stop conducting and funding animal experiments used to make dubious health claims about their products.

In 2016, NH Foods funded and published an experiment that was conducted on 20 mice. Experimenters fed the animals a collagen metabolite (made from chickens’ feet), took their blood, and killed and dissected them. The company currently has an animal-testing contract through 2020, but it has confirmed with PETA that once that contract ends, it’ll no longer conduct or fund experiments on animals unless required to do so by law.

In 2015, Ensuiko Sugar published an experiment that it conducted using 112 mice. Experimenters fed the mice a common sweetener, injected them with a flu virus through their noses, drained their blood, and killed and dissected them. At our request, the company confirmed that it won’t conduct or fund animal tests unless they’re legally required and posted the new policy on its website.

These major companies did right by animals by ditching unjustifiably violent experiments on them.
Like any other person, human or otherwise, these mice valued their lives. Up until the moment they were force-fed, drained of their blood, and killed, these individuals experienced unimaginable terror and would have done their best to escape torment and an untimely death.

Vivisectors reduce complex individuals to laboratory equipment and take away their most fundamental right to life—in expensive and time-consuming experiments that when compared to a free and easy coin flip are five times worse at predicting the effectiveness of human clinical therapies.

These two companies join Asahi Group Holdings, Barilla, The Coca-Cola Company, Ezaki Glico, General Mills, House Foods, ITO EN, James White Drinks, Kewpie Corporation, Kikkoman, Lipton, Meiji Holdings, Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd., Ocean Spray, PepsiCo, POM Wonderful, Riken Vitamin, Sapporo Holdings, Satake Corporation, Suntory Holdings, Ltd., T. Hasegawa Co., Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd., Welch’s, and Yakult Honsha, which have all ended experiments on animals for making health marketing claims after talking with PETA, sparing countless animals’ lives.

Watch it again this weekend!
pic: R.T.

RIP ’70s movie icon Burt Renyolds!

With his deep American roots (he was part Cherokee), cheeky, personal style, sculpted biceps, 6-pack abs and AWESOME mustache, he rocked my teen girl world! The word GORGEOUS was too weak an adjective to capture the Burt-ness when the man was in his prime! Only wish he had done more DELIVERANCEs and BOOGIE NIGHTS! Renyolds was as brilliant an actor as he was beautiful man! Just self-deprecating – never mean-arrogant! American beauty!

Love you forever, B Boy!

– Rose T.

Congressman Jim McGovern: House GOP Farm Bill a “Rotten Deal” for Poor People in America

Kids running through the water jets
No American should go hungry! … One in four Worcester kids is “food insecure” aka HUNGRY. America? It’s one in five. CECELIA file photo: R.O.

Flaming Firehouse Chili Credit PETA
SNAP helps kids eat healthy!
photo: PETA

McGovern Calls on Conference Committee to Protect SNAP; Support Senate Nutrition Title

Congressman Jim McGovern, Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Committee’s Nutrition Subcommittee, sharply criticized today House Republicans’ Farm Bill during the first public meeting of a conference committee appointed to reconcile differences between House and Senate versions of the bill.

Rep. McGovern called the House version of the bill a “rotten deal for poor people,” and urged conferees to instead support the Senate’s nutrition title.

While the House version makes drastic cuts of over $20 billion to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the Senate version does not.

In his remarks, Rep. McGovern urged his colleagues to “work together for the sake of the American people [to] give them a Farm Bill they can be proud of – one that invests in our farmers and supports our fellow citizens who are hungry.”

McGovern Profile Photo 1ab(1)
Jim wants to eradicate hunger! In America – and globally!

Here’s the full text of his speech, as delivered:

Chairman Roberts and Ranking Member Stabenow, let me begin today by doing something I rarely do: praise my colleagues in the Senate.

You passed a robust, bipartisan Farm Bill that reflects the needs and priorities of families and farmers throughout this country.

The senate bill isn’t perfect. But Senate Republicans worked with Democrats on an honest, good-faith effort to create good policy that helps people.

Now, let’s contrast that with the Farm Bill that was jammed through the House of Representatives.

From the anti-environment provisions that reduce access to clean water and undermine critical conservation assistance to farmers – to the shameful cuts to SNAP, which I believe betrays the values of the American people – for me the whole process in the House was a very frustrating experience.

The House Agriculture Committee held 23 hearings on SNAP in the two and a half years leading up to the 2018 Farm Bill, and I attended every single one of them.

Not a single one of our 90 witnesses suggested any of the controversial, pro-hunger provisions included in the House bill.

Not one of them suggested that we kick hundreds of thousands of kids off free school meals.

Not one suggested that we cut SNAP benefits by over $20 billion, and reduce or eliminate benefits for nearly two million kids, veterans, working families, and vulnerable adults.

Honest to God – with all the partisan bickering in our country, you would think reducing hunger might be something we could all agree on. But in the House of Representatives, it’s controversial.

So look – I get it. Beating up on poor people, for some, is easy. Maybe it plays well to a certain political base. But quite frankly, it’s just plain wrong.

Now, I hope my colleagues will join me in supporting the Senate version of this bill with regard to nutrition.

Instead of shredding our safety net like the House version, it maintains support for essential anti-hunger programs that are helping my constituents and people all across this country make ends meet.

We have an opportunity here to lift people up. Let’s do that instead of tearing them down.

Let’s work together for the sake of the American people and give them a Farm Bill they can be proud of – one that invests in our farmers and supports our fellow citizens who are hungry.

Mr. Chairman, I believe that hunger is a political condition. We could end it if we made it a priority. What the House did is a rotten deal for poor people – and it would make hunger worse. I look forward to working with all of you to do the right thing. I yield back.



Letter to the Editor … and … more!

We disagree, Cliff, but hey … it’s America, it’s a free country! Keep those calls (got one today from a guy who, after reading Dorrie’s story, wanted to know what the acronym CHL stood for – Community Health Link. In Piedmont.) and letters coming! pics: Rose T.

Read your article regarding …

Read your article regarding “Bike Kids” (CECELIA, V. 2, issue 5 – Green Island Grrrl) with interest. I’d love to see any kid who wants one be able to have one. I also know not everyone can afford one. Contrary to your comments, I’ve seen the yellow bikes along Chandler Street with the credit card reader flying in the wind while the bike was being bounced up or off a curb. Obviously, these bikes were not being paid for by the hour. I’ve also seen them trashed and lying on the sidewalks. How can you expect any business to operate here under those conditions? There is a place on King Street called “Build-A-Bike.” Encourage the kids to go there and earn one.

My next issue is the article by Dorrie Maynard. We should certainly be able to take pride in our neighborhoods but to say that the Chandler Business Association should be “held accountable” for the trash cans is not looking at the whole picture. I would assume they wanted the trash cans so that people walking by would use them for their coffee cups, fast food wrappers, etc. The picture with the article sure looked like household trash to me. I’m sure the CBA didn’t sign up for that.

Thanks for hopefully reading my rant.

Cliff Anderson
via the Internet


At the Broadway!

Have you tried the fall-inspired ice cream – HOMEMADE ON THE PREMISES BY OWNER BILLY I. – at the BROADWAY restaurant/catering? They’re at 100 Water St. and have made the best icecream in the city for years!

Love the pumpkin, Pumpkin! – R.T.

Billy, hard at work, yesterday.

Iggly, Billy’s right hand man, in the Broadway kitchen.



WRTA Rider Advisory Committee (RAC) Meeting

This Thursday, September 6

5:15 PM – 6:30 PM at the Hub (60 Foster Street, 3rd floor Board Room)

People who are new to the group are welcome to come at 4:45 PM for a brief introduction to the group.


To influence and implement changes through strong community partnership, innovative design and open discussion to foster a more efficient and rider-centric bus service.

To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the WRTA bus system and improve mobility and quality of life for riders in the WRTA coverage area.


To create a quality system that is affordable, accessible and equitable – and which is a model for the Commonwealth.



Dear Friends,

I hope you will join me and the WooRides team on September 8, four days before the start of the Global Climate Action Summit, to demand bold action on Climate Change.

Here in Central Massachusetts we will be acting in concert with people from across the country and around the world taking to the streets.

Here in Worcester, we will join the call to Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice by holding a rally at Institute Park, Park Ave, from 1 pm – 3 pm on September 8.

The rally will follow the Worcester Pride Parade.

Please join us, bring your friends, family and organizations’ constituents, if you can. And, in the case that you aren’t able to attend, please help to spread the word!

We want to use this opportunity to give voice to our communities impacted by the changing climate and our organizations working for change.

Climate Change does not just impact our coastlines, forests and mountains. We see its effects on housing and food security. We feel its impacts on our health and on the resources we depend on for survival. We can see the line drawn between frontline communities that suffer most from climate impacts and better-resourced communities that have largely been spared toxic waste – communities that benefit from clean technologies without acknowledging their responsibility for contributing to the change in our climate.

Please join us on September 8, here in Worcester!

While our country’s governors, mayors and corporate leaders plan to meet at the Global Climate Action Summit in California, we will raise our voices and demand bold action.

We will not accept empty promises and false solutions.

Our own legislators have shown that they are not willing to move Massachusetts meaningfully toward a clean and just energy future.

We will gather to show that real and true leadership comes from us, the grassroots, organizing in OUR communities!

Join us!


Best Regards,

Shahbaz Soofi, Co-Owner/Cooperator


Remember! VOTE TODAY! PRIMARIES are the way we can all say: FUCK TRUMP!!

Rose is still organizing her new place!!
pics: R.T.

But her chaotic, exhausting (hopefully, ultimately, satisfying) BIG MOVE did not stop her from registering to vote in her new town …


… – even though she has to skip the primary here and cast her ballot today in Woo. She can vote in her new town this November.



SAVE THE ANIMALS AND OUR ENVIRONMENT! Vote Dem so Trump exits the American dreamspace…

See how Rose has the U.S. Presidency bookended?


Good jobs, good jobs, good jobs for the forgotten American men, women, youth who Trump hoodwinked in 2016. “Good Jobs/a Living Wage” – Free community college for all Americans! – MUST BE THE DEMS’ MANTRA! So many Americans – millions! – are suffering! If we fail TO OFFER REAL HOPE, it is Trump all over again!! He has an evil charisma!

So Vote today!
Vote for the Democrats!
It’s a Vote AGAINST the Trump Nightmare!

Red meat raises your risk for 9 deadly diseases

We have yet to see President Trump eat a vegetable or a piece of fruit! Red meat for him – and (on the endless Trumpy campaign trail) his supporters!

Rose, yesterday, before heading out to work on CECELIA. She’s tentative about the new country digs but remains a stalwart vegetarian! The only one in town?!
(sigh …)



So curvy and pretty!

By Heather Moore

Eat steak and die. That’s the basic conclusion from researchers at the National Cancer Institute in Maryland.

They tracked the eating habits of more than 535,000 men and women between the ages of 50 to 71 for 16 years and found that eating red meat, including roast beef, pork, and lamb, evidently increases one’s chances of dying from nine major diseases: cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes; kidney, liver, and lung disease, and even infections.

The study participants who ate the most red meat were 26 percent more likely to die of various diseases than those who ate the least. Both processed and unprocessed red meat increases the likelihood of all cause mortality and death due to the nine aforementioned causes.

The scientists suspect that heme iron, a type of iron found only in animal flesh, contributes to the risk of dying from cancer or heart disease. The researchers believe that the nitrates and nitrites in meat may also play a role.

On the contrary, some feel that nitrates from plant-based sources may have potential benefits, particularly for cardiovascular health.

If you want to be healthy, eat tasty plant-based foods rather than meat and other animal-based foods, which are loaded with artery-clogging saturated fat and cholesterol.

Wholesome vegan foods provide protection against heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

Studies have shown that a low-fat, plant-based diet can even reverse the effects of heart disease in many patients, and research suggests that vegans tend to live longer than meat-eaters.

So, if you want to ward off nine of the deadliest diseases and live a long, healthy life, go veggie!

Change your life this Labor Day cookout!



By making your own burgers, you can stretch your dollar pretty far and you can completely control the flavor. For black bean veggie burgers, the only real requirement is, well, black beans.

After mashing the beans, you can throw in just about any spices and veggies you like to create a tasty mix for your patty. Try these with onion rings! Enjoy!


2 Tbsp. olive oil

1/2 cup diced red onion

1/2 cup diced bell pepper

1 clove garlic, minced

1 jalapeño, minced

2 cups black beans

1/2 cup corn

1/2 cup bread crumbs

1/2 tsp. cumin

2 Tbsp. chopped cilantro

1 tsp. salt

1/2 cup flour


In a saucepan over medium heat, in 1 tablespoon of the olive oil, sauté the onion, bell pepper, garlic, and jalapeño for 4 to 5 minutes.

Remove from heat and set aside.

In a mixing bowl, mash the black beans, then add the sautéed vegetables, corn and bread crumbs, and mix well.

Season with cumin, cilantro and salt and mix again.

Shape into 6 patties, then coat each in flour.

Place a pan over medium-high heat and add the remaining tablespoon of oil. Cook each patty for about 5 minutes on each side, or until lightly browned.

Makes 6 small patties.

Why does 4-H force kids to betray their friends?

Jett and Lilac enjoying their new doggy digs. (Rose is disoriented and depressed.) pic: R.T.

By Lisbet Chiriboga, M.S. Ed.

The summer fair circuit is in full swing, but for animals used in agricultural displays and 4-H programs, there are no fun and games, and there will be no prize at the end. Instead, many of those used as projects in these archaic programs will be “rewarded” for their participation with a trip to the slaughterhouse. The “lucky” ones will spend the rest of their lives as breeding machines.

Children who are interested in animals naturally gravitate toward programs like the Future Farmers of America (FFA) or 4-H. But these are the same programs that view animals as commodities, not as individuals with needs and desires of their own. Children quickly learn that the cow, pig, sheep or goat they take on will be either a “market” animal or a “breeding” animal. Although the animals are raised with genuine care, the ultimate goal is for them to be scored for their value. Cows fated to become meat, for example, are judged according to their “yield of the carcass.” Those destined to spend their lives producing milk are judged on their potential for “heavy production and a long period of usefulness.” Pity the poor rabbit with a “well fleshed rump” who will end up on a dinner plate.

4-H’ers spend countless hours tending to their charges. Cows are carefully clipped, pigs are bathed and sheep are taken for walks. Youngsters learn everything about their personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes. But at the end of the season, they must watch the animals they’ve bonded with and nurtured be sold off to the highest bidder.

Children are given the dangerous message that it’s acceptable to send their animal friends off to face a violent, terrifying death at a slaughterhouse. The disconnect is chilling. As one former 4-H’er blithely put it, “I can honestly say I looked at it as … an opportunity to make some money. … The rewards are greater than the heartache.”

Children’s natural affinity and respect for animals should never be snuffed out to make room for a cold, uncaring attitude that would allow them to abandon intelligent, social animals to their deaths. Teaching kindness is crucial to the health and future of our children.

As psychologist Aubrey H. Fine puts it, “Early life experiences seeing animals being treated fairly seems to have a positive impact [on] children and helps them in developing their moral character.”

It’s unfair both to animals and to children when their trust is betrayed. Animals go from a comfortable, sheltered environment one day to a terrifying and confusing journey to their death the next. And children who were carefully tending to their animals’ needs and snuggling with them in the hay between showings watch as their beloved “project” is taken away, never to be seen again.

But not all 4-H’ers are cavalier about this grim outcome. When one 8-year-old sold her first “market” calf, she lamented, “His name was Justin, and he was my best friend. We went to the fair and I got a blue ribbon. When the reality of the fact that he had to go to market hit, it was awful.”

Respecting animals for who they are, instead of focusing on how humans can profit from them, is a lesson worth learning.




Are you an “I”? … and … 💙 NY Magazine political analysis … and Bill!🇺🇸

Donald Trump and his Republican minions are working overtime to disenfranchise minority voters via racist Voter I.D. laws, Gerrymandering, new Punitive Welfare laws aimed at LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, harassing/terrifying undocumented immigrants and refugees (caging their children/families torn apart/children still missing), SPEWING RACIST HATE SPEECH/encouraging white supremacists (President Trump, his top policy maker Miller, Fox TV personality Laura Ingram … the list is ENDLESS!!!). CECELIA file photo by Rose T.

By Edith Morgan

Vacation time is rapidly drawing to a close, and our minds are on a million things we still want to do before summer officially draws to a close. But, if you haven’t noticed, election season is in full swing! The date for the primary election is drawing very close!

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of eligible voters shows up, so that each party’s candidates are chosen by the few who show up.

This is not a good thing for democracy.

Recently, after much talk, there may be legislation that will require at least one course in civics in our public schools before graduation – and I assume that will be a graduation requirement.

Does anyone really believe that one course, probably in high school, is going to do the job? At one time we had some form of “civic“ education all the way through school. It began in elementary school. Each school year children learned about their role in America, first as individuals, then as family members, then as neighbors, then as residents of their town or city, then as inhabitants of their state, then the USA and, finally, as humans living in a global community. We were taught what the responsibilities as well as the rights of each stage of our growth were, and when possible we practiced them. So presumably, by senior high, we were ready to understand what the state and federal Constitution basically say and how government at each level functions.

“I” stands for “Inactive” Voter. If you are a registered voter, it will appear after your name in the book when you go to vote – if you failed to return your Census information every year when it comes. That way, the election commission will know you are still alive, still in Worcester, and you will be able to vote.

The polls are open for primary voters on Tuesday, September 4, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (If you’re weak in math, that is 13 hours). If just takes a few minutes to vote – and primaries are where you make the most difference and where you have the most choices.

So why do so few people vote?

As I get older, I am much less tolerant of the excuses I hear. I work at my poll for 15 hours, attend training sessions and keep informed. I am nearly 88 years old! If I can do it, so can most of you out there.

So, don’t be an “I”! If you show up and VOTE, you will feel like a full-fledged citizen. And you will learn to appreciate the great privilege it is to have the right to express your opinion without fear of repercussions – and you might even run into neighbors you have not seen in a while, when you are at the polls.

If you need any information, call the election commission at your city or town hall. And if you really, really cannot make it, get an absentee ballot. But VOTE!



From NEW YORK MAGAZINE (nymag.com):

By Ed Kilgore

Montana Senator Jon Tester is one of those politicians who radiate authenticity to white working-class voters. Photo: William Campbell/Corbis via Getty Images

A big subset of the argument about how Democrats should try to win back Congress this November is a narrower argument about appealing to the white working-class voters who have been trending Republican for years and trended even more heavily to Donald Trump in 2016. There is, as with every strategic question Democrats face, a “progressive” and a “centrist” answer to the question, and not a lot of evidence so far as to which, if either, messaging or policy approach works better.

At the Washington Monthly, an acknowledged expert on the white working class, Andrew Levison (he is also a longtime colleague of mine at the Democratic Strategist website), tackles the subject head-on, and argues that neither “progressive” or “centrist” viewpoint is dealing with the essential question:

[T]here is a compelling argument that both the progressive and moderate-centrist views are based on an inadequate conception of how voters in many districts across the country are actually making their political choices today. In many white working-class and red-state districts, Democratic policies and proposals, regardless of whether they are “progressive” or “moderate,” never get seriously debated or even considered. …

CLICK HERE to read full article!

Congressman McGovern Invites Top Trump Trade Official to Massachusetts … and … Trevor 😊

Congressman Jim McGovern

Jim was contacted by several local manufacturers feeling the impacts of the trade war.

He asks U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to Survey Local Effect of Trump Tariffs

Congressman James P. McGovern has sent a letter to the Trump Administration’s United States Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, urging him to reconsider increased tariffs that the Administration has recently imposed on foreign trade.

The letter, which the Congressman sent Friday, invites Ambassador Lighthizer to Massachusetts to speak firsthand with CEOs and workers who are concerned about the potential impacts of U.S. imposed and foreign retaliatory tariffs on the livelihoods of their employees and the fate of their businesses.

“I’m deeply troubled by the adverse impact these tariffs are having on small and medium business across Massachusetts,” said Congressman McGovern. “I’ve already been contacted by several manufacturers who are nervous about the uncertainty these tariffs are creating. They’re anxious about the impact on their costs, their supply chains, and their ability to fulfill contracts. And workers need to know that their jobs are secure and that they won’t be laid off because of these tariff wars.

“The bottom line is that many CEOs and workers alike feel that a lifetime of hard work and investment is being threatened,” continued Congressman McGovern. “I want the Trump Administration to hear directly from them and know the impact their trade war is having on our community.”

In the letter, McGovern wrote that he supports “efforts to reduce excess steelmaking and exporting by China,” “updating trade agreements to benefit American workers and consumers,” and “establishing rules governing state-owned enterprises, intellectual property protection, digital trade, and a neutral trade dispute settlement mechanism.”

But he noted those goals should be achieved through “negotiation and diplomacy,” not “tariffs that harm America’s small and medium-sized manufacturers and businesses.”

Congressman McGovern was motivated to write the letter after receiving calls from several Massachusetts businesses which were concerned about the impact the new tariffs would have on their companies.

“In nearly all the cases brought to my attention, it is not feasible for these companies to switch to a U.S. source – either because such a source does not exist, or because stringent qualification and testing are required of components and materials to fulfill manufacturing and contract terms,” wrote McGovern.


CeCe💙💙, what are you doing in this post?!🐱 pic: R.T



CeCe, where are you💙?!



Vanilla French Toast with Strawberry Sauce
from ‘But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan!’


1 vanilla bean

1 cup plain or vanilla nondairy milk

1/2 cup canned coconut milk (or vegan creamer)

1/2 cup chickpea flour

2 Tbsp. maple syrup

2 Tbsp. arrowroot powder

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1/4 tsp. salt

Vegan cooking
8 slices bread (the thicker the better)

4 cups chopped strawberries (fresh or frozen)

1 Tbsp. cornstarch

1–2 Tbsp. agave syrup (or maple syrup, depending on sweetness preference)

1 Tbsp. lemon juice

1 Tbsp. water

Powdered sugarfor dusting (optional)

Sliced almonds (optional)


Use a paring knife to make a slit lengthwise down the side of the vanilla bean. You don’t want to cut it in half — just split it open.

Use the knife to scrape out the tiny seeds.

Place the seeds in a large shallow bowl or baking dish.

Add the nondairy milk, coconut milk, flour, maple syrup, arrowroot powder, vanilla extract.and salt.

Stir until combined.

Preheat the oven to its lowest setting.

Place a cooling rack on a baking sheet. Set aside.

Heat a large frying pan or griddle over medium heat for a couple of minutes.

Spray the pan generously with cooking spray.

Dip 1 or 2 slices of bread (depending on how many will fit in your pan) in the milk mixture and soak for 10 to 15 seconds on each side.

Place the slices in the pan and cook until golden and crispy, 3 to 4 minutes on each side.

Transfer to the cooling rack and place the baking sheet in the oven to keep warm until ready to serve.

Repeat with the remaining slices of bread, respraying the pan each time before adding new slices.

To make the strawberry sauce:

Combine the strawberries, cornstarch, agave, lemon juice and water in a small pot and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer, stirring frequently, for 3 to 5 minutes, until thickened. Remove from the heat and keep warm.

If you want, slice the pieces of toast in half diagonally before serving.

To serve, place 2 slices of bread (or 4 halves) on a plate. Top with a scoop of strawberry sauce and, if you desire, a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Sprinkle with a few sliced almonds and serve.

Makes 8 slices




Thursday wrap-up and a 🎵🎶

If Notre Dame is demolished, this street is gonna look like Vladimir Putin’s childhood ‘hood! Putin: a KGB hood (its “executive director” for many years), a destroyer of free speech, human rights…a ruthless killer … to whom THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (Trump) kowtows! Tragic! Treasonous! – R.T.

The hideous and the noble … pics: R.T.

“Censure in the United States. … In the United States, governmental censure is done when a body’s members wish to publicly reprimand the President of the United States, a member of Congress, a judge or a cabinet member. It is a formal statement of disapproval.” – Wikipedia

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One cool corner:

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From the Save Notre Dame Alliance:

POP-UP ART SHOW this Saturday!

Just a reminder about the Show Us Your Notre Dame art show this Saturday, July 21, at the Worcester Pop-Up, 20 Franklin St.

The show runs 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

With Hanover seemingly slamming the door on our latest idea, it makes the art show more important than ever. We may be hanging the art work up as the building is being torn down.

A few of the artists have dropped off their work at my house because they can’t be there on Saturday. I can tell you that seeing it person is WAY more powerful than looking at the little pictures on our webpage.

Here is the link to the facebook page about the show https://www.facebook.com/events/1813051995437797/

It’s important that people click that they are going!!!

Also, of course, spread the word if you can.


McGovern Profile Photo 1ab(1)
Congressman McGovern

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi Names Congressman McGovern as Farm Bill Democratic Conferee

U.S. Congressman James P. McGovern, Ranking Member of the House Rules Committee and Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Committee’s Nutrition Subcommittee, was named yesterday by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to serve on a conference committee to complete a five-year long reauthorization of the Farm Bill.

“With America’s farmers, producers and ranchers facing plummeting prices, rising retaliatory tariffs and a struggling farm economy, we need a real robust, bipartisan Farm Bill more than ever,” Leader Pelosi said.

“While House Republicans chose to advance a destructive and partisan bill that fails farmers and hungry families, this conference will provide an opportunity to return to the grand bipartisan tradition of robust Farm Bills. Our diverse and dynamic House Democratic Conferees will bring the strength of their values and wide-ranging expertise to the work of hammering out a bipartisan Farm Bill that honors our responsibility to the men and women of agriculture and hungry families.”

Earlier this year, House Republicans passed, without a single Democratic vote, a partisan Farm Bill that included extreme cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). In doing so, they turned their back on a long history of bipartisanship as well as the economic security of millions of Americans.

“Farm bills are supposed to be an investment in our farms, our farmers, and the programs that help to feed hungry American families. Farm bills shouldn’t be about beating up on poor people, but the House Farm Bill significantly reduces and cuts benefits for millions of the most vulnerable in our country,” said Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA).

“The House’s bill was drafted in secret and is not reflective of the 23 hearings that our Committee held on SNAP over the past two and a half years. The only bipartisanship throughout the whole process was the bipartisan opposition to this awful bill.

“In the Senate, the process couldn’t have been more different. Democratic ideas were heard and incorporated into the final text. SNAP benefit levels were maintained, and vulnerable families would continue to have access to modest food benefits when times are tough.

“As we work to reconcile the differences between these dramatically different pieces of legislation, I will fight for a bill that — instead of hurting our most vulnerable citizens — works to end hunger now, helps our family farms, and supports rural communities. I’m honored to serve on this conference committee, and look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to advance a bipartisan Farm Bill.”

The following Democratic Members will serve on the Farm Bill conference with McGovern:

House Committee on Agriculture:

Ranking Member Collin Peterson of Minnesota

Congressman David Scott of Georgia

Congressman Jim Costa of California

Congressman Tim Walz of Minnesota

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge of Ohio

Congressman Filemon Vela of Texas

Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico

Congresswoman Ann Kuster of New Hampshire

Congressman Tom O’Halleran of Arizona


You ruthless killer of your own people!:


President Obama, we miss you … your intellect, your integrity, your love for your wife, daughters and extended family, your hatred of guns and the killing of our children in our schools … . We’re at the polar opposite with Trump. He’s totally unfit for the presidency!

The OIF dumped me cuz he said I didn’t make him feel this way😥😥:

P.S. He often made me feel this way.