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Some thoughts …

By Rosalie Tirella

… on Worcester City Clerk David Rushford

Here’s hoping our state legislators can change the rules, if the Worcester City Council doesn’t have the cajones to take away City Clerk David Rushford’s marrying fees – thousands of dollars on top of his $130,000+ city clerk salary. (see posts below). Recently, the Globe reported that a state legislator is hoping to make it a state-wide law: CITY CLERKS IN MASS TOWNS AND CITIES CAN’T KEEP THE FEES THEY GET EVERY TIME THEY “PERFORM” A WEDDING.


The City of Boston is also on board – trying to do what Worcester City Councilors Phil Palmeiri and Konnie Lukes are hoping to do – ending this shameless municipal double-dipping ASAP.

Rushford is an utter prima donna – the king of a fiefdom that BELONGS TO THE TAXPAYERS! Rude, curt, loud-mouthed, vindictive. The folks who work for him know his temper-tantrum-prone personality.

But let’s forget Rushford’s bag-of-nails  personality – let’s just put an end to the fleecing of the taxpayers – in Worcester and Mass.

2. Mitt Romney is a lying profiteer. No more. No less. God help this country if he becomes president. The guy will say anything to get elected, twisting the truth so it resembles a pretzel and … NOT THE TRUTH.

Interesting article in the New York Times, re: how the savvy Romney has TOTALLY DISTORTED President Obama’s policies and accomplishments. This guy is a dangerous liar! This guy has no moral code. Remember last presidential cycle? Remember how Romney was disliked by ALL the other presidential candidates? This is why: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/23/opinion/krugman-the-post-truth-campaign.html?_r=1&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

3. “Senator” Scott Brown. Imagine! If a woman politician whined to reporters that her colleagues in Washington DC were not being nice to her, playing politics with her – just the way they have been playing them with each other since this country was founded – people would laugh! They would label her a big cry baby and tell her a la President Harry Truman to get out of the kitchen if she can’t stand the heat! Instead, the pointless, Wall Street-lovin’ Brown gets a sympathetic story on why being a US Senator is hell on earth! Why a wonderful guy such as he is being roughed up by his fellow pols.

Scott is just as savvy as Romney and probably a bigger and better bull shit artist. He has no respect for the working guy/gal; he is weird, too. Coming out about being sexually molested just – let’s be honest – to get national press and sell his book.  Posing nude for a magazine – after being molested as a kid!Offering up his daughters to guys during his speech on election night!

Therapy is what Brown needs. Elizabeth Warren is what Massachusetts needs! Please check out http://elizabethwarren.com/

Warren for U.S. Senate!!