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A great day for South Worcester!

After 10 years …

It’s finally here …

Please join City Manager Michael O’Brien, SWNIC Board members and other special guests at the ribbon cutting/grand opening of our Southgate apartments.

Our decade long, $7 million-plan for re-building our neighborhood has leapt off the drawing board and come to life.

Please join us on:

Thursday May 19, 2011- 10 a.m.
140 Grand Street

A light lunch will be served following the speaking program, in our new
community room!

“Capitalism: A Love Story” opens today in Worcester!

An invitation from director Michael Moore

Friday, October 2, 2009


For two months, we’ve sat and watched the rabid right achieve the unimaginable: Derail universal health care and send the Democrats in Congress running for cover. Many have asked, “How did this happen? How could a small minority of angry people control the public agenda? Where is the majority’s response? Why the silence?”

I don’t have the answers to all these questions. But I do know this: I’ve had enough. As far as I’m concerned, Tea Bag Nation ends today — at noon to be precise. For that’s when I set loose, on a thousand screens across this great land, a movie I’ve made that’s so relentless, so dangerous, so damning in its humor, that it will — I can only hope — do what no movie has done before: Take them down, take them all down, once and for all. Continue reading “Capitalism: A Love Story” opens today in Worcester!