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YES!!!!! Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church …


Yes votes: Bergman, King, Lukes, Carlson, Rivera, Rosen, Russell, Toomey, Petty

No votes (both money guys): Economou, Gaffney

Mayor Joseph Petty at tonight’s city council meeting: “[I] look at this as more than just a church. [It’s] important to Italians, [it] represents history.”


So much of present-day Worcester is seduced by the doe-eyed gentrifiers, glib developers, charming money-talkers – people whose lives revolve around CASH and PROFIT, what’s on trend, relentless social media marketing, the latest chi chi restaurant (gluttony=fat-assed people), Snapchat and – Poof! You’re gone! Disappeared!

So unlike the REAL SOUL stuff – the bread of life that nurtures you – the REAL you … your church, life-long friends, family, your neighborhood, animals, the sky. The stuff that has nothing to do with money but everything to do with happiness!

Here’s to Our Lady of Mount Carmel – a grand church!

Hooray for her neighborhood rec center that gives back to the community – at low or no cost!

Three cheers for her great inner-city little league baseball field that lets city kids slide into HOME …

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me!”
– Jesus Christ


Today, looking at the Catholic church outside my kitchen window, just as I was about to cut my tomato vine down cuz it looked old and I thought I might put something new and hot there in its place …

pics: R.T.

… I saw a beautiful tomato! Red and perfect. Pressed against the window sill in red-rosy loveliness …


I had not noticed it!


Then I saw another tomato … small – Jaw Breaker gumball-sized small and (truth be told) a bit crinkly. Still cute.

… In spite of the cold, my indifference, Cece’s morning walks though the flora, they grew…



And this too! My African violet uncurling her purple, little petal hands …

Kudos to Mauro, Candy and the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Preservation Society!

Worcester wins!

– Rosalie Tirella


From Mauro DePasquale:

There is a Mount Carmel Preservation Society General Meeting …

… Wednesday, October 26

172 Shrewsbury St.

All are invited to attend for the latest update and more.

We have good news about Our Lady of Mount Carmel church! The Historical Commission has delayed demolition for a year, the diocese is doing the construction work to make the church safe to use, and we’ve established the non-profit Mount Carmel Preservation Society. We hope the church can be re-opened soon.

We’re raising $120,000 to support the current phase of construction.

To donate on-line, go to:

For our friends wishing to join our email list: http://eepurl.com/ck3vgn

To mail a donation, send to:

The Mount Carmel Preservation (Fund)
in care of Commerce Bank
P.O Box 15020
Worcester, MA. 01615-9954
attn. Kelly Jacobson

Thank YOU,
Mauro DePasquale, President, MPS


pics: R.T.

Operation Ranger Rosary

Putting a rosary into the hands of every member of the U.S. Armed Forces around the globe who wants one.

The immense power of our Lady’s intercession, especially through her favorite prayer of the rosary, is offered to those in harm’s way.

Operation Ranger Rosary will hold their next meeting on November 5, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Phelan Center, Blessed Sacrament Church, 551 Pleasant Street, Worcester.

Cecelia M. Mason


St. John’s church – Temple Street, Worcester

Mass schedule:


Progress? Maybe!

Steel support beam delivered to Our Lady of Mount Carmel church

A few items and a formal invitation:

1.Thanks to the Mount Carmel Preservation Society’s work and the City’s Historical commission, we stopped the Monsignor and the Bishop from demolishing our beautiful historical Church on Mulberry Street.

Because of our advocacy and our willingness to STAND TALL to see that they FIX our Church and Save our Parish on Mulberry Street, THANK GOD today we see a steel support beam was delivered. The work should be starting very soon.

Keep Praying, keep asking for donations. We have a ways to go, but every day we are getting closer toward our goal, and finally, it’s good to see the Diocese is doing what they are ordered to do by​ the City.

We were told once the work starts it will take about 10 days to complete.

Thank you all for your support!


OCTOBER 4 at the OLMtC Recreation Center at 6:30 PM is our next meeting. Bring a friend.

This will be an important meeting. Please make every effort to attend.

And… MPS has a booth at both the stART in the Street Art festival this Sunday (9/25) and the Shrewsbury Town Fair today. If you attend these fun family events, look for our booth and show a little love and support.

MPS display

Thank you, and God Bless you all … and God Bless Our Lady of Mount Carmel!

See you soon!

Mauro DePasquale, for the Mount Carmel Preservation Society


Edith in A.I…Worcester, should we preserve, restore or replace?

By Edith Morgan

We Worcesterites are in the midst of making decisions about many of the distinctive structures that dot our city, and that give testimony to some part of our history. In the cse of some, the decision has already been made, and they have either been razed and replaced (for example, The Odd Fellows Home on Randolph Road), or “repurposed” (like the Higgins Armory building, whose collection  is now part of the Worcester Art Museum’s collections).

Still in limbo are Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, and under threat of being razed is Notre Dame des Canadiens. And countless old school buildings are now condominiums, scattered in various parts of the city.

Resurrected beautifully, a number of buildings now serve their original purposes: Union Station, so long left to disintegrate, now stands proudly beside the I 290 highway, host once again to trains and now also busses going to many places far and near. The Hanover Theatre too is a joy to attend, as is the jewel of Worcester restorations, Mechanics Hall, also saved from disintegration.  And this past week, Memorial Grove in Green Hill Park, while not a building, was replanted in time for Memorial Day 2016.
While Worcester is not yet really a great tourist destination, we are taking steps to put ourselves on the map. What other destination cities have that we still do not have is a pedestrian-friendly environment. We are still plagued by narrow streets, too much traffic, narrow and uneven sidewalks, and lack of consistent street signs that enable newcomers to our city to get around.



ICT editor Rosalie took these photos today. Lower Endicott Street. Illegal garbage-dumping makes Worcester univiting – and scary. It’s a big problem in District 4.

My husband and I just returned from a long trip around the U.S., and we have both in the past travelled widely around various parts of the world. So we have had a chance to look at what makes other places attractive to people. Each place hs its own attractions: sometimes it is geography (unusual scenery, water, hills and mountains, perfect climate, etc.); sometimes it is newness and cleanliness, and a sensible layout of streets and walks; other times it is trails through nature, or through historical sites – even cemeteries and monuments commemorating important events. Whatever the attraction, there is sufficient public support to publicize these “wonders” and to welcome visitors.
One feature that ALL these cited have is that they are very well maintained: they are not trashed by either inhabitants or visitors, and there is always a staff continuously cleaning, pruning, replanting and repainting so that all always looks attractive, safe and really cared for. There is a commitment to  daily maintenance because there is an understanding that no matter how beautiful your structures are, and how great your parks and buildings are, no one will feel  safe  if sites seem neglected and abandoned.

So, Worcester, let’s decide what we want to show off and really commit to paying to keep it all looking and feeling inviting to all!

Photos: last mass …. and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parishioners to hold vigil on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Last Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel church – Worcester – Sunday, May 1, 2016

Photos by Ron O’Clair










Please share!

Mt Carmel Parishioners to hold a vigil on Wednesday at 6 PM on Wednesday, May 4, at Mt Carmel – St. Anne Church, Worcester

The parishioners of Our Lady of Mount Carmel-St. Anne invite all to share in a prayer vigil for the continuation of the parish family at the current site on Mulberry St. at 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 4.

Let us join together to celebrate this vibrant community, its history and its legacy.

We may not be able to save the church building but we must save the parish.

Check out the parish financial at: http://worcesterdiocese.org/documents/2015/12/Mount%20Carmel%20-%20Worcester.pdf and compare with other parishes in the diocese.

Our revenue is adequate – it’s the management of the expenses.

Let the clergy administer the sacraments and the parishioners manage the operations and finance.

Please join us in solidarity and friendship on Wednesday.

Hopefully, this will culminate in a dialogue with the diocese on ways to keep Mt. Carmel-St. Anne whole.

Carmelita Bello
Life-long parish member