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A Worcester Public Library card – always in style!

A Library Card is the Coolest Card! See the “cool cats” across the street from our library when you get your library card! pics:R.T.

The YWCA, right next door, has more public art that will WOW! you! CHECK OUT THE AMAZINGLY LOVELY MURALS!


Near the library’s front entrance, the City of Worcester is puttin’ in benches, trees, flowers! Pow! Wow!

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month!

The Worcester Public Library celebrates Library Card Sign-Up Month during the month of September! Stop by and get your free library card and see all the things it can do for you!

For one month only, the library will also be giving out replacement library cards. If you have misplaced your library card and would like a new one just visit any branch during the month of September, and we will replace it free of charge.

Today’s libraries are about more than books. They are creative educational spaces for learners from birth to high school and beyond. This annual observance occurs at the start of the school year.

During this Library Card Sign-up Month, the Worcester Public Library joins with the American Library Association and public libraries nationwide to make sure that every student has the most important school supply of all – a free library card.

Librarians provide important resources to families whose children are at the earliest stages of development, by teaching parents and caregivers the components of early literacy, which help children develop the basic tools for school readiness. In 2015, the One City, One Library Branches held 1,760 class visits through its partnership with the Worcester Public Schools. These visits helped students access the library and the educational materials available right in their own schools.

Older students can access high-speed Internet, digital tools, and the opportunity to work with trained professionals on how to use them.

Librarians provide guided training in digital media and help to grow digital literacy skills. Libraries also provide equity of access to digital tools and media, which has become increasingly important in high-poverty areas where students are less likely to have a computer or internet access in the home.

Libraries are also a training ground for students of all ages to expand their knowledge and explore creative pursuits. Resources at the Worcester Public Library are available to anyone who has a library card. Students can turn to the library for materials, programs and knowledgeable library staff that support academic achievement, including book clubs, STEM related programs, and summer reading activities.

“Our library provides access and programs for students of all ages,” said Geoffrey Dickinson, Head Librarian. “For preschool age children we offer early literacy and storytimes to encourage school readiness, for older children and teens we supplement education with hands-on programs and fun activities, and for nontraditional students we offer language and citizenship resources, resume help, and so much more. There’s really something for everyone, and it’s all free with a library card.”

Throughout this month, the library will host a number of activities, including:

Maker Mondays with the Learning Hub

Cooking classes

A volunteer fair

Cultural performances

… and much more!

For more information on how to sign up for a library card, visit the Worcester Public Library in person or visit the library online at mywpl.org.


P.S. Spotted yesterday afternoon at the Peace Park Piano Playground in Piedmont!:

pic: R.T.

On the road today delivering InCity Times


And listening to my music…


Can’t wait for the Woo painted pianos to start their syncopated rhythms in our ‘hoods!

The pianos, sponsored by Massachusetts Pianocraft and C.C. Lowell Art Supply, will be at:

the Hanover Theatre

City Hall

The Peace Park (aka Winslow Park)

Shrewsbury Street

The events will kick off at each location at 4:30 p.m. – Now!!!!

Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus will christen the upright at a downright terrific celebration in Piedmont today at the Peace Park, corner of Winslow and Pleasant streets.

Artists Kristian Rodriguez, Melvin Rivera, Hank Von Hellion and John Vo painted the pianos.

Green Hill Park Neighbors!

But first…in Piedmont, a neighborhood celebration at the “Peace Park,” corner of Winslow and Pleasant streets … and watch for the painted piano! – pic:R.T.



By Edith Morgan

For have lived here, two houses down from Green hill Park, for years – and would not live anywhere else. We are not the most exclusive neighborhood, nor the wealthiest (unless you count the 400 acres of natural beauty just under our noses) – but we enjoy the benefits of all that this great park has to offer, without having to own the area. And maybe because it is so close, we are inspired to try to imitate what nature puts here.

I was driving down one of the nearby streets, and stopped to admire a spectacular yard, filled with all sorts of flowering bushes , grasses, vines, and other plants. There was very little grass – but everything was in bloom, even though it is now late in the season. A beautiful black butterfly flitted by as we talked on the sidewalk, bound for the butterfly bush in the corner. Graceful grasses, over four feet tall, waved gently in the breeze, and the wooden fence was twined with morning glory vines, ready to bloom. Every where something was growing and blooming, thriving …

When I asked where all these plants came from, I was told that most were started from seed, and others were purchased at the end of the season locally, on sale: they were what I call my poor little orphans, the plants that have dried out or look nearly dead, but with a little TLC and some severe pruning can be convinced to revive and take root. Over the years, at this time, I have learned to go to the back of the garden area at Lowe’s , etc. where there are often racks of half dead plants for sale for almost nothing. It’s always a gamble as to whether they will respond, but it is worth a try….. I guess I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the ignored ones – but I also have some one-of-a-kind , more exotic plants , just for variety and extra challenge.

After I left the beautiful front yard garden abutting Green Hill Park, I returned home, where our best friend brought us two baskets of his special home grown tomatoes. This is the height of the season, and there is really nothing to compare to tomatoes still warm from the sun, perfect, and of all sizes – and so many different flavors! I know that some of them make excellent sauces, but I couldn‘t resist eating several right away.

We got to talking about three of the tomatoes, Hungarian Heart tomatoes, huge, heavy, and of unusual shape, allegedly free of seeds, each looking like some sort of sculpture. The seeds are imported from Hungary, and the plants produce the biggest, most strangely-shaped tomatoes! One may weigh several pounds and weigh down the plant!

We got to reminiscing about our tomato experiences: at the end of the season, the green tomatoes are collected, and made into pickled tomatoes. And I recalled that as a child in France, we had green tomato jam .
As we get older, we think more and more about planting flowering perennials, so we will not have to replant or mow all the time in the future. Grass is so boring compared to all those other plants!

Piedmont’s Peace Park – always in style!


Worcester Tree Initiative news …

Saturday, April 23

We invite you to come help clean up an inner-city park, The Peace Park, at the corner of Winslow street and Pleasant streets!

Our faithful Tree Steward Karen Carreiro is a Master Gardener and she tends to the park throughout the year.

We want to help her get the park into tip top shape for spring by picking up trash and cleaning up the trees as needed.

We hope you’ll join us at 9 a.m. on the 23rd to help!

For more information, call the WTI at 508-852-6400

In Piedmont today: anti-violence/peace speak-out in loving memory of Nathan Otero

TODAY (OCT. 17)!    5:30 pm

Winslow Peace Park – at the corner Pleasant and Winslow streets

Please join the family of Nathan Otero, the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center and community members in speaking out against youth violence in our community and continuing the discussion on building solutions in our neighborhood and city .

Our Neighborhood Peace Park is become the place in Worcester where people from across Worcester come to speak out against violence and injustice.

Let’s continue to support the growth of Women Together/Mujeres Unidas’ dream.