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The OIF adds a few links to this pinch collar that he bought for his new dog. I’m not a fan of this type of dog collar, but it helps control a powerful pup with a high prey drive (like Bosch) when he’s out for a walk.

The OIF named his new dog after the German tool company cuz his dog’s a German Shepherd dog and he’s a contractor/carpenter who uses Bosch Tools. Perfect!


I gave Bosch this baby blue collar. It used to belong to my Nova Scotia retriever, Bailey. Bailey, a huge, rust colored beauty passed away 6 years ago. He used to look so handsome wearing this blue band! So does Bosch! I think my gift touched the OIF because he and the late Bailey were best buds!


Bosch looks like an adorable teddy bear from this angle!


But he’s a GSD! An older dog, close to 11. Big dogs don’t live much longer than 12, but I nagged the OIF into getting him because Bosch’s been in a kennel situation for 3+ years (his owner died of cancer). He has been tough to place in a home because of his high prey drive, age and size.


But now he’s heading into a new life, a life of  high protein, premium dog food, excellent medical care, comfy digs, sleeping on the bed and the sofa with the OIF (the OIF spoils his dogs), two good walks a day, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE …


…. thanks to the OIF, who opened his heart and wallet (today we went to the vet right after we got Bosch and the OIF dropped $250 for a wellness check up, some preliminary blood work, etc. Next week vaccinations, stool sample tests, most likely deworming … and another $250 bill. Then in two or so years when Bosch begins to falter the OIF will throw money at all the dog’s medical problems like there’s no tomorrow – anything to keep his beloved Bosch around for another six months. They will be in love with each other! – and Bosch will become a canine money pit. And it’ll be traumatic for the OIF to lose yet another great German Shepherd dog. And so soon! He always told me: dogs don’t live long enough! They leave their human companions too soon!

The OIF sees the paw prints on the wall. He’s had 8 German Shepherds! Still, he committed to Bosch.

He doesn’t think he’s doing anything all that wonderful.

He is.

– text and photos by Rosalie Tirella

Who’s their buddy?

By Rosalie Tirella

While driving on Route 20 last week to visit my friend, her husband and four kids, I decided to stop by the Buddy Dog Animal Shelter in Sudbury (right on Rt. 20!). Last March, after my beloved retriever passed away, we drove all over Central Massachusetts in search of a new best friend for me. I ended up getting my peppy, adorable little Siberian Husky-mix, Jett, from the Worcester Animal Rescue League on Holden Street in Worcester. But we spent months driving to all kinds of shelters in Worcester County/Metro West looking for a good canine match.

One of the animal shelters we visited was Buddy Dog – a no kill shelter in the middle of the chi chi Lincoln, Sudbury Concord area. It is sad – these upper middle class folks have a ton of money, big houses with back yards. etc and yet they still dump their dogs and cats, puppies and kittens.

It broke my heart to see all the BEAGLES that were up for adoption when we were at the shelter. Obviously, the good folks of Weston, Concord etc saw the Westminster Dog Show (maybe even in person and not on TV!) and decided to get what they saw in the show ring/on their TV screen – the #1 dog – Best in Show for that year: a BEAGLE! Continue reading Who’s their buddy?

Holiday open-house Sun., Dec 6!

Wishing all the homeless dog and cats, puppies and kittens, (as well as mice, ferrets, gerbils) of Worcester County have loving homes for the holidays?

Then check out tomorrow’s (SUNDAY, DEC. 6) open house at the Worcester Animal Rescue League on Holden Street (Worcester)! From 1 p.m to 4 p.m. Dec. 6  WARL staffers and volunteers will treat you to holiday yummies, music, tours of the kennels and facility and more! Best of all you can visit with all their animals – and hopefully adopt one or two. I visit WARL all the time – adopted both my dogs from WARL. Continue reading Holiday open-house Sun., Dec 6!

Just a few fab pups and kitties ready to be adopted at WARL!

Biscotti is a young domestic short hair cat that is tiger and white.
Poor Biscotti was abandoned by her family. Thank goodness she is here now, in a safe place, while she waits for someone to fall in love and take her home. She’s a lovely girl who likes people, though she appreciates having “me time” to spend doing secret cat things. She would prefer a home without dogs; she thinks they’re too loud and silly. Come on down to meet this pretty girl today!

Caterpillar is a domestic long hair dilute calica.I’m Caterpillar. I was pregnant when I came to the shelter. I gave birth to 6 kittens on May 2 during the shelter’s big yard sale. I’m a quiet cat. Sometimes people don’t hear me talking to them, so I’ll get on their laps or onto a counter to get their attention. Continue reading Just a few fab pups and kitties ready to be adopted at WARL!

A happy ending!

By Deirdre Healy

The morning of May 12 dawned like any other day here in the city of Worcester, with children going to school and people off to work. In one corner of the city, however, a little drama was about to unfold which would touch many lives for years to come. An animal hoarder under court order to remove a large quantity of cats from a third floor apartment was about to be visited by law enforcement and animal control officers to assure compliance with that court order.

Animal hoarders aren’t cruel, mean-spirited people; instead, they usually have some psychological need or dependency which the animals seem to fill. Hoarders keep a higher than usual number of animals without having the ability to properly house or care for them. The animals often suffer from malnourishment, neglect and overcrowding. The health of the people living near or with the hoarder can also suffer, due to the lack of veterinary care the animals receive and the lack of sanitation.
Hoarding knows no social or economic boundaries and can be found in cities, towns or rural areas. Continue reading A happy ending!