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Want a great last-minute holiday gift for your pup? Passionate about animals …

… and want to support a great non-profit that advocates for them year-round, world-wide?  Then BUY SOME GREAT ANIMAL GEAR AND PEOPLE STUFF from the PETA CATALOG! Food, treats, cook books, tee shirts, leads, collars, toys, DVDs, cards, fleece outer-wear, pins, totes, water bottles, and a TON of other cool animal-themed gifts … they’re all here! The proceeds go towards helping animals all over the world!

Here’s a cool gift idea:


My Jett looks fat and happy here but, unlike my previous pooch, he is TERRIFIED of thunder: I swear he can feel it! Shakes and shudders through the entire storm. I have to light candles and get him up on my bed so he feels safer! A good Christmas gift for my boy might be …



Soothe dogs’ anxiety about fireworks, thunderstorms, and practically everything else with the original Thundershirt. The gentle, consistent pressure around the dog’s chest and torso helps him or her feel more secure in stressful situations, whether it’s being home alone, going to the vet, or surviving another Independence Day. Each heather-grey wrap is machine-washable and built to last the dog’s lifetime. The Thundershirt comes in sizes X-Small through X-Large. 

  • Made from a lightweight, breathable, and durable fabric
  • Fully adjustable for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Constant, gentle pressure creates a calming effect
  • Ideal for fear and anxiety from thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, and travel
  • Provides relief from general anxiety and reduces problem barking, jumping, and other unwanted nervous behavior
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning

Available in X-Small (8–14 lb.), Small (15–25 lb.), Medium (16–40 lb.), Large (41–64 lb.), and X-Large (65–110 lb.)

CLICK HERE to view and order the Thundershirt and a bazillion other cool, animal-centric gifts from the PETA catalog!

Support this cutting-edge non-profit  that works WORLD-WIDE  for the well being of elephants, cats, horses, pit bulls, cows, orcas … even teeny little mice!

And … Don’t forget to visit PETA.ORG on this website for PETA’s great vegetarian recipes, animal news stories, kids fun packets, etc …

– Rosalie Tirella

Here I am wearing cruelty-free make up …

… Just bought this Wet ‘n’ Wild lip “shimmer” (nice for older broads like moi!) and blush. $2.99 for the lip shimmer at a Worcester Walgreens. Not tested on animals! And Natural Products Association certified (see the seal!)!  … You can buy good make-up and skin-care products  – stuff that doesn’t harm animals or the environment – cheap at your local pharmacy! Cool!   Click here to see PETA’s cruelty-free beauty products list!  – R. Tirella

Rosalie – April 2014