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Just in time for Easter!












City Councilor at Large candidate Peter Kush (right) has scrubbed the pic of himself, dressed head to toe, in a white rabbit outfit. We decided to do the best we could with the pics we had.  This is what we came up with.

We are not against folks getting involved in their community and running for public office. But we are against twits who have accomplished nothing, written an anti-Wusta website, played PAID political consultant only to publicly trash their clients on the blogosphere running for public office!

We need candidates who have a vision for Worcester.  Folks who are passionate about her. Folks who are honest and willing to work hard. We don’t need kids whose dad (rabbit on the left, Bronny Kush) works for the T & G, thus promising an easy ride for this wascally Peter Rabbit. We don’t need immature no-nothings pretending to lead our city. We need grown ups at the helm! Not Peter (Kush) Wabbit!

Watch out, Peter! Wylie Colyote is after you!!!

– R. Tirella


By Rosalie Tirella

It seems I cannot share with you the photo of city councilor at large candidate Peter Kush in his big white rabbit suit. I went through my media library, and while I have a photo of The Count with dad Bronny Kush, the one I wrote about in my last post and have run here, the Peter Kush rabbit pic is gone!!! Oh, no!

What a shame! I think candidate Peter Kush is actually an adult in this picture. He is on stage, looking goofy in his rabbit duds. But not as goofy as he made client Virginia Ryan look. Not as goofy as he made himself look as author of his own anonymous blog, Cow Patch (as in pile of shit) and his dissing Wusta stuff under the pen name The Count.

Peter Kush is just one big, over-grown, spoiled, emotionally stunted child who got his last job through his parents. This little nincompoop is the last thing we need on the Worcester City Council.To behave like a child and then next year turn around and try to run for office, is a joke.

Put this Peter Rabbit back in the hat!

Pater with Peter!  …. Dad Bronny Kush is on left, city councilor wannabe Peter C. Kush is on right.