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Happy Holidays from the “babies” belonging to our animal rights scribe – Dorrie!

Photos and text by Dorrie Maynard:

One of my “backyard finds,” Pumpkin.

My dogs, Princess and Gingy.

Buddy, lounging in his sweet suite!

I am the other half of CENTRAL MA KIBBLE KITCHEN! We go to the Mustard Seed on Piedmont Street to give out free pet food for people who are struggling and need some help feeding their pets.

Come down to the Mustard Seed if your pet needs dog or cat food OR IF YOU NEED TO SPAY OR NEUTEUR YOUR PET OR IT NEEDS VACCINATIONS.


We will bring your pet to Tufts and return to the Mustard Seed for pick up.

Right now Ma Kibble Kitchen needs the following donations:

canned and dry cat food

canned dog food

Always nice: clean blankets, kitty litter, pet bowls …

Donations can be dropped off at at 139 Holden Street – the Worcester Animal Rescue League. In the 3rd garage bay.

Arrangements for pickup of large dona-
tions can be made by calling 978-496-9364.

Monetary donations are extremely helpful, and can be made securely via

More information is at centralmakibblekitchen.org, or on their Facebook page. CMKK is 501-c3 organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

“This holiday season be both Human and Kind!” – Dorrie

Dorrie – always in style! … ‘Tis the season for helping the less fortunate – people and animals!

Dorrie says dropping off clean, warm clothing and blankets at the Mustard Seed soup kitchen on Piedmont Street is the giving thing to do this Christmas!🐺🐶🐕🐺🎄🎄🎄🎁

By Dorrie Maynard

Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas, Meilleurs Voeux, Felices Fiestas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza, and any others that I may have missed!

As we all go on about with our busy preparations for the festivities this season with family and friends, please take some time to remember and acknowledge those who don’t have people to spend the holidays with. There are many out there who don’t even have a safe and warm place to sleep at night.

I know there is a fine line between enabling and helping, but just for this season we can all try to not judge others until we have walked in their shoes or know their battles. Some are out there because they are drinking and/or drugging and choose to continue to do so, and others are out there because of circumstances that they may have contributed to or had no assistance to handle.

A place like the Mustard Seed on Piedmont street is a great place to start giving back to your community! You can drop off gently used, clean, warm clothing, groceries, toiletries, sleeping bags, blankets, pairs of socks, or even offer to prepare and serve a meal to the sometimes more than 100 hungry people who visit daily.

The Mustard Seed is open Monday through Friday, 4 pm – 6 pm.

Other local places to consider: Abby’s House, the Veteran’s Shelter, St. John’s Feeding program, your local senior center, the Boy’s & Girls Club of Worcester, the Friendly House, the Salvation Army, just to name a few.


Children at the Friendly House Annual Christmas Party, held this past Sunday at FH, 36 Wall St., met Santa, got a holiday gift, had fun and were treated to entertainment because of the efforts and love of volunteers – and FH Executive Director Gordon Hargrove! Donations of gently used (or new!), warm, clean clothing and blankets are always needed this time of year at the Friendly House!


I don’t like to give money to pan handlers, but I do try to always have some granola bars in my car to hand
out. There was one man on a corner I recognized from working at a local food pantry, and I offered him a bar.

He said, “No thanks. I don’t have any teeth.” And then he smiled at me.

I didn’t have have anything else to give him, but he was gracious when I offered something.

I also try to have on hand: a pair of gloves, mittens, hat, scarf this time of year to give out to folks on street corners. I know it might be their attempt to look cold, thus making people
feel more sorry for them, but at least I feel better knowing they have something warm as I drive off.

If you are more into helping animals, as some are, for various reasons, another suggestion is to give to your local animal rescue league/society. They are always in need of used, clean blankets and towels, rolls of paper towels, bleach, cat litter, pet food, etc. You can always call ahead or look on line at their wish lists to find out what they truly are in need of, as things change daily, depending upon what they have or have run out of.

Help animals who may need food, shelter or a forever home!

I always believe it is best to donate to small local rescues, as they help animals in your area. I don’t like to donateto the places that you see ads for on TV as they are paying for those ads, and those “free” t-shirts or bags
that they are willing to send you for your donation aren’t “free” either.

Something else that people can do this holiday season and throughout the year: Volunteer!!! Pick a passion! Get involved in your community! It may take some time to find the perfect place where you feel like you belong, but there are plenty of places out there
that are in need of regular volunteers.

So with all this said, I would like to wish everyone a very warm, safe, happy and healthy holiday season. All the best in the coming New Year! In this very difficult world that we live in, try to have a little compassion in your heart and empathy for others. Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards All!

The Piedmont neighborhood’s Mother Teresa: Donna D.


For nearly three decades former nun Donna Domaziano has helped feed the poor and hungry of Chandler, Pleasant, Austin and Piedmont streets out of her MUSTARD SEED SOUP KITCHEN, located in the heart of the Piedmont neighborhood on Piedmont Street.

The Mustard Seed, started by Worcester’s Catholic Worker folks, who believe the words of Jesus live more powerfully through community service to the poor and progressive political involvement, than regular ol’ church, serves delicious, nutritious, homemade meals (soup to dessert!) every day. Many of the meals are prepared by Worcester churches – of all denominations. The churches come in with their food and prepare it at the Mustard Seed, with guidance from Donna.

Street folks come in, working folks without the $$ means to cook a big, healthy dinner for themselves stop by, single moms with little kids partake, too. … Donna, who lives at the Mustard Seed, is a kind of modern-day Worcester Mother Teresa! With the poor, of the poor, for the poor. Donna welcomes all! Loves all! Especially the poorest!  No questions asked! No judgements passed!

Thank you, Donna, for caring!

– Rosalie Tirella

Here are some photos taken at the Mustard Seed last week by ICT contributor RON O’CLAIR. Thank you, Ron!

Pics and cutlines by Ron O’Clair:


A plate of food ready for the next person in line. It consisted of roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, and a fresh dinner roll. There is always coffee and milk for those who want it. Sometimes there also is Cool Aid to drink with your meal.


Mustard Seed Director Donna Domaziano standing with the servers who brought in the meal. They came from one of the area churches that take turns feeding the hungry, one day a month per parish.

A young mom, with her children, waiting to partake of the meal.

Worcester God Belongs in My City walk! Main South to Worcester City Hall – August 6, 2014

Deacon James told us he lead more than 150 folks this afternoon! 

Everyone was walking down our Main Street for peace, nonviolent acts, clean and sober living, love and God!

Straight to city hall. HOORAY!!  – R. Tirella      … PHOTOS BY DEACON JAMES, Evangelical Church of Worcester, Piedmont Street










Go, DEACON JAMES, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




The Austin Corridor II Project! The Worcester Common Ground CDC celebrates!


Worcester Common Ground CDC has some exciting news and an invite for you and everyone in the community:


Please join us for WCG’s ribbon cutting ceremony and cook out in celebration of our Austin Corridor II Project

Date: Tuesday, July 16

Time: 3 p.m.

Location: Worcester Common Ground Tot Lot on the corner of Austin and Newbury streets.

Food and drinks will be provided at our cook out, as well as walking tours. So please join WCG and the neighborhood in this special occasion!

RSVP to jluyando@wcg-cdc.com

Worcester Common Ground – 508.754-0908


Among the activities to fulfill our mission, Worcester Common Ground owns and manages 76 affordable rental units and has developed another 71 units of affordable housing that have been sold to first time homebuyers. We have recently completed construction of 12 units focused on individuals including persons with disabilities in an accessible, affordable new building at 1-7 Piedmont Street (now 5 Piedmont) (View Map). We have also completed another 46 units of affordable rental apartments through the restoration of an historic factory building at 9 May Street (View Map). To learn more about these most recent projects please go to our “In the Works” page. The following is information about all our completed housing projects:

Rental Units Listing – 69 Units, 5 Business, 1 Office Total
1992 – 6 Florence Street, 8 units, Details
1992 – 60 Providence Street, 6 units, Details
1994 – 7-11 Bellevue Street, 5 units, 4 business, Details
1999 – 90-94 Chatham Street, 6 units, Details
1999 – 108 Austin Street, 2 units, Details
1999 – 124-128 Canterbury Street, 10 units, Details
2002 – 17-23 Dewey Street, 12 units, Details
2003 – 98 Austin Street, 5 units, Details
2003 – 102 Austin Street, 4 units, Details
2003 – 133 Chandler Street, 5 units, 1 business, Details
2006 – 300 Pleasant Street, 6 units, 1 office, Details
2008 – 9 May Street, 46 units, Details
2010 – 5 Piedmont Street (formerly 1-7 Piedmont Street), 12 units, 1 office, Details

First-Time Home Buyer Listing – 68 Units Total
1996 – 25 King Street, 3 units, Details
1996 – 55 King Street, 3 units, Details
1997 – 97 Bellevue Street, 1 unit, Details
1997 – 99 Bellevue Street, 3 units, Details
1997 – 35 Cedar Street, 2 units, Details
1998 – 7 Newbury Street, 2 units, Details
1998 – 9 Quincy Street, 2 units, Details
1999 – 48 King Street, 3 units, Details
2000 – 139 Austin Street, 3 units, Details
2001 – 21 Preston Street, 3 units, Details
2002 – 11 Jacques Avenue, 3 units, Details
2002 – 12 West Street, 3 units, Details
2002 – 19 Bancroft Street, 3 units, Details
2003 – 99 Chatham Street, 1 unit, Details
2003 – 30 Bancroft Street, 3 units, Details
2003 – 22 Bluff Street, 3 units, Details
2004 – 130 Austin Street, 3 units, Details
2004 – 132 Austin Street, 3 units, Details
2004 – 134 Austin Street, 3 units, Details
2005 – 141 Austin Street, 3 units, Details
2005 – 143 Austin Street, 3 units, Details
2005 – 147 Austin Street, 3 units, Details
2005 – 26 Bancroft Street, 3 units, Details
2005 – 17 Preston Street, 3 units, Details
2012 – 161 Austin Street, 3 units