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WSU parked in AI! … The City Speaks and Worcester State Listens!

Research meets the stage in this devised theatre production. CitySpeak is a joint project between the Urban Studies and Visual and Performing Arts departments of Worcester State University.

In the fall, an Urban Studies class, linked to a Devised Performance class, interviewed “humans of the city” to hear concerns, and listen to their stories and experiences.

The VPA students and faculty then breathed life into these stories, giving these humans voice through a devised theatre production. The production presents real stories, opening the conversation for change.

WHO: The Visual and Performing Arts and Urban Studies departments of Worcester State University, along with Worcester State Theatre.

WHAT: Teamed up to study the people living in the city and give their stories voice through a devised theatre production.

WHEN: April 7, 8, 9 at 8 p.m. and April 10 at 2 p.m.

Tickets available through BoxOffice@worcester.edu

WHERE: Fuller Theater, Shaughnessy Administration Bldg, WSU Campus

WHY: Exploring ideas that stem from interdisciplinary work, the faculty of the Urban Studies and Visual and Performing Arts departments at Worcester State found a way to cross the work of their students. They asked, “If we could act out the research, give it an image, what would that be like? What would come of it?” What came of it is a performance where Visual and Performing Arts and Urban Studies students combined research and theatre to give voice to the people whose voices are not often heard.

CitySpeak, a pilot program, is an innovative approach to arts-and research-based urban planning and community development.

In Academic Year 16, CitySpeak engaged in a year-long project that began in Fall ’15 with Urban Studies students conducting 54 interviews of Worcester residents about living in the city. Those interviews, evaluated and interpreted by VPA faculty and students, are serving as the basis for an original theatrical production, called CitySpeak, about the disconnect between residents and city leaders.

Taking your dog to the beach

By Deb Young
Taking your dog to a pet friendly beach can be a highlight of the summer for both of you.
Spending some time in the water and on the sand can be a much different experience than what he is used to.
 Some beaches allow dogs to roam around without being on a leash while others require it. Knowing the laws beforehand can prevent you from getting any fines. In addition, for beaches where dogs don’t have to be leashed, you can determine if you are comfortable with your dog being around other dogs running free.
Keeping some tips in mind can make sure he enjoys the outing as much as you do.

1)  Bring plenty of water for both you and your dog , Your dog may still try too chomp on surf but ensure they don’t take in too much salt water, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

2) Bring a blanket to sit on that is big enough for both you. The sand can get very hot on the paws.

3) Expect to get visited by other peoples dogs – sometimes dogs come up and mark their territory on your property. So don’t take anything down to the beach that you really care about.

4) Bring pick up bags – to clean up after your dog. Not only is it the law, its also a health hazard to fellow canine visitors/people and the environment.

5) Have fido wear a nylon leash and lead. The water will ruin your good leather gear. If the nylon lead and collar get wet in the ocean be sure to rinse it out with tap water when you get home – and let it air dry in case your dogs skin is sensitive to the salt water. 

6) Rinse your dog down when you get home – again if your dog’s skin is sensitive to the salt water a quick rinse will help prevent skin irritation. You should than dry your dog off with a towel, or let him dry in the sun if its a warm day or use a hairdryer set on warm, not hot to dry them off thoroughly.

7) Bring toys- Your dog may be inclined to chew on pieces of drift wood. The sharp pieces can hurt his gums and the inside of his mouth; he can also ingest them. Instead, bring some toys that he can use only when he goes to the beach, such as solid rubber toys that no sand can get into.

8) Consider Sunscreen- For pets who are shaved, that shaved area is at risk of being burned,  The little nose tip, especially if you’re a pale-nosed dog or white-nosed cat or dog, those areas are prone to sun-induced tumors.

Pet owners, particularly dog owners, need to be careful with sunscreens, because some ingredients can be toxic if they are licked off. Zinc oxide should never be used because dogs can become dangerously anemic if it is ingested.

Make sure to keep an eye on your dog for when he starts to get too tired or warm so you can take him home. A day at the beach can be a fun day out for both of you. He can scamper about, make some new friends, get some exercise and enjoy some time in the sun. The only thing better is that when he gets home, he will get tons of sleep.