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Parlee in Rose’s space!😌 … This Saturday – February 4 – at the Worcester Public Library! Bob Marley Birthday Bash!🎵💖


Parlee for Rosalie
Parlee!! GO, PARLEE, GO!!!!


At the Worcester Public Library
Salem Sq.

February 4 – this Saturday!

1 p.m.

The Bob Marley Birthday Bash!
You and your family are invited to celebrate the life and music of Robert Nesta Marley.

Watch a video documentary on his life!🎬

Live Music!🎵🎵

Sunta Africa and the Small Axe Band!🎹

Worcester’s Best Performers!🎹🎸🎁

Sample Authentic Jamaican Food!🍴

Spoken Word Poets!🎤

Love, Peace & Happiness💜💙❤💚💗💛 …

After Party at WCUW, 910 Main Street at 9 pm. $5. BYOB. 18+

– 💕Parlee Jones

Today, 6 p.m., at the Worcester Public Library, Salem Square…a celebration of the magnificent Maya Angelou…

…her poems, essays, memoirs, songs have changed so many lives. Comforted so many, given hope to so many, strengthened us all!

Head to the Worcester Public Library main library at 3 Salem Square tonight to celebrate a great American artist, the late Maya Angelou. Come and sing her songs, speak her poetry, watch video clips of her!


6 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, July 22
Worcester Public Library
in the Saxe room

Celebration hosted by the fabulous Parlee, Keesha, Robert and friends! Love Parlee – Worcester’s Maya!

Be there!

– R.T.

The house on Vernon Hill: poet Stanley Kunitz’s childhood home and Greg Stockmal’s beloved sanctuary

By Carle Johnson

Stanley Kunitz dedicated his poem “My Mother’s Pears” to Greg and Carol Stockmal of Worcester.

One stanza of the poem is this grateful thank you to them:

“Those strangers are my friends
whose kindness blesses the house
my mother built at the edge of town…”

From the hallway to the kitchen of his Worcester home, Greg Stockmal noticed people peering in from the windows on the front porch. Nosey neighbors? Prowlers? Call the police?

Are the paintings on the wall worth a daylight break-in attempt?

When Greg stepped out on to the porch, the man began talking before Greg could ask a question. “We’re sorry. We didn’t think anyone was at home. We are on our way to Vermont and had heard about your home. We just wanted to take a peek inside on our way.” Continue reading The house on Vernon Hill: poet Stanley Kunitz’s childhood home and Greg Stockmal’s beloved sanctuary