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Take the toys away from the boys!

By Rosalie Tirella

Doesn’t it absolutely suck when you see our $100,000+ year police officers babbling on their cell phones, checking their smart phones, etc while they are doing their jobs – in the middle of some busy intersection or – like today – on Route 20, going into Auburn?

I’ve seen plenty of Worcester cops on their cell phones, oblivious to what was going around on around them. The city goes to hell while they text their girlfriends.

Now today, driving down Route 20, a little past Worcester’s South West Cutoff, I see and drive by an Auburn cop, head down, cars whizzing by him – checking his smart phone. Completely unaware of his surroundings, which include cars going 50 miles an hour, a work site, etc.

Believe me, none of these shmucks can multi-task. Why can’t local police departments ban cell phones and other toys while police officers are on the job? Have them put them in their lockers or whatever? Then, just like grammar school, when their work day is done, the cops can take out their cell/smart phones once again.


Dump the free-loaders!

By Rosalie Tirella

Yes! Yes! The synapses in my head are firing like mad! How they crackled this afternoon when, coming out of a store in Holden (near the Jefferson line for Gawd’s sake!), I saw a WORCESTER DPW truck sitting in a parking lot with four Worcester public works employees – slurping on milkshakes! What the heck were our DPW workers doing in Jefferson practically – on city time?  Couldn’t they slurp on their McShakes in Worcester, the city that employees them? The DPW pickup truck had a double cab – a front and back seat – so no one was cramped. Thank goodness! Because it was such a fine summer day! A sunny, perfect day to take a jaunt through the country! ON WORCESTER TAXPAYERS’ DIME!!!


This is why Worcesterites have so little respect for the municipal workers we pay $50,000, $80,000, even $100,000 and $150,000 (our cops’ salaries). Only to get … this – sitting in the middle of Holden in a Worcester DPW truck. Using gas that Worcesterites paid for, showing no incentive, showing no respect, sneaking around. So, how long is their lunch break? Why couldn’t these four guys take their own vehicles? Was that it for today, as far as their work goes? Were they calling it a day?  Giving themselves the afternoon off – far, far away from the peepers that sit in the head of DPW and Parks Commisioner Robert Moylan? Jeepers, creepers! Or were the DPW guys going to bring Moylan back some of that good country cookin’?

We’ll never know. 

Even more outrageous: the sight of Worcester Police Officers Don Cummings and Tom Daly whining during this week’s Worcester City Council meeting about losing their Quinn Bill benefits (read lots and lots of dough). Wah! Wah! We can’t make over  $100-grand now! Wah, wah! We can’t take our nice vacations! Wah! Wah! We won’t be able to put in that Jacuzi! Wah! Wah! We will lose our upper-middle class way of life. Continue reading Dump the free-loaders!