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I’m back!

Watch out, Worcester, Hillary and Trump – Hoffman’s in town, with plenty of commentary in the back seat!

Yes!!! pics:R.T.

By Jack Hoffman

First, I want to thank those who cheered me up on just about every new medical problem I incurred. Secondly, I want to thank Rose, who got me off my lazy ass. I wish her all the best on her paper’s fifteenth anniversary.

Has it been that long, Rose?

[Yes, Jack!]

I wanted to come up with a column about something you haven’t read or seen during the past couple of weeks: A discussion or promise to do something about the high cost of a college education.

Yes, Bernie did, and later on Hillary got the Bern. It seems the pundits don’t see anything exciting about college costs, so they flashed more of Trump’s meandering slop.

And yet we belabored through drug commercials you can barely follow. Except watching cute ladies and circe type girls selling another batch of Cialis erection highs.

Followed by the legal ads for having a problem with the drugs that were just being sold.

As many of you know, I spend my summers on the Cape trying to score some loose change and a having a puff or two learning what the summer flock of the young folks have to say about America. One of my pleasures … or shall I say experiencing my loquacious mouth running wild, call it just another manic episode…

Our conversations usually run the gamut – from politics, up to and including college costs. When we get into the latter all the European kids are not just shocked but find U.S. college costs incomprehensible. Especially, when you throw out costs like $50,000 to $65,000.

So here are the facts – you can take them to study hall! One only out of four students from four different countries said he had pay $1,000 for this year for college. The other costs ranged from $00!! to $500. If you get excellent grades in Europe, the cost is 0.

According to the Pell Institute Study of Opportunity in Higher Education, TICAS The non-profit Institute on Higher Education, there is today 42 million Americans bearing a $1.3 trillion indebtness from college loans!!!!!

The real story is that student debt is a $140 billion year industry that got the go get ’em permission from Congress.

Along with the collection orders equal to the IRS.

In other words, they can attach your pay, repo your car and put a lean on your home.

Just a footnote – ask your primary care doctor, if he/she is young, Just what his/her debt is. Mine owes $400,000!!! Is it any wonder very few kids are not going into medicine? As many of you already know, these debts are the subject of family arguments and even more.

So you want to read more and get sick? Read this month’s Consumer Reports. The piece is titled “I kind of Ruined My Life By Going to College.”

One last thought: the interest rate today is 8% – 9% on these loans. Just think of this: the government and the debt collectors are making loads of $!

I’m here and got lots more to say if I can stay out of hospitals…

Comments, questions, compaints? Email Jack at JackH5225@verizon.net

Of motes and beams

Americans are dancing close to the edge this political season! pic:R.T.

By Edith Morgan

There are NOT two equal sides to every story – THERE ARE NOT TWO EQUAL SIDES TO EVERY STORY!!!

I do not, for example, need to hear the reasoning(?) or excuse proffered by the Nazis for the extermination of my grandmother, my aunt and countless millions of others. Fairness does not involve giving equal time to the perpretrators and the victims. If truth is on one side, that does not mean that there is an equal side to be presented.

With that in mind, I ask the press: Why is every remark, stupidity and tastelessness (at the least!) coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth headline news, no matter how incorrect, abusive or just plain untrue?

Whatever happened to fact-checking?

Whatever happened to actually reporting real happenings, rather than the ramblings of a clearly mad egomaniac and narcissist?

Is it because the public will buy more papers or tune in to programs that carry that tripe?

We have two presidential candidates vying for the Presidency: One – Hillary Clinton – is a lifelong public servant, with whom I have sometimes disagreed, but who generally has been on the same side of many issues as I have; the other – Donald Trump – has devoted a lifetime to self-aggrandizement, shafting those who work for him, profiting from the bankrupting of numerous businesses, hobnobbing with leaders of crime syndicates and using no-holds-barred techniques for spending money in the most ostentatious way possible.

Clinton is accused of private communications done by at least four of her predecessors – which have not been demonstrated to deliberately harm any Americans. Trump, on the other hand, has stiffed numerous, vulnerable people all his life, dishonored most of what Americans hold dear, spoken out of both sides of his mouth on the same day, and worst of all, appropriated the most heinous techniques of Sen. Joe McCarthy and his henchmen. Having learned the technique from his now-deceased buddy Roy Cohn.

I grew up believing that “Birds of a feather flock together” and that if you “tell me who your friends are, I will tell you who you are.”

I have always believed that while we Americans sometimes swing way over to one side or the other, just before we run like lemmings over the cliff, we will stop and realize that something is very wrong, and we rear back from the precipice and regain our sanity.

We are once again close to the edge, and in November we will have a chance to right the ship of state. And no matter who wins the presidency, we still have a system of checks and balances in place. So by making sure that the Senate changes hands, we can still prevent the worst from happening.

Meanwhile, let us watch closely what is going on here locally, in Worcester, under our noses. Remember, “all politics is local” is not just a phrase!

The end of the GOP and the rise of the Greens!

PR and VP
Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka

By Gordon Davis

The Green Party seems to be the only viable electoral party in the center-left.

The Green Party US is moving to the left. At its 2016 Convention it adopted an anti-capitalism platform. A surprising and bold move for the Greens in the USA.

This anti-capitalist platform is likely to mean a furious fight for the hearts of the Greens. Although the Greens have always rejected any corporate contributions, unlike the Republicans and the Democrats, there are many in the Greens who do not have a clear anti-capitalist agenda.

Does the anti-capitalism platform mean that the Greens will want the so called social democracies of Western Europe? Perhaps another alternative will come about. We will have to see what develops.

In many ways this future struggle within the Greens has the same feel as that which occurred in the late 1960s in SDS. The split in SDS was over how to defeat capitalism.

For President, the Greens nominated favorite and native daughter to Massachusetts, Jill Stein. For Vice President, the Greens nominated Ajamu Baraka, human rights activist. Mr. Baraka is somewhat like Tim Kaine; neither overshadows their respective Presidential candidate.

Cornell West
Cornel West and delegates

At the Greens Convention was a good number of former supporters of candidate Bernie Sanders. For the most part, they were younger and more enthusiastic than the longtime Greens. Former Sanders supporters have made their presence known to the Green-Rainbows in Massachusetts!

It was not clear whether the former Sanders supporters at the Greens Convention were actual delegates or just unofficial attendees. This seems to bode well for the Greens who will likely pick up many younger former Sanders supporters and increase the Green draw as a political party.

The labor vote has not come easily to the Greens. This might have been due to the ties of labor bosses to the Democratic Party. I suppose at some point the Wall Street bosses’ friendship with the Democratic Party could lead to Labor’s defection to the Greens. The Democrats under President Bill Clinton helped destroy labor and the social safety net – and signed bills that led to mass incarceration. Hillary Clinton has paid only lip service to the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement.

During the 1930s the Black vote went from the Republicans to the Democrats when we Black people saw that Wall Street had no plans to end the Great Depression and racism. It is likely something similar will take place in the future.

The Democratic Party was a coalition created by FDR to nullify the Wall Street bosses. Those bosses caused the Great Depression of the 20th Century and the Great Recession of the 21th Century. Today the Democrats are in bed with Wall Street while pretending to be pro-labor.

The Republican Party has split into three parts: fascist, libertarian and the Charlie Baker moderates. It is no longer a coherent entity. Only the fascists have the potential for growing, blaming immigrants and using racism. The Libertarians are just in the wrong century. The moderate Republicans are moving into the Democratic Party where they are being openly courted.

Like the Know Nothing Party of the 1800s, the GOP is disappearing! It seems that the Greens are becoming the new FDR coalition…

Jack is back!

In just about 100 days Americans are going to elect a new president. As a public service, we’ve enlisted our ol’ political writer-buddy Jack Hoffman to illuminate/excavate Trump’s brain – or whatever’s rotting beneath The Donald’s Day Glo orange  hair-mat. So you’ll know better – and vote for Hillary!

Yep! Jack’s back at his laptop! Missed him? He was on sabbatical! His doc’s  prescribed medical marijuana…he’s in a good place…Read him in InCity Times! At least until inauguration day.

– Rosalie Tirella



Trumpity Trump Trump!

By Jack Hoffman

From 1982 to 1990 the New Jersey governor was Thomas Kean (pronounced Kane). During this time New Jersey was about to legalize casinos in Atlantic City. Enter Donald Trump – we all know the stories about the profits he made by screwing lots of hard working folks – helping them go bankrupt.

During that same period, Trump befriended the governor or vice versa, and the gov got Trump to buy a New Jersey professional football team that eventually went belly up.

Chalk up another one for The Donald!

Fast forward to 2016. The Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, picks her running mate – Senator Tim Kaine (also pronounced Kane). He’s the former governor of Virginia.

Not more than three days after the announcement Trump, at a Miami rally, says the following about “her running mate, Tim Kaine, who by the way, did a terrible job in New Jersey.” Trump goes on: “He was not very popular in New Jersey and he still isn’t.” And there were other Trump embraceable comments about the wrong Kaine or Kean –  just pick a number. Wasn’t Trump a New York resident? Isn’t New Jersey next to New York? How could he screw up? How could he be saying “she” instead of “Hillary Clinton”? Women don’t exactly like that. They have names, Donald. And you want women to vote for you!

Here is another beauty from the Book of Trump: we all know about his respect for Vladimir Putin –  one of the “great” leaders of all time, says Trump. He labels Putin’s invasion of the Crimean part of Ukraine a good move. I would suggest to Mr. Trump the Ukraine is an ally of the U.S. And an independent country, formerly part of the old USSR and soon to be a NATO member. Catch this one! Paul Manafort ,Trump’s campaign manager, lived in Kiev for a period of time. What a team! They’re like the Washington Generals playing the Globetrotters, or better still, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello arguing about “Who’s on First?”!

I must confess: I wanted Trump to win the nomination way back when. I knew, and so did lots of folks, that a Trump candidacy would bury the Repugs for 10 years, maybe more.

Get to your bookie! Trump will lose by 10% . If he is lucky, he might win three states – Alabama for one. You can pick (maybe) two more.


Congressman Jim McGovern Speaks with Blue Mass Group at DNC


Q. and A. FULL TEXT:

Q: As a progressive who’s strongly supported Hillary Clinton, how would you bring more Bernie supporters into the fold?

A: What I tried to say today is that our work is not done and certainly the people who support Bernie Sanders know the work is not done. We have this incredibly progressive platform, thanks in large part to Bernie Sanders supporters.

In the past, platforms at Democratic conventions haven’t mattered much. We need to make sure that this means something. And that means getting your representatives to sign on the dotted line and say that when these issues come up before Congress, you’re going to vote for them.

I think if it wasn’t for Bernie’s campaign, I don’t think that Hillary Clinton’s positions on some issues would be as progressive as they are. She’s publicly against the TPP. You know what, we need to make sure that in the lame duck session of Congress there’s not an attempt to bring it up.

We need to work together to make sure that all these values that we talked about here today, that we actually abide by them.

I talked about my first political experience with George McGovern. How he’s my gold standard. I think for a lot of people, Bernie Sanders is their gold standard. I think there are a number of Bernie Sanders supporters we’ll still need to persuade. We can’t just assume that everybody’s going to come on board.

I think that in the end we’re going to be successful because I think the choice in this election is so clear. I think we have to focus on issues that matter to people and we can’t ignore these voices.

Just because Hillary is the nominee doesn’t mean that we don’t have to deal with Bernie or Bernie supporters. If we talk about being united, that means it’s a two-way street. I need you and you need me and we’re going to have to work together.

I’m optimistic. As I said this morning, there are days when I wake up with a cold sweat and think about the possibility that a bigot like Donald Trump might be president. But I believe in the goodness of this country. That people won’t embrace that kind of bigotry. I really do believe that love trumps hate. I’m not going to take that for granted and I’m going to work like hell in the next few months.

Q: What did you see in Hillary early on that others may have missed?

A: I’ve known Hillary for 20 years and I’ve always thought of her as a trailblazer.

When I first got elected to Congress 20 years ago, I thought of her not only as the first First Lady I’ve worked with, but she was also one of the first major figures in Washington recognize the importance of early childcare.

She held the first White House conference on early childhood development. We’re so far behind so many other places in the world in terms of understanding that education begins at birth, not when you’re in kindergarten.

She was the first person to come out for universal healthcare. Before Obamacare there was Hillarycare. I think she laid the groundwork and I think she’s committed to universal healthcare. In the platform is this embrace of a public option and we gotta make sure we fight for that.

I also do a lot of work on hunger and food insecurity in the United States and around the world. When she was Secretary of State, right before she was sworn in, I met with her. What I thought was going to be a 10-minute meeting ended up being an hour-plus meeting in which I felt that she really cared and wanted to do something and she did.

She initiated this program called Feed the Future which is now feeding millions of people around the world and empowering small farmers and particularly women farmers in some of the poorest countries in the world, really making a difference. And to me, that’s America at it’s greatest.

We all talk about national security and I believe that championing issues like ending hunger and extreme poverty will do more to enhance national security than all the drones and all the bombs and military hardware that we send all over the world.

I like her. I respect her. I think she’s a good person. In elections, you gotta make choices. I’ve never been against Bernie, I’m just for Hillary. But I’m glad Bernie ran and I think that it not only moved our party in the direction it needs to go, I also think he energized a lot of young voters and made her a better candidate. I think she has a better chance of winning having gone through this primary.

Q: Is there any hope for the House?

A: I think we have a lot of seats in play in the House. Winning the House back is gone from an impossibility to a possibility. It’s still an uphill climb, but it’s possible and you’re hearing a lot of pundits say that. And I think we can win the Senate back. If we win the House and Senate back and we get Hillary as president, we’re going to be able to actually do some things. Not just in small, incremental ways, but in bigger ways.

This transcript has been edited for length and clarity.


To learn more about Hillary Clinton, CLICK HERE!



Bernie Sanders – always in style! … ON TO PHILLY!!!


By Chris Horton

“Bernie’s all finished” jeered the bus driver when he saw my pin. “Bernie’s out of it, done!”

Unlike most Worcester bus drivers – who still want Bernie and are eager for word he’s still fighting – this guy seemed happy to be able to tell me that … happy to be the one who has the Inside Scoop, the one who knows the Truth.

It’s all you hear on ABC and CBS, Fox, MSNBC and CNN, when they take a break from Trump Trump Trump Hillary Trump. That’s The Word according to Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and even NPR. The New York Times talks about “Bernie and the Terms of Surrender.” It’s the Accepted Truth, safe to spout if you want to be the kid with the “right answer.”

But is it true?

Has Bernie really given up?

Is it game over?

Lots of “Berniecrats” in and around Worcester don’t think so, and we’re still fighting for him. We too hear the constant din of messages that it’s hopeless; he’s promised to endorse Hillary; he’s going to announce it any day now. But we’ve learned to trust him and he says the game’s still on!

Either the Democratic Establishment and the Corporate Media truly don’t understand us or they’re engaging in psychological warfare. Or both. Or maybe they know something we don’t – like maybe they’re not so sure they really have the nomination in the bag!

Bernie keeps telling them that it’s not him they need to convince, it’s his supporters – us.

So far I don’t see any sign that they get it. If they were going to even try to win us over, you’d think someone would have talked to me by now. But then I’m not really a player – most of us aren’t – so why bother? Bernie, like any good player, will calculate what his 13 million (officially recorded) votes, his 22 states and his list of a million volunteers and donors will buy him, and he’ll negotiate a price for his support, right? And, as they keep telling us, the longer he holds off the less his support is worth, Right?

And then we’ll all follow him, right?

Wrong again! Many of Sanders’ millions of voters are a bit discouraged, but folks on the street want to vote for Bernie again – and won’t settle for anything less! And Sanders’ activists are growing angrier and more disgusted by the day! Most want Bernie to keep running. To win Bernie over, Hillary’s camp has to first win us, and our price will be steep.

We believe we’re watching the Clinton Campaign cracking under our pressure. From efforts to co-opt us, now they’re lashing out. They hate our talking about Hillary’s corporate funding, foreign governments and corporations. But our mood is summed up by Marianne Baldino of Worcester: “It’s time for everyone to wake up and take our democracy back and stop letting them pull the wool over our eyes.”

They could have just given us the words we wanted to hear in the Democratic Party Platform – no one pays it much mind anyway, right? They gave us the $15 Federal Minimum Wage and free public college for families with limited incomes. Why not the other issues that are deal-breakers for Sanders’ base?

Millions of Sanders’ supporters – led by union nurses – are in no mood to give up on health care as a human right (Medicare for all) as our health care system continues to collapse. Democrats have stood for that since Harry Truman’s run in 1948. Now we’re drawing the line!

With environmental catastrophe looming, activists see banning fracking and a carbon tax as much too urgent to wait another 4 years.

And stopping the job-killing Trans Pacific Partnership trade treaty (the TPP) is the absolute top priority for Bernie’s labor, environmental and pro-democracy supporters.

Sometimes, exasperated Hillary supporters and Democratic players ask me: given that we lost the primaries (which we don’t believe we really did,) isn’t winning two out of five good enough?

Well, yes, if you’re just playing the politics game. But these are the issues on which Bernie’s sponsors, us, draw the line!

On all of these issues, a large majority of the voting public and of the Democrats’ activists agree with us, yet Clinton’s supporters dug in and blocked them. Are they just stupid or arrogant? Or are these the issues on which their corporate sponsors drew the line? If so, we’ve set up a grand collision between the people and the corporations!

As for Bernie, at age 74 and with his Senate seat secure, he has nothing to lose but his life, and this movement to transform America is what his life has been about. He has to hold us together, so he has to listen to us!

On the other hand, the longer Bernie holds on and presents a credible threat – and he does – the more of what we’re fighting for we could win! He’s promised a floor fight at the Convention on these key issues if we don’t get them, and he’s certainly not ending his challenge for the Presidency without that now! As for us, Marie LaFountain of Webster put it this way: “people have had enough, and they’re standing up and speaking out! We’re ready for a fight!”

Bernie is asking everyone who can to come to Philadelphia. He’s not saying what he will do under various scenarios, but if you listen closely, he’s never promised to endorse Hillary. The situation has changed so much in the last two weeks, it’s clear anything could happen. So we’re organizing as many folks in Central Mass as possible to get ourselves to Philadelphia!

We will have “Rally Busses” going down for the day on Sunday’s “Rally for Bernie” – his historic preconvention speech – and Monday – the march and rally to demand the Convention nominate Bernie! Or both. Some of us are carpooling and going down for 4 or 5 nights. Some are tripling up in motel rooms in outlying areas or staying on the couches of friends or local Sanders supporters, others are pitching tents in set-aside park areas or a supporter’s farm in New Jersey.

Then, we return to Worcester, mentally ready to go back into battle to elect Bernie President in November if he’s still a candidate or carry on the fight in other ways!

A concatenation of events!

America, land of the paid lobbyist!

By Edith Morgan

This summer a concatenation of events now requires that we do more than just keep abreast of happenings: So close together we can hardly catch our collective breath we have been battered by yet another mass killing – this time in Orlando; followed by the sit-in in our House of Representatives, and now the British vote to exit the European Union. That is a lot to deal with in such a short time.

But all three events seem to be precursors of great changes, not only in our country, but also worldwide.

There are the usual emotional calls, the prayers, the handwringing, the outpourings of support, the fundraising, and the calls for “doing something.” But with so much going on, this is a time to resist quick solutions and to reason rather than to react. We always have an immediate “fight or flight” emotional reaction and then, hopefully, our brains should kick in and help us to consider the best course of action, this time based on all the available facts and a very good analysis of what the results our any action might be. Change is inevitable, but maybe this time we will not stumble blindly into actions that just make things worse.

When I came to America, I was taught that we elected people who were better than we were, more able to lead us, more statesmanlike. Yes, there were always the politicians, but statesmen and women had the interests of the people at heart and were not in office to enrich themselves and their friends or to get big jobs in the private sector.

Remember the “dollar-a-year men”? Many were “captains of industry,” lending their expertise to the government to solve our problems.

Can we begin selecting those who represent us with that in mind?

Can we stop assuming that just because there are lobbyists around all the time that everyone has to do their bidding?

Can we finally take the awful money out of our election system?

Can we limit campaigns to two months?

Can we expect those we select to do their jobs 10 months of the election year and all year when it is not an election year?


Steve M.’s columns – always in style!

InCity Book Review

Too Dumb to Fail

By Matt K. Lewis

Reviewed by Steven R. Maher

This book, “Too Dumb to Fail,” subtitled “How the GOP Betrayed the Reagan Revolution to Win Elections (and How It Can Reclaim its Conservative Roots),” displays the Republican establishment’s mindset as presumptive nominee Donald Trump gears up for the general election. The book’s major flaws are it ignores the catastrophic Presidency of George W. Bush as the main reason for the Republican party’s current predicament, excludes how the party’s business elites deindustrialized America in pursuit of profit (giving rise to Trump), and how “supply side” economics drowned the country in red ink.

Published in January 2016, five months ago as this review is being written, the book’s title is derived from Andrew Ross Sorkin’s “Too Big to Fail,” about the financial crisis of 2008.

Supply Side economics

Ronald Reagan emerges as the hero of this narrative. Lewis paints a picture of Reagan that some will find unrecognizable. Under Lewis’ narrative, Reagan was an intellectual, deeply read in history and economics, who cleverly concealed his in-depth knowledge of political issues behind an “everyman” facade. He even cites a Saturday Night Live skit portraying Reagan in this fashion.

Lewis credits the late Congressman and NFL star quarterback Jack Kemp with converting Reagan to “supply side economics.” Under this theory, tax cuts pay for themselves, spurring economic activity and broadening the tax base. “Previously, Reagan, like the entire GOP, had been a ‘green eyeshade party’ – pessimistic bean counters worried about deficits and balanced budgets,” writes Lewis. In practice, under Reagan and George W. Bush, supply side economics led to trillions of dollars in deficits and the income inequalities which has shrunk the middle class and given rise to Donald Trump’s economic populist candidacy.

It is notable that two Presidents who put balancing budgets above tax cuts for the wealthy, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Bill Clinton, had economic booms during their second terms. Americans were much better off with the ‘green eyeshade party’ running the country than the supply side crowd.

If Reagan is the hero of the story, writes Lewis: “[T]here are villains such as Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, Scam-PACs [political action committees set up to defraud donors], and others who are (in my view) moving us in the wrong direction.”

The Vultures

In his analysis of how the GOP went wrong, Lewis saw the Republicans making the South their political stronghold by appealing to the racist inclinations of white Southerners as the start of the decline. He leaves out, of course, Reagan’s announcement of his 1980 Presidential candidacy in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where three civil rights workers were brutally murdered in 1964 by the Ku Klux Klan. In a chapter entitled “The Vultures,” he goes over how the GOP “made the mistake of building up, or reflexively defending” hucksters such as “Joe the Plumber,” who tried to monetize his 15 minutes of fame questioning candidate Barack Obama; George Zimmerman, who shot to death the teenage African-American Trayvon Martin; and Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who was glamorized by the GOP for refusing to pay the federal government over grazing rights, until Bundy made several racist remarks about African-Americans.

America’s changing demographics appear to trouble the author of “Too Dumb to Fail” most. He writes that the natural adherents of the Republican Party, white male voters, are rapidly decreasing as a percentage of the over-all electorate. He writes that Republican Presidential candidates should be trying to expand their party base by appealing to Latinos and African-Americans. Donald Trump’s negative ratings among these two groups is currently in the stratosphere, hovering above 80%. Short of resurrecting Martin Luther King or Cesar Chavez to be his running mate, Trump’s practice of attacking minority voters is likely to doom his White House ambitions.

Lewis ends his book by urging readers to get involved in Republican politics as bit players, self-educating themselves the way Reagan did, and support the billionaire Koch brothers (yes, those Koch brothers), who have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into Republican campaigns at all levels, and received afterwards legislation favorable to their financial interests.

Six months to go!

By Edith Morgan

Presidential elections always bring out many more voters that do the local ones. And at times, this has meant that there will be long lines at the polls. Here in Massachusetts probably not more than an hour (there are states and countries where it may be DAYS!!).  But there are always ideas being floated, to try to make voting as easy, as fast, and as accurate as possible.

We all know there is NO human activity which is always 100% accurate, foolproof, predictable and perfected in all ways. But we keep trying to improve what we have.  WE have already done a lot here in Worcester: we have new voting machines; we have 50 polling places, distributed around the city so as to be as close as possible to voters’ homes; and we work hard to keep our lists updated and accurate.

A number of other states have done something additional in order to make voting easier and more convenient: they have gone beyond the traditional  13-hour voting day (This year it will be on Tuesday, November 8th). They have added “early voting days.” Our election commission unanimously endorsed a plan to establish five early voting locations in Worcester, distributed throughout the city according to the five city council districts. They would be available between October 24 and November 4th and would provide four days of early voting at each site.

The state legislature had already passed a law authorizing early voting, and Worcester’s proposal exceeds the minimum required. To open the five sites in Worcester would cost $72,800, according to our election commission.

We already have done much to make voting easier: you can vote ahead of time by absentee ballot – and you can plan voting day so that at some point during the 13 hours that polls are open, you can take a few minutes to get in to do your civic duty. And, of course, most important, you can get – and stay – informed about the issues and the candidates.

There can be no democracy without an INFORMED electorate.