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Nick K.’s column on candidate Bill Coleman

By Rosalie Tirella

I called Worcester city council/mayor candidate Bill Coleman last night. He writes for us and is also a friend who has helped me in so many ways, both personally and professionally (i. e. building shelves to hold ICT issues, doing small carpentry/handy man projects around the house; listening to me when I need a sounding board, etc.).

So yesterday I said: “Hey, Bill, I just read Nick K.’s column on you. I thought it sucked. You finished 8’th in the preliminary election (for an at large city council seat – you need to place 6th or better) and he showed you no respect. Minimized your very strong showing by poking fun at you.”

Bill, ever the optimist, didn’t see it that way. “It was OK!”

I guess Bill believes crappy press is better than no press at all.


Nick and the T & G have been making fun of Bill Coleman for years. And in a way, Nick’s latest column on Bill smacked of a more subtle kind of racism. If another of the city council candidates – white and well heeled – had won the spot Bill did this past preliminary election, Nick would have written an entirely different piece. He would have been impressed! He would have written: Look out incumbents! But no. It was just Bill who won. So Nick poked fun and make jokes. In Nick’s column, Bill didn’t get any credit for the job he did so well (8th place!) – only back-handed compliments. Crumby compliments that pissed me off – and lots of Bill’s supporters, of which there are many.

Nick, when was the last time we had an African American city councilor? When was the last time we have had a person of color speak for people of color – or just regular folks – on the Worcester City Council?

Maybe like twice in the City of Worcester’s history.

Bill Coleman has made a name for himself in Worcester doing many good deeds, meeting a ton of people, listening to their concerns, touting the folks and establishments he loves. He is as high energy as they come – certainly more energetic than you, Nick, a fat, gray-haired, old columnist who has overstayed his visit, when it comes to covering politics in this town. You have been around for so long (more than 25 years!!) you can’t even tell that the city you have been writing about so drippily for eons is changing.


There’s no business like show business!

By Jack Hoffman

I originally decided to write about bin Laden’s sex life and all the fear that this horny dude has caused not just the US, but Europe and throughout the Middle East. But today we live in this 24-hour news cycle and having a short mind set sorry, Binny boy, you aren’t even obituary news page anymore.

So as your very diligent and informative columnist, I just can’t resist on reporting the front-page news– maybe some from the second page.

Newt Gingrich, that infamous Fox News fat pig/commentator who told his second wife, sorry, first wife on her death bed, he wanted a divorce. All the while he was grabbing one of his aides who became wife number two or three. This dude wants to be president of the USA! I can’t understand how republicans get away with so much infidelity – especially with hookers, other men, and who knows what else. And they still have the chutzpah to run for political office and some get elected. All the while John Edwards, the sole democrat, gets banished into the woods of Carolina for knocking up a fan/vidoegrapher of his.

The head of the IMF (International Money Fund) Dominique Strauss-Kahn (don’t you just love that name?) was fingered in a sexual attack and what else with a NYC hotel maid. This was not a Maid in Manhattan story. All my Jewish friends want to know if he is a member of the tribe. – Yes it’s true – It’s in the Jewish genes and that would be a great defense. With all that money, why not ring up one of the hundreds of female “escorts” advertising some good sex in the yellow pages?

Now the big one — Maria Shriver and Arnie — the Erich Segal novel gone badly awry. This nation could announce we’re in another war and still that famous love story would be number one. Without getting into the whole horny guy who some wanted for president. It’s always fascinating to me how Hollywood and sex can knock anything off the front page.

Now comes a good one: it answers the questions on why republicans are just so fucked up, especially those running for president, or suggesting it, e.g. Donald Trump. Now that’s also a number one story. Rick Santorum, one of the darlings on the right, and the Tea Party – are they still in business? And just about every republican gave most of the credit for the bin Laden massacre to Bush. So Santorum states it was the enhanced interrogation that led to el rancho Laden.

John McCain gets up on the Senate floor and says all that nonsense is bull-shit. So Santorum fires back: What does McCain know about enhanced interrogation? Yikes!

Let’s just say for the time being President Obama wins the election by default, stupidity, or just not knowing what’s out on the street. I will write later on how right-wing radio has lost one of its wings and is slowly falling out of favor.

From the news services, al Qaeda has a new leader. Does this mean more weapons to be built and a delay in US troops leaving Afghanistan?

Did they really build 20 buildings in Washington to deal with terrorism?

WCCA TV show now available on demand!

Soapbox Special Edition: To Run or Not To Run is now available on demand at http://www.wccatv.com/video/soapbox/torunornottorun

This collaborative educational program, produced and presented as a public service, highlights important points of consideration which will be of value to anyone thinking about running for a local office. Panelists include: Worcester City Clerk David Rushford, educator Paul Lacava, former Worcester mayor and current host of the Levy Line, Jordan Levy. It is moderated by Mauro DePasquale, WCCA TV 13’s executive director.

“TO RUN OR NOT TO RUN” can be seen on WCCA TV public access/community television cable channel 13, in Worcester, and streaming in real time at http://www.wccatv.com on the following dates and times: Thursday, May 5th & 12th at 10 pm; Saturday, May 7th and 14th at 10 am; Sunday, May 8th and 15th at 8:30 pm. For further information contact Tracy Foley, programming, at 508-755-1880 ext. 10 or via email _tracy@wccatv.com _ .


Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director
WCCA TV 13, The People’s Channel

Oh, Brother! (or: Mayor Joe O’Brien sighting in Holden!)

By Rosalie Tirella

How demoralizing. How weird … .

A week ago I tried to make an appointment with Worcester Mayor Joseph O’Brien. Nothing controversial – just an issue near and dear to my heart. I told this to his appointment people – Ms. Gonzalez and Ms. Berthiaume. I told them both I was approaching the meeting as a citizen – this wasn’t an interview for InCity Times or anything like that.

Well, the ladies told me our mayor was soooo busy! He had no time for walk-ins (a la former Worcester Mayor Konnie Lukes)! He really had no time for day appointments either – as he had so many appointments! In fact, O’Brien was booking weeks in advance. And if I did make an appointment for 3 or 4 weeks down the line, I could be dumped for something bigger and better. Everything was so tentative!

The mayor’s staffers were really pushing for me to see Mayor O’Brien during a 15-minute span of time an hour or so before the city council meeting every Tuesday – his open office hours for the citizens of Worcester, the people who voted him into office. Just like his professor dad probably does at his college. You know the drill: professors always have office hours a few hours right before class – to save them the hassle of doing two jobs at two separate times. Continue reading Oh, Brother! (or: Mayor Joe O’Brien sighting in Holden!)

Stupid, stupid Tea Baggers and our trough of stupidity

By Jack Hoffman

Not so long ago when the country and Congress were debating the health care bill InCity Times little TV group (Straight Talk on TV 13) was getting ready to tape our weekly show.

What angered me so much during that show was the stupidity vis a vis the new Health Care Reform bill that was being expressed by the opposition. I doubt if anyone doing the yelling ever took the time to read just a little of the bill. I doubt if many of the folks in Congress did, too. Oops! Sorry! They have congressional aides for that.

So I said to ICT editor and publisher Rose [Tirella]: let’s talk about this stupidity.

She said: Jack, this will never go over in Worcester.

I’ll bet the folks up there might be a little embarrassed about just how stupid we really are so I’m letting it ride … . Continue reading Stupid, stupid Tea Baggers and our trough of stupidity

State Representative John Fresolo announces his re-election campaign

Six-term State Representative John P. Fresolo has formally announced his re-election campaign for the 16th Worcester District seat.

As a life-long resident of the 16th Worcester District, Representative Fresolo shares the same priorities and values as his constituents: public safety, education, affordable housing, transportation and the protection of our children and elderly citizens.

In Fresolo’s tenure in the Legislature he has taken great pride in securing an additional $1 Million in community policing funds for the Union Hill, Vernon Hill, Grafton Hill, Quinsigamond Village and Green Island neighborhoods of Worcester. With this funding, the Worcester Police Department has been able to add much needed neighborhood foot patrols that have reduced illegal drug use, violent crimes and gang formation in the 16th Worcester District.

Representative Fresolo has continually fought for education funding reform and affordable childcare. Continue reading State Representative John Fresolo announces his re-election campaign

Revenge of the empire

By Cheez Whiz

In Massachusetts you might actually call it a “Coming Out Party.” I am talking about previously unknown folks (all white males natch) announcing themselves as candidates for U.S. Congressional seats. I am talking about all the new challengers to the once (still) dominant Democratic party here. While the challengers are going for seats in the U.S. Congress, the domination of one party rule is still happening at the state house level. That is why it has been so difficul;t for any governor in the last six decades to make meaningful things happen
Watching a guy like Bob Spellane position this past year has been about as interesting and gutwrenching as watching a Christian thrown to the Roman lions. About 6 months aga he wrote a piece in the Telegram and chose to call his union supporters “working families”. That’s wrong, Bob, because “working families” are the type who have total household income in the $40-80K range. Almost any one of your supports has at least one member making that much. At the very least, it’s misleading. Continue reading Revenge of the empire

A two-party political system

By Carl Benander

Tony Hmura brings up the big increase in the number of state jobs; this, at time of extreme budgetary shortages.He calls attention to terribly excessive wages to certain state workers, wages that are not enjoyed by most workers in the Commonwealth.He mentions the difference between the retirement policies between State and Private sector employees.

First of all, being a reader, I make it a practice to read as much as possible that with which I may disagree. InCity Times fits this bill nicely. However what I like about it is the fact that you do not hesitate to “make waves, or “rock the boat”. I see very little of this in the T & G. Continue reading A two-party political system

Taco is correct!

I agree with Taco on one important point: the same folks keep getting recyled through Worcester’s political system. Let’s all take a big gulp of Milk of Magnesia and purge ourselves of folks like City Councilor Mike Germain, a guy who knows nothing about pretty much everything. We need to get these guys the hell outa city hall.

Sad but true: Awhile ago I was told that Worcester City Manager Mike O’Brien and L.G. Tim Murray (maybe before he was L.G.) went to someone’s house – together, paid this person a personal visit – to ask this person to run for a seat on the Worcester City Council. How’s that for trying to control the system? When would Tim Murray come to my home and ask me to run for city council or school committee? Like Taco said, these guys want to fill the council with council-bots – people who will rubber stamp their programs/agendas. They, in turn, will support the council-bots with their considerable political muscle ($$, volunteers, endorsements, important contributor lists, etc). I am not saying all their programs are merit-less. I AM saying their way of doing politics sucks.

– Rosalie Tirella