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Bernie Sanders – always in style! … ON TO PHILLY!!!


By Chris Horton

“Bernie’s all finished” jeered the bus driver when he saw my pin. “Bernie’s out of it, done!”

Unlike most Worcester bus drivers – who still want Bernie and are eager for word he’s still fighting – this guy seemed happy to be able to tell me that … happy to be the one who has the Inside Scoop, the one who knows the Truth.

It’s all you hear on ABC and CBS, Fox, MSNBC and CNN, when they take a break from Trump Trump Trump Hillary Trump. That’s The Word according to Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and even NPR. The New York Times talks about “Bernie and the Terms of Surrender.” It’s the Accepted Truth, safe to spout if you want to be the kid with the “right answer.”

But is it true?

Has Bernie really given up?

Is it game over?

Lots of “Berniecrats” in and around Worcester don’t think so, and we’re still fighting for him. We too hear the constant din of messages that it’s hopeless; he’s promised to endorse Hillary; he’s going to announce it any day now. But we’ve learned to trust him and he says the game’s still on!

Either the Democratic Establishment and the Corporate Media truly don’t understand us or they’re engaging in psychological warfare. Or both. Or maybe they know something we don’t – like maybe they’re not so sure they really have the nomination in the bag!

Bernie keeps telling them that it’s not him they need to convince, it’s his supporters – us.

So far I don’t see any sign that they get it. If they were going to even try to win us over, you’d think someone would have talked to me by now. But then I’m not really a player – most of us aren’t – so why bother? Bernie, like any good player, will calculate what his 13 million (officially recorded) votes, his 22 states and his list of a million volunteers and donors will buy him, and he’ll negotiate a price for his support, right? And, as they keep telling us, the longer he holds off the less his support is worth, Right?

And then we’ll all follow him, right?

Wrong again! Many of Sanders’ millions of voters are a bit discouraged, but folks on the street want to vote for Bernie again – and won’t settle for anything less! And Sanders’ activists are growing angrier and more disgusted by the day! Most want Bernie to keep running. To win Bernie over, Hillary’s camp has to first win us, and our price will be steep.

We believe we’re watching the Clinton Campaign cracking under our pressure. From efforts to co-opt us, now they’re lashing out. They hate our talking about Hillary’s corporate funding, foreign governments and corporations. But our mood is summed up by Marianne Baldino of Worcester: “It’s time for everyone to wake up and take our democracy back and stop letting them pull the wool over our eyes.”

They could have just given us the words we wanted to hear in the Democratic Party Platform – no one pays it much mind anyway, right? They gave us the $15 Federal Minimum Wage and free public college for families with limited incomes. Why not the other issues that are deal-breakers for Sanders’ base?

Millions of Sanders’ supporters – led by union nurses – are in no mood to give up on health care as a human right (Medicare for all) as our health care system continues to collapse. Democrats have stood for that since Harry Truman’s run in 1948. Now we’re drawing the line!

With environmental catastrophe looming, activists see banning fracking and a carbon tax as much too urgent to wait another 4 years.

And stopping the job-killing Trans Pacific Partnership trade treaty (the TPP) is the absolute top priority for Bernie’s labor, environmental and pro-democracy supporters.

Sometimes, exasperated Hillary supporters and Democratic players ask me: given that we lost the primaries (which we don’t believe we really did,) isn’t winning two out of five good enough?

Well, yes, if you’re just playing the politics game. But these are the issues on which Bernie’s sponsors, us, draw the line!

On all of these issues, a large majority of the voting public and of the Democrats’ activists agree with us, yet Clinton’s supporters dug in and blocked them. Are they just stupid or arrogant? Or are these the issues on which their corporate sponsors drew the line? If so, we’ve set up a grand collision between the people and the corporations!

As for Bernie, at age 74 and with his Senate seat secure, he has nothing to lose but his life, and this movement to transform America is what his life has been about. He has to hold us together, so he has to listen to us!

On the other hand, the longer Bernie holds on and presents a credible threat – and he does – the more of what we’re fighting for we could win! He’s promised a floor fight at the Convention on these key issues if we don’t get them, and he’s certainly not ending his challenge for the Presidency without that now! As for us, Marie LaFountain of Webster put it this way: “people have had enough, and they’re standing up and speaking out! We’re ready for a fight!”

Bernie is asking everyone who can to come to Philadelphia. He’s not saying what he will do under various scenarios, but if you listen closely, he’s never promised to endorse Hillary. The situation has changed so much in the last two weeks, it’s clear anything could happen. So we’re organizing as many folks in Central Mass as possible to get ourselves to Philadelphia!

We will have “Rally Busses” going down for the day on Sunday’s “Rally for Bernie” – his historic preconvention speech – and Monday – the march and rally to demand the Convention nominate Bernie! Or both. Some of us are carpooling and going down for 4 or 5 nights. Some are tripling up in motel rooms in outlying areas or staying on the couches of friends or local Sanders supporters, others are pitching tents in set-aside park areas or a supporter’s farm in New Jersey.

Then, we return to Worcester, mentally ready to go back into battle to elect Bernie President in November if he’s still a candidate or carry on the fight in other ways!

Quitting on Bernie

VOTE!!!! pic:R.T.

By Marianne Baldino (Worcester Bernie devotee!)

Let me preface this by saying we all had a tough week last week – California was virtually stolen from Bernie, and Obama and Warren endorsed Hillary who is the “PRESUMED” nominee. I understand that. However, let’s put things into context here.

Did any of you supposed Bernie supporters hear Bernie, himself, concede ANYTHING?

Did any of you supposed Bernie supporters hear him ENDORSE Clinton?

Well, no, you didn’t because HE DIDN’T. The man is tough – the man is strong – the man FIGHTS for what he believes in – the question is, therefore, ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH, ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH, ARE YOU WILLING TO FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN?????

As of the current moment, the operative word here is PRESUMPTIVE nominee.

That’s right, PRESUMPTIVE. DO you want to know why? It’s because Hillary DOES NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF PLEDGED DELEGATES AT THIS POINT!!! There’s also the little matter of an FBI investigation still pending and a whole lot of other ugly stuff coming out. Bernie would be a fool to drop out, and we would be fools not to continue to support him!

I would hope with all my heart and soul that NONE of you will give up yet and feel all is lost – IT ISN’T.

What revolutionary ever said a revolution would be easy? Are you willing to fall into the trap the Clintons have set for you? Do you know what that trap is? Well, let me tell you – Oh my goodness, Trump is so awful that if it’s not Bernie, I should throw my support behind Hillary. THAT’S WHAT THE TRAP IS – THAT’S WHAT HER CAMPAIGN IS BANKING ON!!! Wake UP! She’s counting on you NOT to have a backbone! She’s counting on you to be so frightened that you would NEVER risk a Trump presidency.

Bernie is going to the convention, I’m going to the convention, friends of mine are going to the convention to FIGHT for what is right and true – a government for the people and by the people, NOT by the corporations that now pull our strings and tell US what to do. I’m done … I’m IN IT TO WIN IT!! BERNIE’S IN IT TO WIN IT!

So, if you felt strongly about Sanders before, if you were willing to do what you could to help him win, YOU MUST STAY WITH HIM UNTIL HE SAYS IT’S OVER. It’s a long way to November. California votes are being flipped as we speak.
Bernie is a smart man and knows what he’s doing. Put your trust in him and leave all your “what if’s” behind. Otherwise, whatever you have done for the campaign, whatever you have felt about Sanders, becomes a sham, and we become SELL OUTS.

Don’t sell your soul to the devil – keep fighting the good fight, keep on helping to do what you can for Sanders and above all, turn off main stream media that is deliberately poisoning your mind.

Bernie’s a winner, and if we stick with him, we will be too!

My last question for all of us is this – are we willing to support and nominate a candidate who committed fraud, voter suppression, electioneering in polling sites and who knows what else just to gain the highest office in the land?

Is this who we are?

I think not!

So for God’s sake, stay with Bernie, don’t get discouraged, and BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY!

Why we must keep on fighting

But first …


Mobile Market-1

And …Farmers Market 1-1



Why Bernie Sanders mustn’t quit

By Chris Horton

Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie” argues Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi:
“Democratic voters tried to express these frustrations through the Sanders campaign, but the party leaders have been and probably will continue to be too dense to listen. Instead, they’ll convince themselves that, as [James] Hohmann’s [Washington] Post article put it, Hillary’s latest victories mean any ‘pressure’ they might have felt to change has now been ‘ameliorated.’”

Tabbi, at ROLLING STONE, is right. But it’s not just the beltway operatives who are blind. It’s the whole stratum of people they belong to – the directors, managers, policy-makers, administrators, lawyers, regulators, full professors and thought-police – roughly the 5% – who DON’T EVEN KNOW WE ARE IN A SERIOUS ECONOMIC DEPRESSION!

I see it all the time. I can walk into a public event and ask some question like “what is the real rate of unemployment?” and usually guess their answer from the way they’re dressed and groomed. Because the “political class” ALL talk mainly to each other. They are simply blind to how much the people are hurting. Their positions in the world, their paychecks, depend on their not understanding.

And they don’t have a clue about Bernie.

Witness the preposterous idea that Bernie and Trump are somehow the same. Never have two politicians been more different, more opposite. Trump is the Anti-Bernie. But to a member of the political class they might appear the same because they evoke the same dread in their breasts, the same fear of the people’s anger!

Why Bernie mustn’t leave the race

This was the dirtiest campaign I have ever seen – dirtier than Bush Lite’s. In state after state, millions of people voted for Bernie and their votes weren’t counted or got flipped. Whole communities where almost everyone voted for Bernie yet Hillary won. Millions of people – most Bernie voters – showed up at the polls but their registrations were lost or cancelled – or the polling stations gone. Millions of provisional ballots never got counted. And the atrocious mass media colluded in her campaign! AP calling it for Clinton on the eve of the California primary was simply outrageous!

The anger that fueled the Sanders Campaign is only growing. Clinton’s claim of victory has only rubbed salt in the wounds. Warren’s endorsement and great speeches against Trump might help some but many will turn their backs on her because they detest Clinton so much.

What lesson will the Dem Establishment learn from the next opinion poll, which will shows what we’re seeing on the street – a massive surge in Trump support from people (not all white) who voted for Bernie and would again, who know Trump’s not on their side, who know he’s a liar, who know he doesn’t make any sense but who are just too angry and disgusted to care?

What lesson will the Pols draw when the exposes of Clinton’s criminal fundraising empire continue and the evidence that she faces indictment continues to pour in?

They’ll get one last chance to come to their senses in Philadelphia, where 500 insiders could still give it to Bernie, but it doesn’t look good.

The day Bernie endorses Clinton, millions of people who love and trust him would react out of a feeling of deep betrayal and will turn their backs. Our movement will shatter. Bernie can’t save Clinton, he can only save our movement, so he has to keep going. And we have to keep going. Bernie could continue running for President against Trump, without mentioning Clinton. But he has to hit back against the election fraud.

We’ve had our Emperor’s New Clothes moment! The people are talking to each other, openly, about what we know, think and want in a way I haven’t seen in my lifetime. This will have huge consequences. We either organize and channel it – or someone else will.

Bernie may feel his hands are tied after July. His few progressive Democrat and union leadership supporters are defecting. The pressure on him to give in is tremendous. Barring a Dem split in Philadelphia, if he runs as a Green or independent he will be running with no protection whatsoever from inside the system. He could win an overwhelming victory but lose it to election fraud.

And yet, if he doesn’t keep running, Trump wins and our movement shatters. So this needs to come to a head this Summer, and we need to call the people to the streets!

Bernie – and we – should go after the election fraud, the vote flipping and dirty tricks, and challenge the legitimacy of Clinton’s win! Every one of the elections where the exit polls show a high probability of vote flipping must be challenged! The people must be called to action, now! And we can help make that happen!

First, though, there’s one more Primary to win, DC. Bernie has long been a champion of DC Statehood and has great credibility. He’s spending the week on it and we have a great team on the ground. He can win, which will change the narrative!

So, let’s KEEP CALLING VOTERS IN DC! Come to our Phone Bank on Sunday, or call from home!

Next, SOMEONE FROM CENTRAL MASS NEEDS TO BE AT THE PEOPLE’S SUMMIT IN CHICAGO NEXT WEEKEND! Can you drop your plans and go? Money, cheap transport and cheap digs are available. Reply to discuss.

Then we need to put the pressure on around vote fraud, and start organizing now for Philadelphia!

☛ Let’s talk tonight, and meet soon!

Keep the Bern berning!

Chris parked in A.I!

Dear friends of Bernie …

By Chris Horton

We’re doing fine. We really are. We’re doing just fine.

The Powers that Be, the billionaire class and their flaks and agents, are doing their best to stop presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Their message is: Candidate Hillary Clinton is Inevitable, Resistance is Futile … Give Up and Go Home!  

They actually believe that because Clinton won a few primaries they’ve got us beat, and we’ll sober up and admit it, or at least Bernie will.  They actually believe we’ll slink back into line and get with the program!

They think they’ve got us beat, but they don’t.  Every day the Bernie campaign goes on in any corner of this country, more people are thinking and talking about Bernie’s ideas. And every day we continue is a win because this revolution belongs to us all.  It belongs to the people of Indiana who vote next week.  It belongs to the people of Puerto Rico and California who vote in June.  Every phone call we make, every Bernie Journey, every dollar we donate helps build it. 

They think they’ve got us beat, but they can’t beat us because you can’t kill an idea, and once an idea is loose and in people’s hearts there’s no stopping it.  

There’s a Big Idea they’ve been trying to keep bottled up ever since any of us can remember.  Like Aladdin’s genie, it’s out of the bottle now and no one can put it back!  And it changes everything!

Thanks to the Sanders Campaign millions of Americans are now talking about the whole spectrum of issues that confront us.  But none of it by itself is new.  So what’s this Big Idea?

It’s not the idea of massive job creation through public works and projects. There are people alive today who remember that’s what President Franklin Roosevelt did and plenty who’ve been saying we need to do it again.

It’s not the idea of making healthcare a human right, available to everyone rich or poor. President Harry Truman tried to get that past Congress in 1948, and folks have been fighting for it ever since.

It’s not the idea that the billionaire class has corrupted and bought our political system and that we need campaign reform, that we need to get Big Money out of politics. People have been saying that, fighting for that, for years.

Nor is it the understanding that the super-rich, the billionaires, have rigged the whole economy so they’re getting richer and richer while the rest of us get screwed. Or the idea of breaking up the big banks, freeing our young people from student debt or equal pay for women.  

It’s not the idea of banning private prisons, or ending the war on drugs, ending police violence against people of color, immigration reform or bringing our jobs home from Mexico and China. Nor the idea of ending foreign tax havens, taxing financial transactions or making the millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. 

It’s not even the idea of bringing everyone together to fight for all of these once, although that’s getting closer.  

So what’s this Big Idea that ties this all together? 

It turns out we all knew most or all of the things Bernie’s talking about already.  Bernie didn’t suddenly come along and start preaching the truth and suddenly the scales fell from everyone’s eyes.  Bernie is telling us things we all already knew were true!  

And we already knew that the TV Networks, the news media were manipulating us and creating illusions, but most of us believed the final illusion: that of all those other lazy stupid people out there watching TV and believing it all.  And so we played it safe and didn’t speak out.

The Big Idea is this: We’re all in this together, we all know what’s up, and if we come together, speak out, stand up for each other, and stand together to confront the billionaire class and demand our country back, there’s nothing we can’t do! And that idea, with your help, is spreading like wildfire across the land! It’s an Emperor’s New Clothes moment, when everyone starts speaking what everyone already knew was true but afraid to say.

So courage, my friends! Let’s organize and carry on! This is only the first stage! A lot can happen between now and July, but win or lose, it’s not over!

This is just the beginning!


Stay tuned for phone banks this weekend and Tuesday to call Indiana. It’s their turn to Feel the Bern, and our turn to support them!  Exciting news coming about national mobilizations in June and July.  And please let us know if you are interested in our upcoming all-day retreat.




Feel the Bern! Bernie Sanders wins big in New Hampshire!

By Chris Horton

Bernie 60% Hillary 38% in New Hampshire: how did THAT happen?

Bernie scored a huge win in NH, beating all expectations. It was the result of hard work, but it was something more.  Something is shifting in American politics, and everyone who’s paid attention can feel it. 

The NY Times reports that under 30 voters, the “social media generation”, went for Bernie by more than 80% – many voting for the first time!  We saw them at Worcester’s North High School, 4000 wildly enthusiastic young adults turning out on 2 days notice, but Tony from Marlborough says that at the rally at Concord (NH) high school Tuesday night the enthusiasm and energy that filled the room went far beyond that! Dating himself, he said it was “more exciting than a Rod Stewart concert.  Bernie has attained Rock Star status!”

The NY Times observed that Sanders had “only” won half the Democratic voters in NH, and his victory margin was almost entirely from independents.  Seriously?  “Only?”  With practically the entire Democratic establishment coast to coast endorsing Hillary, with thousands of Democratic officeholders and operatives – hundreds from Massachusetts including Jim McGovern – commuting to New Hampshire to campaign for her every weekend, pulling even was huge! 

Half the Democratic base walked away from their leaders!

Bernie won the bigger cities, but won by huge margins in a lot of small cities and towns, especially the old mill towns along the rivers. Some produced lopsided margins, up to 80% for Bernie (and twice the number of Trump votes.)   Stone from Dudley described his old hippie friends living in one of those towns whose politics “had gone underground because “they believed they were surrounded by ignorant fascists,” who “woke up to discover that most of their neighbors feel the same way they do!”

Jack told of a meeting of his gun club this week outside Worcester. About 100 members showed up and everyone was taking about New Hampshire.  He estimated the house was evenly split between Sanders and Trump supporters, with the “gun nuts” and “survivalists” lining up with Trump and the “sportsmen” nearly unanimous for Sanders.  The two camps had in common being totally fed up and done with politics as usual and the “political establishment”, as personified by Hillary.  

To his surprise, he thinks that if Trump dropped out, many of his supporters would come over to Bernie!

Putting this all together, I think what we’re seeing is bigger than the sum of a lot of individual choices.  Whole communities seem to have decided “Bernie’s our guy, and we’re all going out to vote for him!” 

This might seem like a miracle, but it was already there. Bernie’s not telling us anything we didn’t know – he’s showing us each other!  Like Stone’s old hippies, most of us felt alone with what we knew and believed. We believed that what we wanted was impossible and hopeless, could never happen in America. It’s an Emperor’s New Clothes moment.  

Everyone already knew the emperor was naked, but they dared not say so because everyone else said they could see his clothes.

There’s a broad consensus starting to form that it’s time for Bernie – and for us.  In a way, Bernie IS us!  The pundits and odds-makers betting on Hillary will be confounded because they have nothing to compare this to!
But before we get all Kum-by-ya about Bernie’s campaign, I’ll let Bill, who spend many weekends campaigning in New Hampshire, have the last word.  

Bernie won not just because the moment, the message and the messenger were right but “because a whole boatload of people put their butts out on the streets, day after day, week after week, talking to the people who thought they might vote for Bernie and getting their commitment to actually do it.”  He figured that knocking on 20 doors in an hour was getting Bernie 1 vote.  

Many thousands of volunteers putting in dozens or hundreds of hours each added up to hundreds of thousands of votes!

I asked Bill: can we repeat that here in Massachusetts on March 1?  “That depends on how fast we hit the road and how many people we can put on it!  The work is not hard and you can learn how in 20 minutes. I could tell you what to say but it’s your own authentic conversation that really wins people’s votes.”


By Chris Horton  

We all knew better, but still we couldn’t help worrying: Was the media right?  Would Hillary Clinton sweep the Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucuses as they said she would?  Would she show us our campaign was just a hopeless daydream?

We needn’t have feared. In Iowa, just as here, folks who “Feel the Bern” show up, and there are a lot of us, more every day! 

Bernie, who started the campaign in Iowa with just 4% support in public opinion polls, came out of the Iowa Caucuses essentially tied with Hillary.  So close was the outcome that Hillary came out ahead only because she won six out of six tie-breaking coin tosses!  (Odds against: 63 to 1!)  That’s a win!

So what does this mean for us?

First, we can take heart!  We are on a roll! We have a winning candidate, we have a winning message, and we have the momentum!  Folks are starting to pay attention! I was overhearing people talking about him everywhere I went today – busses, waiting rooms, a cafeteria, a shoe shop!  

Second, getting out the vote is critical.  The “usual suspects” voted for Hillary.  Many first-time voters and “Obama voters”, young, working class and minority, the ones who more often stay home in disgust, came out and voted for Bernie!  

Looking at Iowa county outcomes, there were huge differences between similar neighboring counties. The difference had to be the organizing work of local volunteers.  Folks like me – and like you!  But we need to make that happen!  And we have just 28 days left to do it!

But there is something else here. The Republican campaigns are all about fear.  Fear of the dangerous aliens abroad and in our midst who hate us and would destroy us.  Democratic campaigns – Hillary’s campaign – often count on fear too: fear of the Republicans, fear of what will happen if we don’t all get together and stop them by electing her – and fear of what could happen to us if we dared to actually fight back against the Powers that Be!  We’ve been living the politics of fear for a generation or more!  

But now people are rejecting the politics of fear.  More and more are speaking out boldly, speaking our truth and demanding what we need and what we know is our birthright – an America where everyone can live decently, in peace and unafraid, an America where we can dare to dream of creating a better life with our own hard work and creativity.

For a generation now, the Democratic Party has been fighting defense. The right wing has been advancing their corporate agenda: dismantling our unions and our standard of living, dismantling the New Deal, privatizing our public property and our schools, shipping our jobs overseas, waging endless wars of plunder and stripping us of our freedom and our democratic rights.  Democrats have been putting up a show of resisting, but too often in the end make “compromises” that always give away part of what the Republicans were demanding. 

Fact is, when you only fight defense, you can lose fast or lose slow, but you’re losing all the same, and we’ve been losing for a generation. It is very depressing and discouraging.  It’s given politics a bad name!

The Sanders Campaign is fighting to win, to win back what we’ve lost and go beyond it, to win the kind of world that we know is possible.  We’re playing offense now!  We want it all back, and more!  And suddenly our people are coming alive!  

There’s just four weeks left until the Massachusetts Primary.  We’re getting our “ground game” on: people talking to their own neighbors, getting organized, getting ready to  all show up together at the polls on March 1 and elect our champion Bernie Sanders to the White House!   

If you’re feeling the Bern, you want to be a part of it, sign up at call our Central Mass Field Organizer, Nate Flynn, at 774-239-6308 to enlist, or drop in on our Field Office at 256 Park Ave!

BERNIE’S in style!

Feel the Bern!!!!!

From the Worcester for Bernie Sanders (for President) crew!

Democratic Presidential Debate tonight (Sun) at 9 pm

The last debate before the Iowa Caucuses!

The debate is being held in South Carolina and hosted by NBC and YouTube.  Don’t miss it!  Make sure your family friends and neighbors don’t miss it!

Debate Watching Party tonight

8 pm – 12 pm

… at the Sahara Restaurant, 143 Highland St. (at West St.)  

Come join We Want Bernie Worcester and a jolly crowd of Bernie supporters to cheer on our guy! Bring a friend!


Phone Banking Every Day, 7 days a week from 10 am to 9 pm

from our new Worcester Campaign Office at 256 Park Ave.  

This is critical work.  We have only 6 1/2 weeks left until the Massachusetts Primary, and we need to reach and identify hundreds of thousands of Bernie voters in that time, so we can get them out to the polls!  People, once they get going, seem to be having a good time making these calls!  Please consider signing up for a regular weekly shift, or come in once to get trained up and get your feet wet!  

Call Lisa Mosczynski at 508-341-4876to discuss this and set up a time!


Ward, Town and Precinct Captains needed to lead the door to door work, talking to our neighbors, getting their commitments to vote for Bernie on March 1.  

The canvassing in Mass starts very soon. 

Can you step up to lead a team in your town or neighborhood?

We still need the loan of computers and phones.  Contact Chris Horton or Lisa with your offer.


Grand Opening/Open House at the Worcester Bernie Campaign Office

The Open House yesterday was a great success.  Peak attendance, despite a raw morning, was over 60, with a total of 85 sign-ins, including many new volunteers! 

See photos at https://www.facebook.com/bostonforbernie/photos/a.1141249135916047.1073741835.976503942390568/1141249459249348/?type=3&theater


From Peter Reilly’s blog in Forbes – Capitalist Tool (!):
Paul Feeney. the campaign’s Massachusetts State Director, led off.  He told us that his organizing experience came from the labor movement, which accounts for him calling us brothers and sisters. I see from his linked-in profile that he was a legislative director for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers before signing on with the campaign.  He told us that Bernie’s campaign was a departure from traditional transactional politics.  He went through the litany of goals finishing with universal single payer health care, which got a rousing cheer.  The bus from the nurses union parked out front might have helped with that.

Next up was Mary Keefe, a Worcester State Rrep.  She said that Bernie was somebody that you might not agree with on everything, but you could trust him.  She reminisced about being able to go to the Mass College of Arts for $250 per semester.  Back in the day, you could tell your mechanic father and stay at home mom that you wanted to be an artist and they would tell you that was great, work hard in the summer to earn your tuition.  There is this odd thing that stories like that sometimes make me think that Bernie is actually the most conservative candidate.

Lisa Mosczynski, the Regional Field Director, was up next.  She said she was going to be very demanding of people bugging them to go out canvassing and work the phone banks.  She said, quoting Ed Markey, that “We don’t agonize.  We organize”.  


Chris is parked in Yum Yums!

If Jett could vote, he’d vote for Bernie!!!


By Chris Horton

The news came on Wednesday night:  Bernie’s coming to Worcester!  Within hours it was all over social media! For eight months people have been asking me “When is Bernie going to come to Worcester?” and I had to say I didn’t know. 

Now suddenly here he was, on his way, no one could say why, or how we ended up at North High. There were people to call, reporters who I didn’t think knew we existed started calling, other events had to be called off, everyone had to be alerted to suddenly shift gears. 

The actual event was organized by a national Sanders Campaign advance team who descended on Worcester and recruited volunteers with lightning speed, with the help of our new Central Mass Field Organizer Lisa Mosczynski who came on board just last week. Turns out they chose North High after trying everywhere else – but surprisingly it worked out very well, with over 100 volunteers organized on the spot to handle a complex event like clockwork.

The event was scheduled for 5 pm, doors open at 4. It was a cold but bright and sunny at 3pm when we arrived to report for volunteering.  Several hundred people were aready lined up waiting to get in and a dozen volunteers were already at work.

Prominent among the volunteers were a group of red-shirted nurses from the Mass Nurses Association, who arrived with well-known activist Sandy Ellis. They spoke at the pre-meeting about how their union and profession have been hammered over the years and how only Bernie is offering hope of winning a national health insurance plan like Single-Payer/Medicare for All that we desperately need.

I took on working the line, getting people registered and giving them stickers to get in.  And letting them know about the We Want Bernie Worcester event afterwards: “Beers for Bernie” at the Compass Tavern! 

By the time the first people were allowed in a little after 4, the line snaked out all the way to the street, easily several thousand people.  In sharp contrast to the lines at the DCU for Trump last month, there was a good scattering of people of color and Spanish speakers.  The mood was upbeat and festive – while many of us are angry, we didn’t bring our anger to the event.  It was about creating a future we could believe in.

Way out by the street some cars stopped at the entrance and people started shouting “He’s Here!  Bernie’s here!”  I kept working along the line, talking to people, getting the ones the first wave had missed signed up, for maybe 15 minutes, but kept hearing “Bernie’s here!” Finally he came into view, not 10 feet tall, not even 6 feet tall, no Secret Service crew, but this curly-haired slightly-stooped old man working his way along the line with a few staff, shaking everyone’s hand and exchanging a few words with everyone on that line!  Getting old myself as I am, I wondered at how he can find the strength to carry on like this, his second rally of the day, plus by all reports keep up with his many committee assignments in the Senate in Washington.

My own words to him were “Good job, brother!”  I hope the warm glow in my heart as I shook this heroic leader’s hand resonated with him and gave him another ounce of strength.

As it turned out, more than 3,500 people were able to crowd into the building, 1,700 into the gym, and maybe another 300 outside, on little over two days’ notice, at a time when the college students were still away!  The spirit was incredible! 

It was a love-fest; we love this old man who has spent a lifetime speaking and working for us, who is expressing and interpreting our anger, our hopes and dreams, who has declared that we can and will take our country back from the billionaire class and their corrupt servants and agents.  Who declared with passion that we will win in the March 1 Primary and sweep to victory this November, we build a great movement to transform America and put Bernie in the White House to be our voice in Washington!  And how we took courage from him and from each other in that room!

One piece of the story that was not much commented on: Worcester’s State Rep. Mary Keefe, in her first appearance as a Sanders supporter, introduced Bernie (excuse me, Mr. Sanders!) in a rousing and inspiring speech, where she also called on the audience to volunteer for the campaign!

Mary’s own campaigns have been inspiring models of grass-roots activism. This campaign will take the model one step further. Volunteers will be assigned to call and knock on the doors of their own neighbors, and invited to take on the role of Turf Captain in their own town or village, ward, precinct or even micro-neighborood. This is really exciting news! This is a new kind of campaign, laying the foundation of a new – but really very old – kind of politics!  The politics of a “political revolution!”

Berine’s speech touched on so many issues.  This is not a one-issue campaign.  This is a multi-issue campaign.  Job creation. Get big money out of politics. Bring our work home and stop the trade deals that are shipping it overseas. Stop Global Warming.  Racial justice.  Free college education and make the Wall Street speculators pay for it. Criminal justice reform and legalizing marijuana.  Economic equality and the right to join a union. A path to citizenship for the undocumented. Equal pay for women. Raise the minimum wage and guaranteed paid family leave. And many more! Most campaigns hire focus groups to pick one or two key issues to keep hammering on; not this one!  This is the Everything Campaign! 

And it’s working!  Because we are all, whatever our issues, whatever movements we’ve supported, profoundly stuck, unable to gather together the power to win our key demands, faced with a Congress, with state and city governments and programs, that say there is no money, we have to cut, make do with less. 

We’ve all been driven to despair, and we are all in one way or another up against the same ultimate obstacle, the same group of a few thousand billionaires and multi-millionaires who have hijacked our political system, accumulated vast sums of money taken from our work and our taxes, purchased our newspapers, radio and TV networks to use like their private mouthpieces, and are now strangling our economy and driving us to ruin.

And Bernie is calling us all together into one great movement to challenge that “billionaire class” for power and take back the resources we need to make this country work for all of us again!

The spirit of that crowd was so different from Trump’s crowd!  There was anger there, including anger at Trump and the thinly disguised racist lynch mob spirit of his campaign, but there was love too, and no room for hatred! Yes, a Trump heckler would have been booed, but he would not have been in danger.  I sensed that we will stand together when the time comes unafraid.

Near the end of the rally, Bernie shouted out to us:

“Congratulations!  Now you are part of the Political Revolution!”  The crowd shouted out our assent!

I wonder, do the people in that room really understand that there’s a whole world of people out there who have not been seeing Bernie on the nightly news, who don’t know anything about him, who incredibly may not even know his name?  People many of whom are angry, afraid and living lives of desperation, who don’t know where to turn?  People who haven’t voted in years because they don’t see the point and don’t trust that their vote will make a difference?

Do the people shouting agreement to being part of a political revolution get it that we are not going to get those folks’ support, not going to get them to the polls, unless we, each of us, actually step outside of our comfort zone, put aside all the pressing demands of our lives, to organize, go out and find them? Unless we actualy go out and talk to them?

Will they answer the Campaign’s calls to get involved, now, and show up at meetings, phone banks, canvassing events?

“Do you feel the Bern” they were asking each other like it was a chant, and the reply came back “I feel the Bern!”  I am so glad they feel it, so glad we all feel it.  But what does it mean? I don’t know what has been holding most of us back, but now is the moment to get over it and get out there and “Share the Bern” with their neighbors, with people they would normally pass on the street without ever really talking to. 

Now is the time to turn that Bern feeling into a mighty flame that will transform our neighborhoods, towns and cities, transform America, and win us back the future we know is possible but which many of us had come to despair of ever seeing!

March 1 is less than two months away!  If we can win the primaries we can beat Trump in November.  We can do it,  but there ain’t no one gonna do it for us!

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders comes to North High School January 2

North high School 2015
Kudos to Worcester’s North High School students, staff and the City of Worcester!

By Gordon Davis

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is coming to North High School January 2.

This is a good thing for North High School and Worcester. Although it is not quite on the level of President Obama visiting Worcester Technical High School on graduation day, this is a very big deal!

I cannot say I agree with U.S. Senator Sanders on everything, but I agree that the excesses of capitalism need mitigation. Mr. Sanders, who represents Vermont and is an Independent who leans social/progressive Democrat, is trying to reduce the economic disparities of the American profit system in order to save it from itself. Although he thinks this is revolutionary, it is not. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the New Deal in the 1930s to save capitalism from collapsing in a crisis similar to the Great American Recession of 2008.  Saving capitalism is almost a traditional or conservative political agenda.

I disagree with Mr. Sanders in that I do not think the profits system, economic disparities, and their superstructure of racism should be saved. Generation after generation, we go through an economic crisis of one sort or another. It is time we had a system where American corporations are not legal persons and money is not speech.

Getting back to the issues of Senator’s Sanders visit to North High School: For years North High students have been the butt of color-blind racism. I remember when the old North High School on Salisbury Street was closed and the kids from the East Side had to go to a remodeled middle school building, the former Harrington Way Junior School.  Students and families on this side of our city did not have a new high school for 100 years!

In the 1990s the City of Worcester had an opportunity to build a new high school. There was a discussion whether to build a New North High School or a new vocational school. Some people suggested that the two high schools be combined. This discussion did not go far, as many of the Worcester Voke Alums seemed to look down on the students from North High as not quite as good as the Voke students. I have no other explanation for not combining the two schools except a sort of color blind racism.

Even after the new North High School was built, I remember Worcester City Councilor Konstantina (Konnie) Lukes complained about the bad kids at North High School. She quipped: “Maybe it was not a new building that they needed.” I am even more upset that some of the teachers have taken the attitude of the need for full-time Worcester police officers in the Worcester Public Schools because of the “bad” kids. The hurtful words of the Marine who headed up JROTC comes to mind. Even the EAW says that the teachers need police protection because of bad students. All of this is hurtful and discouraging to the students. 

Our children are no different than children elsewhere. I think color blind racism is a factor behind these comments and policies.

Kudos to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for choosing to come to this inner-city school whose students have in many ways been emotionally and verbally abused by so many!

May this Bernie Sanders event be the start of a great new year for North High School, all of the children in Worcester, the City of Worcester – and Bernie Sanders!