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Appreciating the Prince … and Cool Mother’s Day gifts for Mom at Unique Finds Antiques and Vintage …

Pics and text by Rosalie Tirella

… gift shop – 1329 Main St. – Worcester!

Open TODAY until 7 p.m.


Jett and Lilac stop to smell the tulips!









I spied a PURPLE RAIN album at Unique Finds a few weeks back (have mine!) … This song is not from PURPLE RAIN – but from the Beatles, written by George Harrison. Prince, in the famous video clip below, funks it up beautifully. From where did his genius flow? How do we understand a Prince? …

… Smallest guy in the room – most wonderful wunderkind! High-heeled, halter-topped, elegant, like Louis the Sun King – or Little Richard. Prancing, stomping, twirling – caressing his gal singers and piano on stage – his piano more lovingly, I do believe!

In the 1980s a gal pal invited me to a Prince concert. He plans to take a shower on stage!, she gushed. But beneath the Prince youthful silliness – and overt sexiness – was a serious student of ROCK AND FUNK AND R AND B and JAZZ AND BLUES. As the gifted one grew older his sexiness became more subdued: short hair, a body-skimming suit with few flourishes – maybe a lovely collar or brooch. Beautiful to me, now middle-aged, too, and looking for loveliness in my men that came from their confidence, experience, worldliness …

Here’s the mature Prince … Here is CREAM and more!

My first Prince lp? CONTROVERSY in audio cassette form. I liked the political, ballsy songs! Prince was pushing boundaries – sexual, political – in his music. I went around the UMass Amherst campus, a student wanting to sing her song, chanting to me, myself, my soul: “I WISH WE ALL WERE NUDE! I WISH THERE WERE NO BLACK AND WHITE! I WISH THERE WERE NO RULES!”

I took Prince’s musical exhortations to heart! And “it’s made all the difference”!

Buy your Ma some Prince this Mother’s Day!!!! She deserves him!

Bring on the funk at Unique (funky!) Finds

Missing Prince right now. Loved his stuff. The fluffy Prince stuff but ESPECIALLY the cat who ROCKED OUT

Playing his albums before I go to work delivilering my rags…Have 3 or 4

Musical genius. American Master. The Prince! -R.T.


Unique Finds Antiques and Vintage gift shop – 1329 Main St. – Worcester!

Open 7 days a week until 7 p.m!
pics: R.T.









From my kitchen table to my turntable … Just in time for Easter!

He loves/wears lots of purple! The magnificent PRINCE! Today I have been playing his wonderful PURPLE RAIN album!

I just love this guy – totally brilliant. Does it all. Writes, produces, sings, dances, leads bands, discovers talent … . Prince is right up there with James Brown and Sly Stone. And don’t you forget it!!!

In the 1970s and 1980s Prince’s  music was brilliant and filled with lots of sex and god. These days the Jehovah Witness shows the world he is one of America’s best loved musical geniuses. Whenever Prince gets up to jam with other musicians/singers, he just OUT SPARKLES them with his sinewy dance moves, sexy guitar playing, funky music … . Love his wardrobe! He always wears the softest, most elegant pant suits! Looks gorgeous!

Click on links below to enjoy Prince! Have a purple Easter!!!    – R. Tirella

From Purple Rain

Purple Rain




Why would anyone give a hoot?

By Rosalie Tirella

The royal wedding. It’s tomorrow, and it’s a lot of make-believe and phoniness wrapped in taffeta. A total waste of time! And yet the world gawks and gawks! Amazing! We love famous people – even if they are famous for accomplishing nothing – or, as in the prince’s case, having had the good luck (or bad, depending on how you look at it) of popping out of the late Princess Di’s too tragic uterus.

America is (supposed to be) a meritocracy. We rejected all this royal pain in the ass stuff more than 200 years ago. And yet American tourists, along with other crazies, are supposed to converge on England and dump around $80 million in tourism bucks (according to NPR). What’s more, the Brits seem just as besotted. Reports say they are pleased as punch about the nuptuals; in surveys Brits say the royal wedding will get them out of the doldrums.

While I love Shakespeare, Ricky Gervais and Monty Python (cuz they’re brilliant), I don’t give a damn about the prince (is he the one who stupidly wore the Hitler outfit?). Thank you, but I prefer to get excited about England’s health care system: universal health care, which means all Brits – like everyone else in Western Europe, Canada and Cuba – get excellent care for nothing. If you are rich, poor, middle class, black, white, dying of cancer, struggling with a brain tumor, strong as an ox – your medical bills are ZERO. Nothing! No matter what your situation – no matter what your state of health. The Brits understand that sometimes WE matters more than ME. They, like the folks in France and Canada, have longer life expectencies than Americans. In fact, our health care systems are so fucked up that we rate way down the list – just above Slovenia. And guess what? A baby born in El Salvador has a greater chance of surviving than a baby born in Detroit, Michigan.


So tomorrow, while the rest of the world oohs and ahhs over England’s royal couple and their wedding guests, gowns, gropes, grips and gripers, I will be toasting their health care system.

If America had universal health care, Worcester – along with every other city and town in America – would not be in the fix she’s in with her municipal unions and their ever skyrocketing health care costs. We would have branch libraries and art classes and free college for everyone!

England, here we come?