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Quinsig Village’s Step in Time day care builds a fence

The workers were working hard on the fence this morning. I told them, after I took these photos: GOOD JOB!

Then a big broad snorted to them: Is that the lady? And rushed into the building, I presume, to whine to the owner …

Yup, lady. I am the lady who reported you and wrote about you. You have zero maternal instinct if you think YOUR RIGHTS were “stepped” on! … Children. The easiest people to exploit and hurt …    I wouldn’t send my dog to your Step in Time day care!

By the way, is it legal to run a day care center in this windowless store-front space on Greenwood Street???? This whole enterprise seems fishy …       – R. Tirella

The Sheriff’s Mom remembers “The Village”!

Quinsigamond Village: a stroll down memory lane

By Pat Glodis

As I stroll through the many streets and pathways that I once skipped, ran and walked through so many years ago, I feel joy and love for the place I called my neighborhood and home. I look back and know I was one of the fortunate ones, a child from a modest Irish family, one of six children raised in this unique place. My mother was also a native of this special place called Quinsigamond Village. She was born in 1906 and lived all her 98 years in the village. The oldest of four children, she attended Quinsigamond School and later was one of the original members of theMother’s Club that would meet once a month. Most of the other mothers were from the Swedish population. I remember, while in school, when the moms would meet and we students could smell the aroma of fresh perked coffee and homemade pastries.

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