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Growing stronger every day!

By Gordon Davis

The Community United Collective (CUC) held a rally of 100 people in front of Worcester City Hall yesterday. Although peaceful and relatively small, this rally has had a disproportionately large effect on Worcester:

 A couple of days before the rally, city officials brought out the big guns, threatening to arrest people.

A group of clergy held a press conference to denounce racism and support the Department of Justice coming to Worcester to help the community talk constructively about race.

Worcester city councilors said the Kelley Square Black Lives Matter protesters should be charged with some kind of crime.

A Worcester police officer was arrested for civil rights violations.

After the clergy press conference, Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus said he would drop the charges against the Kelly Square BLM protesters, if they agreed to behave themselves.

Worcester City Councillor Konnie Lukes called for a police Civilian Review Board.

Councillor Lukes also put an item on the city council agenda: to investigate the finances of the Mosaic Center.

No Worcester police officer has ever been arrested for any action he took while on duty.

No Worcester City Councillor in recent history has called for a police civilian review board.

The rally of Community United Collective as a part of the Black (all) Lives Matter new civil rights movement has spurred something of a social upheaval in the City of Worcester.

There were no politicians at the City Hall rally yesterday, not even political candidates. There are 29 candidates seeking seats on the Worcester City Council. There seemed to be no clergy present either. There were street people, there were middle class and working people, there were students, there were radicals, and there were the folks of the peace community.

CUC read a statement that said the group and its friends would not be turned around by Worcester city government, the police, the politicians, and other mis-leaders. There was a question and answer session after the statement.

A member of the CUC said the stories appearing in the Worcester Telegram were inaccurate and possibly intended to intimidate protesters. No protester has been charged as of the date of the rally. Two protesters were being summoned to a Clerk Magistrate Hearing to determine if the City of Worcester has enough evidence to file charges against them.

A spokesman for Progressive Labor Party who has been active in the CUC said income inequalities were one of the material conditions leading to racism and gender disparities.

The Black Lives Matter protests are continuing ALL OVER AMERICA. Yesterday, the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC was blocked, and in Springfield, Mass., a roadway was also blocked.

The discussion about race issues in Worcester is heating up, and it seems that the CUC is not backing down. Let’s see if the City of Worcester can have a candid discussion on race.