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We love it when you love us!

Headed out today …

… to work on InCity Times, and this lovely lady, walking with her son in Quinsig Village, saw me heading into the store and shouted: ROSALIE!

Then Laura – her name’s Laura – looked into the back seat of my jalopy and shouted: JETT!


Laura knew us! And she was excited to meet us! Laura gushed: she LOVED InCity Times!!! and she gave us 20 reasons why! Her reasons bowled me over!

I’m THRILLED that, after almost FOURTEEN YEARS, people are still jazzed about us! Engaging with us. WOW.

And then Laura said this to me: “Your picture [on p. 2] doesn’t do you justice!  You’re beautiful!”

Thank you, Laura! Double happiness hug!!

– Rosalie Tirella

Thank you for lovin’ us, Woo!



We love it when you love us! Stopped by for some coffee at this Worcester hot spot a few days ago and was told by this Dunkin’ Donuts staffer that she AND her husband love to read InCity Times.

When I, grinning to beat the band, asked why, she said: It helps us to learn English!

That’s what I always say! Going for your citizenship can be so stressful!  Why not make it a gas with InCity Times?!

Truth is: I DO HAVE A STABLE OF EXCELLENT WRITERS.  Everyone who writes for InCity Times writes beautifully! I wouldn’t let them in my pages, if they didn’t! I probably reject more kids looking to be interns than the other rags. All I really need to see is 3 or 4 paragraphs of their stuff and I know what I’ll be getting … . Some students, super pushy and entitled, think they can throw a resume ladled with a fancy degree or two at me and I’ll jump!, but if their stuff is pedestrian …

Maybe someday the Dunkins lady pictured above can write for us! All about her brandy new America/Worcester – with cream, on the side!

– text and photo – Rosalie Tirella

ICT readers rule!












Here’s what we saw while driving down Vernon Street a few days ago: a guy reading this issue of InCity Times while walking in the rain!!!

Screeeech! We pulled a U-y and drove right up to the guy.

Rose: I own InCity Times. You have just made me so happy! Made my day! What’s your name?

The guy, smiling: Ray.

Rose: May I take your photo for the paper? Holding your issue?

Ray: Sure!





InCity Times and the T & G’s Dianne Williamson

By Rosalie Tirella

Why does Telegram and Gazette columnist Dianne Williamson have a hair across her big hairy butt when it comes to InCity Times?

Amazing! A friend called me about Williamson’s column (yesterday). It seems Williamson – built like a shit out-house and with the personality to match – pretty much implodes everytime she hears the words: InCity Times.

Dianne needs to join a gym, grow her eyebrows back, take up yoga, get a dog, do something – anything – so she doesn’t implode everytime she sees or hears the words: InCity Times. AND she needs to read my newspaper. And she needs to realize this important fact (which she always overlooks): This July I will have been publishing InCity Times for 10 years. 10 years, Dianne! A decade! My paper has been on the stands and shelves and coffee tables and diner booth seats of Worcester/Worcester County for 10 years!

10 years! A decade! Continue reading InCity Times and the T & G’s Dianne Williamson