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REC Mobile Farmers Market van – days and times! ‘Til Nov. 1


Hooray!! This cool blue REC food van is all over Worcester! From it you can buy fresh veggies and fruits and more! SNAP, WIC and senior citizen farmers market coupons accepted! Until Nov. 1, 2014!  Thank you, REC, for caring about the folks who may not always have access to great, healthy food at low prices!   – R. T.

DAYS AND TIMES of the REC van:



128 Providence Street

9 am – 10:30 am

  • Elm Park Towers (WHA)

426 Pleasant Street

11 AM – 12:30 PM

  • Family Health Center of Worcester

26 Queen Street (Behind Building)

1 PM – 2:30 PM

  • Lincoln Village

Parking lot between 40 & 50 Pleasant Valley Drive

3 PM – 4:15 PM

  • Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center

19 Tacoma Street

4:30 PM – 6 Pm



11 Lake Avenue

8 am – 9:30am

  • Webster Square Towers

1050 – 1060 Main Street (Behind Building)

10 AM – 11:30 am

  • Seven Hills Foundation*

81 Hope Avenue

  • S even Hills Foundation**

12 PM – 1:30 PM

799 West Boylston Street

12 PM – 1:30 PM

  • St. Vincent’s Hospital

Corner of Mercantile & Foster Street

Across from UNUM & DCU

2 PM – 3:30 PM

  • YWCA

1 Salem Square

3:45PM – 5:00Pm



240-244 Belmont Street

9 AM -10:30am

11 AM – 2 PM

  • Crompton Park

Corner of Canton & Harding Street

2:30 Pm – 3:30 PM

  • Belmont Towers & Plumley Village

16 Laurel Street

4 PM – 5:30 PM

Hooray! REC “mobile farmers market” spotted outside Crompton Park!


Spotted (by moi!) this afternoon, Thursday, September 25 – outside Crompton Park in Green Island – corner of Endicott and Harding streets! The REC Mobile Farmers Market!

Get you fresh, locally grown veggies, fruits and more at this street corner out of this happy blue (my fave color!) REC van!

Every Thursday afternoon! Until Nov. 1

2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

WIC, SNAP accepted, as well as senior citizen farmers market coupons! 

Best prices in town!

GOOD FOOD that EVERYONE can afford, thanks to the Regional Environmental Council (REC).

– R. Tirella

REC Farmers Gala special!

Farmers Gala 2014!

The REC invites you to celebrate our 8th annual fall fundraising gala—with a new name, theme and venue! 

Join us at the all new Farmers GalaThursday, October 23rd, 2014,

6 pm – 9 pm, at the Citizen Wine Bar, 1 Exchange Street in downtown Worcester. 

 SPECIAL:  Early Bird Tickets!!!  – $60 (must purchase tix by October 9)

This tasting event will feature specially prepared dishes and drinks made with local ingredients.

Mix and mingle with other guests and savor the opportunity to meet and talk with the farmers who grew the food we’ll be enjoying.

Live music, a silent auction, and an award ceremony will all contribute to the fun!

  Please register by October 17, 2014

 Don’t forget! SPECIAL:  Early Bird Tickets – $60 (by October 9)

Standard Tickets – $75 (beginning October 10th)

This event is limited to 200 guests.

For more information please contact
508.799.9139 or info@recworcester.org

All proceeds will support the work of the REC–community & school gardens, farmers’ markets, urban agriculture, youth development & employment, neighborhood cleanups, and community organizing for
environmental health & justice

REC Farmers Gala! In downtown Worcester!

Save the Date!
REC Farmers Gala
Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 
6 pm- 9 pm
New name, new theme and new venue!
 The food justice movement is growing and going strong and so are we at the Regional Environmental Council!
We invite you to come celebrate our roots as well as our bright future at our 8th annual fall fundraising gala, this year with a new name, new theme, and new venue! 
We invite you to celebrate with us at the all new Farmers Gala onThursday, October 23rd 2014, 6pm-9pm, at the Citizen Wine Bar located at 1 Exchange Street in downtown Worcester.
We’ll still highlight the delicious flavors of New England’s fall bounty but with a more interactive feel including an opportunity to meet and talk with the farmers who grew the food for each dish.
Guests will also be treated to live music, a silent auction, awards for local food justice leaders, and a chance to learn more about Worcester’s leadership and innovation in the national food justice movement!
For more information please contact the REC at
info@recworcester.org or

Worcester: A great place to grow all sorts of things!

By Edith Morgan

Remember the victory gardens during World War II? If you are my age, you know what I am talking about. But today, once again, we city slickers are getting our hands dirty and trying to raise things we can eat and things we can enjoy looking at and smelling.

So what does a frustrated gardener like me do, on a 70’ by 70’ foot plot, most of which is occupied by the house, which faces north and shades the lawn? The city maple tree in front also throws its shade over much of the front, and my neighbors’ houses are close enough and high enough so that only a sliver of sun reaches the yard during the day… Of course, the nights offer protection, since there are no high winds or floods to worry about.

I have a sliver of land to the west of my house, which is home to a rock garden, where grape hyacinths, lilies of the valley, and dusty miller grow in wild profusion – this year, all I had to do is pull out various invaders, and severely prune back the climbing roses and, rose of Sharon, and mock orange bushes that all vie for life space where once grew a very tall pine tree, which I had to have removed (at great cost) as it grew too tall and too close to the house. Over the years I found that Mother Nature would fill in the space left by the stump, overcome the acidity of the soil around the pine needles, and gradually fill in every available inch of land. So at every season we all enjoy the fragrance of various blooms, and can sit on the porch and breathe in the ever-changing air.

But of course we HAD to have something we could eat also: on the narrow strip of land beside the house, to the east of the house, where the sun occasionally reaches in the middle of the day, we have a raised bed, maybe 8’ wide and 20 ‘ long, where my various vegetable and herb experiments grow. This year I have two kinds of tomatoes, four of each, growing in their cages, and one each, in pre-fertilized pots, of herbs like dill, lavender, sage, oregano, mint, and lemon balm – the lemon balm having spread out over much of the bed, unhampered by me as I love to go out and lop off a piece and crush it and smell it. A couple of anemic rhubarb plants grow every year on their own in the west corner of the garden bed, and a brave curly parsley plant comes up on its own yearly. After Passover a couple of years ago I stuck a piece of horseradish into the ground at the north corner of the raised bed, and lo and behold it has grown large fronds and white blossoms this year. I just leave all these plants to “do their thing”, and harvest something now and then.

At the southwest corner of the house, in a small circle of soil, several everbearing strawberry plants have taken hold, and we have just eaten the first ripe berries of the season – an indescribable taste treat compared to what we are accustomed to from the store. In the middle of that circle an old tire serves as a planter for yarrow, chives, onions, and a sedum in the center. Tulips, bleeding hearts, and several kinds of daisies share space with the strawberries, as well as other as yet unnamed flowers.

Beside the house on the west, where the blue rain barrel is now full, peonies and Solomon’s seal and ground cover grow beside the tiny back porch. And a jack-in=the=pulpit has this year doubled, so now I have two. The single May apple that my friend gave me has multiplied and hides the whole bottom of the rain barrel.

I know I have friends and neighbors with space who raise peppers, lettuce, radishes, and all such great vegetables. The city has just planted fruit trees (apples, pear, peach, and plum) at Newton Hill, but I haven’t enough room in my yard. What DOES flourish in every shady corner is the great variety of hostas, with their beautiful leaves and flowering late summer spikes. Worcester is a great place to grow all sorts of things!

Grand Opening! Tomorrow! REC Community Farmers Market! YMCA branch – Main South

Saturday, June 21
Join us from 9:30 am – 2 pm
 The Fuller Family Park, 104 Murray Ave, Worcester (behind the Central Community Branch YMCA)
  REC 2014 Community Farmers Markets season at our Grand Opening Day!
We are excited to offer fresh, local fruits, vegetables, meats and eggs, as well as special guest appearances from our elected officials! And, at the Main South market only, crafts, free kids activities, live music and art!

REC has lovely farmers markets throughout Worcester! They also have a HUGE community garden on Oread Street in Main South …

Yesterday, I was driving around the lovely Main South, and here is how the REC community garden grew! Cold out when I took the photos! Not a lot happening above ground! Veggies busy growing under terra!

The kids of REC’s YouthGROW program help plant and care for the “crops” – all organic – and sell them at REC’s farmers markets! How cool is that? Support the kids of YouthGROW!

Check out REC’s website  – CLICK HERE! –  to learn more and read about REC’s festivals and other great community celebrations.

– R. Tirella

Youth Growing Organics in Worcester

In 2003 REC’s Food Justice Program initiated YouthGROW, an urban agriculture-focused youth development and employment program for low-income teens. YouthGROW (Youth Growing Organics in Worcester) employs 32-40 low income high school age teens year-round who gain leadership and jobs skills as they maintain two urban organic farms.

YouthGROWers complete a curriculum focused on Professional Development, Leadership Skills, Urban Agriculture, and Social Justice (PLUS,) through participation in the 8-week summer session, monthly workshops, internships, and community service.

Each year 7 returning teens are selected as Youth Leaders and 4 teens with at least 2 years of program experience are given junior staff positions. These Youth Leaders and junior staff attend weekly meetings with adult staff before and after the intensive 8-week summer training program to plan the curriculum and activities. All decisions within YouthGROW are made using a consensus process which ensures that youth ideas and opinions are given real value in the decision-making process and that participants craft decisions that all can agree with.

The YouthGROW project is a model of participant-led design and implementation that has been shared at regional and national conferences.


Worcester’s REC Earth Day cleanups are this SATURDAY! Be there!

This Saturday, let’s show some love for Worcester’s neighborhoods, especially our inner-city communities!
8 am -12 pm

The Regional Environmental Council is excited to be celebrating our 25th Annual Earth Clean Ups with YOU working together to pick up trash in our communities for a cleaner, greener Worcester!

Our staff will be readily available the day of if you need more bags, gloves and have any questions regarding the clean-up.
Please do not hesitate to call the REC office at 508-799-9139

From Woo’s REC – Earth Day clean up and more!


The Regional Environmental Council (REC) has organized Earth Day events for than twenty years in Worcester with the help of Community Organizations, Youth and Local Agencies coming together to care for, and ensure our neighborhoods are clean and safe.

You can participate in different ways.

Become a Site Coordinator for a site you want to see picked up, or just join a group to help out. For further information or interested in becoming site coordinator, please call Koby or Benito at the REC on 50875323003 or 508-799-9139 or email earthday@recworcester.org

Please come join the over 1,500 volunteers!

Become an Earth Day Volunteer

Become an Earth Day Site Coordinator

Become an Earth Day Sponsor

Want to get more involved in the REC’s Work?

Food Justice Internships:

Are you looking for ways to get involved in the Food Justice Movement in Worcester?

Do you believe that everyone has the right to healthy, sustainable affordable, culturally appropriate food?

Do you have an internship requirement or community service hours or a desire to volunteer and get involved in your community?

The Food Justice Team at the REC is looking for interns for the winter, spring, summer and fall of 2014 to help shape, lead and move our important work forward. Internships may be flexible and we encourage people interested to contact the appropriate staff to customize a schedule or project to meet your interest or needs.