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Read it for yourselves! The spymasters’ report! TRUMP and prostitutes, Russian spies, oligarchs …


A cry for help in Trumpland!

This 35-page “top secret” report on madman Trump’s ties to the Russians is as lurid as his hair color!

THIS DANGEROUS,  RIDICULOUS PAWN will soon be our next president!


Click on the blue-colored link below to read the report…

– R.T.


Worcester Police Department joins CrimeReports.com

Check out this website! 


Maybe this can be of some use to the good folks of Union Hill, Piedmont, Green Island, Main South and all our other beloved Worcester neighborhoods. Citizens have free access to neighborhood crime data through the Worcester Police Department website and iPhone app.  – R. Tirella

Folks can now gain access to neighborhood-level crime incident data in near real time. The service also allows people to anonymously provide tips to the department.