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Is the T & G’s opinion page writer/editor – Chris Sinacola – a right-wing toadie?

By Rosalie Tirella

That’s what I asked myself a week or so ago when I saw turned to the Telegram and Gazette’s Op/Ed page and saw the paper’s editorial on Prsident Obama’s trek to Indonesia, etc. It seems Sinacola got his “facts” straight from the Drudge Report and Fox News’s Glenn Beck! He wrote that the president’s trip would cost millions and millions of dollars – a day. He, like Bill O’Reilly, Hannity, Rush and all the other Obama-haters/Tea Baggers went wild with this misinformation. It was all over cable, radio and tv – and apparently the Telegram and Gazette’s editorial page. This is why so many Americans think our president wasn’t born in this country and is not a Christian. The Indonesial trip was just another way for the Obama haters to NOT validate his presidency.

If Sinacola hadn’t ridden on the right wing band wagon and done his homework, he would have learned the president’s trip cost millions of dollars less – roughly the same amount of money spent on any US president for a similar trip abroad. Continue reading Is the T & G’s opinion page writer/editor – Chris Sinacola – a right-wing toadie?

Letter to editor: Worcester should recount its write-in votes

I am a former Republican activist who changed to unenrolled when the pro-life plank was removed from the party platform.

I pulled a Republican ballot on primary day and wrote in Guy Carbone, Belmont for Attorney General, who I had also supported in 1990. I filled in the oval.

When I went to the election return website, I was astounded to see that there were no write-in votes for Carbone, in Ward 3 Precinct 4, where I voted.

Curious, I looked into the other write-in races and found a high percentage of write-in votes disallowed in Worcester.

In the AG race McKenna recieved 281 votes, Carbone 60 votes, discounted write-ins 513. And in the 14th House seat, they threw out 88 write-ins and only gave Don Motta 19 votes.

This does not pass the smell test; perhaps they only counted the stickers. Someone needs to look into this.

Brian O’Malley