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This issue of Rolling Stone magazine is all about John Lennon …

Listened to the “final” John Lennon interview on WZLX a few nights ago (he was murdered by Chapman 30 years ago). The program was OK … . Better way to remember Lennon’s death/celebrate his life: listen to his music and pick up the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. I have a copy of The Play Boy interviews and I have Jann Wenner’s Lennon interviews (when he had just quit the Beatles), AND I have tons of books, including the “Beatles Anthology,” the giant coffee table book that was actually kinda cool to read through again a few nights ago. 

Anyways, I miss the old Rolling Stone – when it was physically bigger and about great musicians and liberal politics – not about electronic gadgets and stupid video games. Still, I am going out to buy this RS issue as soon as I post this … If you don’t want to buy RS, check out their on-line edition. Also, dedicated to Lennon. www.rollingstone.com

– R. Tirella