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A message from Ron O’Clair – Worcester City Councilor at Large candidate

DSCF1099Ron O’Clair. On the ballot it’ll be: Ronald L. O’Clair.

Hello, Worcester Voters!

I would like to thank all those who graciously accepted my request to sign my nomination papers, from the very first person: Tamami Okano to the 300th and qualifying signature of Seiwaah Osei Kyei and all those in between who made it possible for me to get my name on the ballot for the upcoming Municipal Election as a Worcester City Councilor At-Large Candidate.

I enjoyed interacting with each and every one of you and pledge that if I am elected as your City Councilor I will faithfully execute the duties of that office with the best interests of the people in this city foremost in my mind at all times.

Here are some of the areas in which I believe I can make a difference:

Better relations between the citizens and the Worcester Police.

Increased safety in the individual neighborhoods through community involvement in the judicial process.

Help to ensure that all citizens are treated equally under the law.

Help to ensure that our elderly receive all the help they can get to survive the harsh New England winters.

Reduce fraud, waste and abuse of programs designed to help the needy in Worcester.

Advocate for those who need help combating drug and alcohol addictions, focusing on rehabilitation.

Be available to discuss the issues affecting the average citizen and work to address those concerns.

I would like to help lead Worcester into the future and make it a shining example for other communities in the Commonwealth of of Massachusetts. I have worked with all of my previous Worcester District 4 City Councilors: Janice Nadeau, Barbara Haller and now Sarai Rivera to make a difference in the neighborhood where I have resided since 03 July 1996 – the 700 block of Main Street.

I believe that if elected as a Worcester City Councilor, I can help make the improvements made in my Main South neighborhood happen in the other neighborhoods of Worcester. I believe we need accountability at City Hall and that citizens deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.

If elected, I will strive to make that happen.

Please consider my name when you vote on the 8th of September and the 3rd of November, 2015.

Thank you,

Ronald L. O’Clair

Main South community activist/writer Ron O’Clair runs for Worcester City Council


Ron, outside the rooming house he manages in Main South. He is a Worcester City Councilor at Large candidate. (photo R.T.)

From Ron O’Clair:

To the registered voters of Worcester, Massachusetts, and those not registered currently who would like to register to vote to support my candidacy for Worcester City Councilor At-Large:

I hereby formerly announce my intention to gather the required signatures on the nomination papers for a seat on the Worcester City Council, here in the City of Worcester.

I have long been involved with citizen activism, having worked with all of my former District 4 Worcester City Councilors since I purposely established myself as a resident here on Main Street in the 700 block, where I have had a bird’s eye view of the goings on in the public streets since the 3rd day of July, 1996.

I worked first with District 4 City Councilor Janice Nadeau, her successor Barbara Haller and, after a time, Barbara’s successor, Sarai Rivera. I have found all three of these women to be tireless workers trying to make the quality of life here in District 4, and the City of Worcester in general, better for all who live and work here.

Over the years I have even sponsored petitions to the Worcester City Council in my attempts to improve living conditions here in the City of Worcester, specifically Main Street, where criminal activity had been allowed to prosper to the point that life in my district became intolerable.

I have always been an ardent supporter of the rights of the people as outlined in the United States Constitution since signing on the dotted line when I became a noncommissioned officer with the United States Air Force Reserve program at Westover, AFB in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts.

I have attended and participated in numerous Worcester crime watch meetings, authored many articles to bring attention to the problems facing our city, and most of all, observed with a critical eye the root causes of what I perceive to be the decline of Worcester since the time of my youth, until the current time we live in now where disrespect for authority seems to be on the rise, and a sizable percentage of Worcester residents are involved in  illegal activities that stem directly from the sale and use of illegal narcotics.

I was initially educated in the Worcester Public School system – one of the finest in the nation – and have credits towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science with the Community College of the United States Air Force. I left formal education early to enter the workforce, due to a pressing need within my family, earning a G.E.D. through the Worcester Night Life program in order to qualify for entrance into the military with a high school education or its equivalent. I never stopped seeking knowledge and have the accumulated wisdom learned the hard way, by practical experience.

I have a strong desire to help transform the City of Worcester back into a place where anyone can succeed on a basis of equality. There will be many people who will try to discredit me, something I have been dealing with since I was 25 years old, and a victim of the old “good ole boy” corruption then in power in Worcester County. Throughout the entire ordeal, I never gave up being an ardent supporter of law enforcement, which is essential to maintain a Democracy, such as the one we live in.

I will run my campaign like my idol John F. Kennedy did, meeting and greeting as many voters as I can in a grass roots effort to secure enough signatures on the nomination papers to get on the ballot in the upcoming election.

My record of service to my City of Worcester, and my country, speaks for itself, and will withstand any challenges made upon it, despite my having been diagnosed with bi-polar. Winston Churchill was said to suffer from the same malady, and it did not affect his ability to help govern Great Britain to victory during the Second World War. Truth be told, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to see firsthand how the criminals and those diagnosed mentally ill are treated within our institutions, and society in general. I will advocate on the behalf of those afflicted, as I have met some of the best people in the strangest places.

If elected to the position that I seek, I will faithfully execute the duties of the office that I enter, and work ceaselessly to make the City of Worcester a better place to live for ALL of its residents, regardless of any labels put upon them based on race, handicap, religion, sexual orientation, gender, illness or age.

Please consider voting for Mr. Ronald L. O’Clair, City Council At-Large in the next election.

Thank you, and may the God of your understanding bestow upon you many blessings.

Ron O’Clair, Worcester

Want to contact Ron? Please email him at ronaldoclair@hotmail.com

InCity Times writer Ron O’Clair is running for office!


See his announcement – giddily formal, baroque AND direct (I love Ronny’s writing style!) – in this issue of InCity Times. Ron makes serving on the Worcester City Council something to aspire to. An honor. Civic Cool.


Ronny is running for Worcester City Councilor at Large. He needs 300 signatures of registered Woo voters to get his name on the ballot this fall. Here’s the first Worcester voter to sign Ron’s paperwork!

Go, Ronny, go!!

– Rosalie Tirella

YES to sprinkler systems for Worcester 3 deckers and buildings with 3 – 6 units! They save lives!

By Ron O’Clair

In a “white” paper released in May by the state Board of Building Regulations and Standards it was recommended to drop the existing Building Code Requirement to install sprinkler systems in buildings with 3-6 units when property owners decide to make improvements to the property, and that improvement reaches a threshold of 50% of asset value or higher.

That as far as I can determine from the sources I contacted for this story is the “trigger” that requires a property owner to install a sprinkler system in any building that does not have one that contains 3-6 units of housing.

This move to drop the requirement is being touted as a way to increase the amounts of affordable housing in Massachusetts.

Sprinkler systems cost anywhere from $15,000 – $30,000 for installation in existing 3 floor buildings, depending on whether or not a new water main has to be brought in from the street according to whether or not there is sufficient water pressure to support the new installation.

One developer I contacted for this story paid $15,000 alone for the new water main needed to sustain a sprinkler system due to the distance from the street, which determines overall cost of the water main installation.

Proponents of keeping the existing law in place such as William Breault of the Main South Alliance of Public Safety see the issue one way, and many developers see the issue another.

This author feels that from a safety standpoint, absolutely requiring sprinkler installation during renovations would help prevent death and injury to occupants in the event of a fire.

Many of Worcester’s old three decker houses have antiquated electrical systems that were designed for far less of a load then they currently use. Air conditioners, huge flat screen televisions, computers, refrigerators etc. all draw a large amount of electricity from the existing wiring. What originally was designed for three families at the time of installation has become outpaced by modern convenience, and what is happening in some cases is that landlords are renting out rooms individually to maximize profits, each of whom will then have their own refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, etc. – placing an overload on the existing electrical system, which can result in a fire.

I remember a case of that happening on Providence Street, #75 I believe it was, when someone on the third floor received a huge power hungry flat screen television for Christmas, plugged it in to an already overtaxed electrical system, and caused the house to catch fire. I don’t recall there being any deaths or injury, but there certainly could have been.

What price do you put on a human life?
Would installation of sprinkler systems help to save lives?

One developer was quoted as saying: “Smoke detectors save lives, sprinklers save buildings”

In my own experience here at the building in Main South I have been responsible for as the Building and Property Superintendent, one of the former tenants, Kevin C. who was in room #1 at the time, came home inebriated and fell asleep on his bed with a lit cigarette. Lucky for him, he was under the sprinkler head, as he slept through the wailing smoke detector, and it was only when the sprinkler head had activated and the water started flowing that he was able to wake up and realize that he was about to die.

In that particular case, absolutely the sprinkler system saved his life. It also saved the building, as the fire was contained and did not spread out of control.

Should the requirement be modified, or eliminated in an attempt to increase availability of affordable housing?

Kevin C. owes his life to the fact that sprinklers were installed in the rooming house he then occupied. Had he resided in a place without them he would have undoubtedly perished in the fire he himself started in his drunken condition.

Like it or not, that was certainly a case of the sprinkler system saving his life.
Safety must come first, above any other consideration. It will certainly not increase the amount of affordable housing if left in place, as costs incurred by property owners ultimately are factored into the amount they charge for rent, but I must ask again, how much is a human life worth in dollars and cents?

My wish for 2015: we support local and state police departments throughout our country

By Ron O’Clair

It is my wish for the upcoming year that we here in Worcester can lead the rest of the nation into a new era of racial equality, respect for each other, regardless of what is on the outside, and show by example that support for Law Enforcement is a bedrock principle of our Democracy.

The shameful displays of disrespect for authority without valid reason, as in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri, and the associated shootings of officers in various locales trying to be justified by the evildoers as “revenge” for Mike Brown shows how twisted our social norms have become in America.

If you are going to exercise your right to protest an injustice, make damn sure there was an injustice in the first place.

The protesting college students who caused traffic tie ups and inconvenience but did not escalate to looting and burning here in Worcester all clung to that tired old “Hands up, don’t Shoot!” mantra,  even though it has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the bullets all entered Brown from the front of his arms. How then could the hands have been raised?

Officer Wilson faced an extremely aggressive thug who had become accustomed to getting his way by using his bulk and brawn as a weapon of intimidation. Forcing the store clerk to let him leave with the box of cigars proved that.

All the evidence is in favor of Law Enforcement on this issue, yet people have been blinded by hatred. People see only in black and white and still cling to the notion that a crime was committed against Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson.

I pray that 2015 brings about change, and that we as a nation can all see that we absolutely need to support our local and state police forces throughout our country. Hold them accountable if they break the law themselves, but we need to support the concepts of Truth, Justice and the American way at the same time.

No system is perfect, and mistakes are made that cost innocent lives on occasion – that is a sad truth about any system of justice.

The proliferation of illegal drugs in our society, along with chronic alcoholism, has spawned a subculture of malcontents who fail utterly to do their civic duty to help the police eradicate crime in their communities.

My D-Day inspired campaigns that I have undertaken each 6th of June for several years has made an impact on my crime-infested neighborhood here in the 700 Block of Main Street (across from the former PIP) primarily because I employed a new weapon in my arsenal of Democracy. A video camera. For several months now I have been making videos of nefarious activities in my Main South neighborhood and posting them on You Tube. I installed a security camera system on my building, which I manage for the landlord, and that video camera records all activity up and down the street. It has also helped curb illegal activity.

I have been at various times branded as a “snitch” because I believe it is a citizen’s duty to cooperate with law enforcement and intervene whenever possible to halt crimes in progress and follow that through with an appearance in court, if needed, to convict the guilty. Those who refer to me as a ‘snitch’ have no concept of honor. They are part of the subculture that is destroying our country, one crime ridden area at a time.

My long and continuous battle against overwhelming odds has borne fruit, and my neighborhood has improved, rather than declined further. My unorthodox methods have had an impact on the lives of those in the area, including ones who were part of the problem. My “Zombie Walk” video was responsible for getting the girl in it, Samantha [last name withheld], into treatment for drug addiction  and perhaps will lead to a reconciliation with her family,  if she is successful in treatment. If she fails, I will unlock the video of her that went viral with 114,766 views in the 10 days. I posted it and it brought attention to the problem of drug addiction in our neighborhood – as was my intent in filming it. Case closed. But it brought me a lot of condemnation from various quarters. But it was ultimately directly responsible for the girl getting the help she so obviously needed in dealing with her drug dependency issues!

Two of the other of the worst of the worst daily offenders on my videos have been clean and sober for quite some time now. Hopefully, I will be able to attend the January 27th ceremony recognizing six solid months of recovery for Wanda, whom I had prosecuted for breaking into my truck so she could get out of the cold and get some sleep after a day’s long crack cocaine binge. The Judge who sentenced her will be on hand to present her with her coin. I certainly hope she and her boyfriend Mike [last names withheld] can remain clean and sober until that time, and far beyond.

That would not have happened if not for my video-taping efforts, and I am grateful that both Wanda and Mike have thanked me in person for my efforts on their behalf. Now that they are drug free, they can see why I do what I do. Most of those who currently condemn me will come to understand my motivation is for the benefit of all Worcesterites, not one or another subset, race or culture.

I stand firmly on the side of law enforcement.

Here is hoping that 2015 brings about a new era focusing on recovery for those addicted to drugs and alcohol and more cooperation between the public and police throughout communities in America.

Worcester County District Attorney Joe Early Jr.’s investigative division moves to Green Island’s Lafayette Street! (Hooray!)

By Ron O’Clair

It has been 36 years since Green Island had a permanent police presence in the neighborhood once the City of Worcester finally opened the new headquarters building at Lincoln Square after nearly four years of construction and several years of discussion on the 14th of August, 1978. The move closed the Lamartine Street Station that was formerly in the Green Island neighborhood at 39 Lamartine Street which was used to house the Motor Patrol, and the Impact Division of the Worcester Police Department, consolidating operations of the department in the new location.

The former station was sold, and now houses Worcester Electrical Associates.

From that time to this, the only police presence in the neighborhood was via patrol route cars, or if someone summoned the police to respond to an emergency.

All that changed on the 1st of August 2013, when the District Attorney Joe Early Jr. Investigative Division moved out of its 19 Midstate Drive, Auburn location and came back to the City of Worcester where it had not been since 1990 when the old CPAC (Crime Prevention and Control) unit moved out of 283 Main Street due to having outgrown that space.

The Investigative Division of the Worcester County District Attorney is responsible for investigating all the murders that occur anywhere throughout the 59 Communities that make up Worcester County, with the exception of the City of Worcester itself, where murders happening within the City limits are investigated by the Worcester Police Department.

The unit, headed by State Police Captain Francis D. Leahy, and contains 17 investigators who are responsible to investigate drug trafficking and other major crimes within the Worcester County, and are available to assist other departments upon request.

The Midstate Drive facility which contains 5,732 square feet proved to be insufficient space for the ever growing unit, and the lease had expired, so a search for a new facility began early in the year. It had gotten so cramped in the Auburn space that some evidence had to be stored in the attic of the Holden State Police Barracks building, which was hardly ideal.

The new facility was chosen from amongst the many who responded for the request for proposals that had a dozen property owners vying for the chance to house the unit. Oddly enough, one of those bidders was the property owner of 1 Exchange Place, which was part of the old Waldo Street Police Station complex that was vacated when the City of Worcester built the new Headquarters Building at Lincoln Square.

Ironically the best suited property proved to also be the lowest bidder, and the property owner was willing to work with the District Attorney’s Office to remodel the 9 year old building to suit the new tenant, which took several months to complete.

The new facility located at 81 Lafayette Street has 8,796 square feet of space in total, and has been fortified with bullet proof glass, bullet resistant panels in the walls of the entryways, electronic card access to all areas, a public waiting area, a climate controlled evidence room, a fully functional kitchen, a work out space, offices for all seven supervisors, and the unresolved cases team, and cubicle space for each investigator, a large room that seats 50 people , two interview rooms with audio and video, and has enough additional capacity so that the unit can grow if needed from the current 17 members up to 24 members.

The unit is a welcome addition to the Green Island neighborhood, and will hopefully contribute to reducing crime in the area. Captain Leahy has plans to introduce the unit to the neighbors and neighborhood business owners once they are fully settled in their new space.

Law abiding citizens should feel free to stop in to the new offices with any tips that you may have about any illegal activity that is going on under our noses, I am sure that the capable investigators of Joe Early Jr., our District Attorney would be more than happy to have the support of the residents and business owners in furnishing valuable information that the investigators could follow up on. It is the civic duty of every citizen to help the police in any way that you can to combat crime, and this unit will add another level of enforcement in the area, and decrease the burden on our overtaxed City Police.

Ron’s urban diary: Merry Christmas, Worcester Police Officer Thomas Daly!

By Ron O’Clair

I am pleased to have spoken with you yesterday outside the “ground zero” property that I have managed for the last decade as the Building & Property Superintendent of 703-711 Main Street. I had been watching activity from the front seat of my vintage 1995 Chevrolet full size van with 56,565 original miles when you had passed by my block on your way around to end up coming down Charlton Street, where I motioned you to a stop as I was exiting my vehicle.

I thought at first glance that you were Officer Jon Kachadoorian, whom I have come to know from my route, and who is an exceptional example of Worcester’s finest. I authored him a nice letter of commendation for the assistance he provided to me when my other vehicle, the 4X4 GMC pick-up with the minute mount plow had been broken into and I caught one of the crack whores that frequent my neighborhood asleep inside what had been a locked vehicle until I caught her inside and yanked her out by her feet. The story was in one of the 4 editions of the InCity Times that I gave you to read for your enjoyment.

I was pleased that you took a couple of minutes out of your busy day to speak with me, and I truly enjoyed the experience. It is refreshing to note the recent change of attitudes displayed as regards me by the various members of the department that I have been trying to enlist as allies in my crusade to retake the streets in my area from the criminal conspiracy to traffic narcotics that has been an ongoing problem here for the entire decade of my responsibility as the building superintendent, and seven more years that I was a resident of the rooming house before that.

It was not always so, and I have the chapters to prove it.

We are all in this together, and need to work together to turn the tide for a better future for the City of Worcester, which I hope to make the first community in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to be able to succeed where so many others have failed utterly to maintain the peace, restore civility in the streets, and make the streets safe for all to use and enjoy without fear as they go on about their legal and lawful business.

It is my plan to bring the different factions that are working very hard, each in their own unique way to lead the lost sheep that despoil my neighborhood back into the fold, in a united effort to combine forces and work together towards the common goal of rehabilitation and treatment of the drug and alcohol addicted who are a continual drain on the resources of the various agencies, yet repeatedly relapse back into the same old routine after incarceration or treatment for their addictive behaviors.
The majority of these people pick up the needle or the crack pipe the very same day they are returned to the streets of our community after a period of forced withdrawal via arrest and detainment for one violation of the law or another in the long list of crimes they commit daily to support their drug habits.

The way it is now, all these factions are pulling in different directions, and it is as if we were in a round lifeboat in a sea of anarchy, with everyone pulling away from everyone else in chaos, getting the boat nowhere fast. The plain and simple truth of the matter is that the addicted take the handouts meant to help them, and find ways to use the assistance to further their addiction, rather than get clean and sober. Whatever they receive in the way of well meaning help is turned into revenue to buy more drugs.

The only way treatment will ever work, is that you have to get the addicted to want to change, and to better themselves with an invasive program of recovery aimed at enabling them to see that there is hope for a better future, and that they are all worthy of redemption.
It is a multifaceted enigma that has boggled the best minds in the business as to how to go about the task. I have spent the better part of my life studying the human condition, and have much knowledge acquired at great cost to me in personal sacrifice. Having over thirty years in the fellowship myself, I have seen and heard every excuse there is for why people continue to destroy themselves with alcohol and drug abuse.

I will safely estimate that over 85% of the crime that goes on daily in our City of Worcester can be laid squarely on the doorstep of drug and alcohol addiction, and the continual struggle to feed the habits of the drug addicted. There is a vast underground economy that revolves around stolen goods and services that are bartered for drugs.

There has emerged a counterculture that is so wrapped up in the throes of addiction since the introduction of crack cocaine to the mix of available drugs being sold on the streets of our fair city. I see them each and every day and night from my perch here with the birds eye view at ground zero. It does not take a rocket scientist to know what they are doing, and they have become so brazen that you can not only see them in the act, you can hear them making the deals out in the open with no fear of being apprehended.

This in not, surprisingly enough, the failure of the police that is to blame for this rampant lawlessness, though most people will point their fingers your way and try to blame it all on lackluster performance of your police duties. I have learned through my observations that the police are hampered in the performance of their duties by several factors, the least of which is officer malfeasance.

The citizens have failed the police.

The police have not failed the citizens.

At least not all of them, there are of course instances of corruption and malfeasance, it is inevitable, they are only human, under a lot of stress, and there are times that when they are caught in a lie, rather than do the honorable thing of confessing and seeking forgiveness for their transgression, they attempt to cover it up with one excuse after another. More honesty and integrity in the small percentage of officers that this statement applies too would go a long way toward reclaiming lost prestige and respect from the general public and engender better community relations as a result.

(Yes, Officer Balsavitch, this applies to you too, I am still awaiting my apology for the time you physically attacked me after I returned to the building from 18 hours of shoveling snow to need to call the police for the usual bullshit back in the days of Joanne Delaney, Lori and Randy Carr, former tenants who were, as usual drunk and causing a disturbance. You accused me of rolling my eyes your way in disrespect just prior to attacking me – I don’t forget those type of incidents – but I do forgive when asked nicely too.)

The solution will not come with adding more and more police, and building more and more jails. That approach only adds to the burden on the taxpayer who has to pay for the increased personnel and construction of more space to warehouse inmates which despite programs that are in place to curb recidivism do not seem to be having much effect on keeping the released inmate clean and sober for any length of time once they return to their old haunts, and the “friends” they are used to using with.
A true friend would encourage them to put the heroin or crack down for good, their using friends hate to see anyone succeed in recovery and when you are trying to stay straight, you get more offers for a free bag, or a free hit of crack then you ever did when you were firmly on the hook and a steady source of income for the dealers to grow rich on the illegal gains.
American citizenship demands that a citizen do their civic duty to help the police maintain order and discipline in the community in which they reside. Three short city blocks south of Federal Plaza, Main Street in Worcester turns into a ghetto of crack and heroin addicted persons perpetually engaged in the pursuit of money to finance drug habits. This is a legacy from the days of the former PIP having been located here, and the drug consuming public knowing that it is the place to go to score their drug of choice. It is a 24/7/365 day pursuit.

It would not be possible for this to have happened here without the indifference shown by a large portion of the average American citizens of Worcester having failed to understand and comply with the requirements of their civic duty.
The drug culture has spawned generations of people that have no idea of what it means to be a man, and live by the code that makes a man a man.

There is no honor to be found, or precious little at any rate.

It has become accepted practice to take everything there is to be gotten in an entitlement mentality that was designed to be temporary assistance to the truly needy, and make it a lifestyle choice. There is no shame in our society, most everyone is out to get as much as they can without putting any effort into making contributions to pay for it.

Food Stamps, SSDI, Welfare, Fuel Assistance, Section 8 housing, earned income tax credits for people that have never even held a job, but produce offspring out of wedlock that are not being supported by the father of the child, who often has several children that he is not supporting with different mothers.

None of those things would have been allowed to transpire in our America of the past.

What made America great half a century ago has all but disappeared in today’s society.

Pause @03:29 Hours.

Resume @07:27 Hours.

That is why, Officer Thomas Daly, that it was so refreshing having that two minutes of camaraderie with you as a fellow crime fighter engaged in the battle to reclaim our city streets. I may not wear a badge, but I damn sure should have a cape and a mask as I go on about the legal and lawful business that I have been engaged in these last 27 years and 85 days as of today since the day “Chewy” got his leg broken by me for his attempt to deprive me of the oxygen I need to survive, and I embarked on my quest for the answers to the questions I had as to why.

Why did he do it?

Why did the corrupt Worcester County Administration of that time cover for him, rather than charge him for attempted murder? Or at the very least charge him with assault of a prisoner in restraints?

Judge Paul V. Mullaney, (Retired) is still alive, God bless him, and he and I have since become friends despite his signing the 20 day observation order that was part of the attempt to discredit this honorable former Staff Sergeant of the United States Air Force, Reserve of the Air Force who was, and is a victim of that corruption.

He is my last and best hope for vindication seeing as how Judge William J. Luby is deceased, and Attorney Kevin Reynolds has been disbarred. It was with their assistance that I was released into my own custody the day after, (The day after!) being declared legally mentally incompetent and having had my sister Dorothy appointed my legal guardian, which was on the 14th day of the 15 days I spent at Worcester State Hospital while they tried to destroy my credibility to ensure a rosy future for “Chewy” who has been collecting full disability and benefits all this time I have been struggling to buy postage and ink for my printer to develop my skills as a writer to tell this story, and get paid for it as was my intention all along when I agreed not to sue the County if they released me immediately as they did.

The records exist, the proof is in my record of honesty and integrity, as well as the simple physics that would clearly show that the injuries inflicted on “Chewy’s” leg could not have resulted from a simple fall on water I purposely poured on the floor in my protest to that filthy holding cell that they refused to clean while I was in it.

You bet your ass they cleaned the formerly spotless hallway though, it was nice and tidy when they took “Chewy” out on a gurney while I gasped for oxygen with a crushed Larynx from his hand crushing my windpipe.

Once I was released 15 days after Chewy and I had our little lesson teaching episode, I thought that I could put the incident behind me and go on with my life as I saw fit, but the stigma of having been incarcerated in the State Hospital followed me around the rest of my days. I was never treated the same way by family, friends, associates, or even my unit members at Westover Air Force Base.

Like the actor in the movie, I had received the four white feathers and had no choice as I saw it than to attempt against all odds to prove my record of honesty and integrity was beyond reproach in order to maintain my personal sense of honor.
People without honor would never understand why I spent these last 27 years and 85 days and still counting seeking that which is mine by right, and that which I deserve, my honor. I cannot rest until my old unit members take back their feathers, and that has not happened yet.
I will keep at it, and I hope to one day get those feathers recalled.

Unless and until I finally publish my story, I don’t see it happening.

Merry Christmas 2013 Officer Daly, you have the author’s permission to make and distribute as many copies of this intellectual property of the author as you can afford too, I can’t afford to pay for the ink.

I think you know from this narrative what I would like to get for Christmas this year, those damn feathers.

End @08:06 Hours, 24 December 2013 Word count: 2,450

Beware of identity thieves!

By Ron O’Clair

I have been the victim of both identity theft, and now I have even had my hotmail account hijacked by an identity thief who took over my hotmail account and tried to get money from the people on my contact list.

These are the newest scams out there. I will outline what happened to me in the hopes that it will not happen to you.

In the case of outright identity theft, someone gathered my information and assumed my identity to open a Chase Bank Visa account under my name with a different address. I believe that it happened when I answered a telephone call, and the people on the other end of the line informed me that they could lower my interest rates on the credit card debt that I currently carried.

One of the requirements was that I owe at least $10.000.00 in credit card debt, and had at least one account that was still active. They pitched a good sales pitch, and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. I thought I was dealing with a reputable firm and at the time the television and the radio was full of advertisements offering just such a service.

I was on the telephone that night for over 45 minutes talking about this, and was a bit skeptical, but definitely interested in lowering my rates which were very high on the debt that I carried at the time. I became increasingly concerned that it was a scam, but the person was very good at alleviating my concerns. I eventually gave him sensitive information that I knew that I should not give out over the telephone about my credit problems. When he asked for my mother’s maiden name, bells started going off in my head that this could be a scam, and I falsified the mother’s maiden name that I gave as a way of protecting myself.

It turns out my sixth sense was right on the money, even though I received a slick pamphlet in the mail outlining all of the services that the company offered which looked 100% legitimate. After some time had gone by, I received another telephone call, this time from the people at Chase Bank Fraud Protection. They were inquiring if recent charges made on a Chase Bank Visa account issued in my name were legitimate charges.

It was a surprise to me, seeing as I never had applied to Chase Bank for a credit card. I informed the Fraud Protection people that I never opened a Chase Bank Visa account, and that I would not be responsible for any charges made on that account. I also informed them that I had suspicions that I knew how I had become the victim of the identity theft, and told them about my having given a false mother’s maiden name to the person I suspected was scamming me. I told them the phony name I gave, and sure enough, it turned up on the application for credit.

That, and the fact that the charges were in the state of Florida in the same general area as the supposed company that had called me to lower my interest rates confirmed my suspicion that I had been victimized by a slick operation that preys on people like you and I that are just getting by. I outsmarted them by supplying the phony mother’s maiden name, and was able to pinpoint where the security breech had originated by doing so.

I had to call the local police here in Worcester to report having my identity stolen, and I had to contact the Attorney General of Massachusetts, and I had a whole list of other things that I had to do to try to straighten out my credit rating. I had to contact all three of the credit bureau’s to put it in my file that I was the victim of identity theft, and still, no matter what I did, I lost points on my credit score due to the bad debt that someone else rang up using my name. It was a nightmare, and still haunts me to this day with a lower credit score.

I questioned the Chase Bank Fraud Protection people as to how someone was able to open an account in my name, yet when the new card got activated, it did not get activated through my home telephone number that Chase Bank called me on to question the charges made to that account. The identity thieves had a good time with that card, buying all kinds of things at a Walmart down in Tampa, Florida including a large screen T.V. They also bought gasoline twice, and went out to eat a couple of times at a pub style restaurant down there in Florida. They racked up over $600.00 in charges before Chase Bank contacted me and cancelled the card.

Since that time, I have gotten on a payment plan with the accounts that I had owed too much on which were cancelled, but active for repayment. I owed a total of over $12,000.00 over all my accounts before I started on the repayment plan. I still have three credit card accounts in good standing. I have paid down my debt and will be debt free in less than a year now. I incurred the debt, and I did the right thing and made arrangements to pay back what I owed rather than declare bankruptcy, which looked pretty tempting at the time. This thing with the identity theft happened some time back, and I should have written about it before now, but a recent incident of identity theft just happened to me, and I thought that I would write about it now.

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to identity theft. If we were more careful about giving out our information only to trusted sources, they would have a much harder time taking advantage of us debtors. You have to be super vigilant as this next case will show you. I received an E-mail that looked legitimate supposedly from the Windows Microsoft Center that informed me that they were updating their database, and I needed to confirm my information or my hotmail account would be cancelled in 48 hours.

I fell for it hook, line and sinker, and clicked on the link to provide information that I thought was going to a secure site for a legitimate purpose. I provided the information requested thinking nothing of it. A few days later I got another official looking E-mail that was supposedly from the Windows Live Team, also asking for sensitive information such as my name, my account name, my password, my birthdates, and my country of origin. This E-mail presented itself as a “last warning” that if I did not provide the information requested, my hotmail account would be closed forever.

By the time I got the second one, I had already found out that someone had hijacked my hotmail account and sent E-mails out to all of my contacts with a bullshit story about my having a sick sister and that I was on my way to Madrid, Spain to help her receive a kidney transplant, and could they please contact me to arrange for a loan to help defray the costs of the transportation and the transplant. I was unaware that someone else was sending and receiving E-mails on my account that was not me.

The recipients of these E-mails thought they were getting them from me because the person that scammed me for my password had changed the delivery of my incoming messages to their own E-mail account.

I would not have known about it as soon as I did if one of my contacts had not asked me about my sick sister, and I had no idea of what she was talking about. That was my Renee, the “hot babe” that I have been having the internet romance with. We have met a couple of times, and I am happy to report that it is going well for us both. Well, when “Renee” asked me about my sick sister, I asked her what the hell she was talking about, and she E-mailed me a copy of the “Get a loan” E-mail.

I had to go into the account setting of my hotmail account to find out that someone had been having my messages forwarded to another E-mail address, and had used my password to change my settings. I also had to go to all my other accounts, Yahoo, G-mail, and Facebook to change my password, because the one I used on my hotmail account was used on all of my accounts so I did not forget what it was. That was a mistake to have the same password on all of my accounts, and they tell you not to do it, but I do it anyway to make sure I don’t forget it. I still did it, and if they get it once again, they will have access to all of my accounts again.

We are creatures of habit, and our habits can be our undoing. Now that I know what to look out for, I feel confident that I will not fall so easily for the next phishing scam that comes along. Good thing for me, all of my contacts were smart enough not to send money to what they thought was me. I sent out a hacked account E-mail to those of my contacts that I felt might have been tempted to help me out in my time of need, but I needn’t have worried, none of them did. None of my friends have money anyway, and those that do would not part with it.

I hope that this was helpful to you, and remember to not give your information to people over the telephone or the Internet who claim they are legitimate. The E-mails looked genuine and would fool most anybody so don’t fall for any that claim that unless you provide the requested information your accounts will be closed, It is a scam.

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District 4 Blues

By Ron O’Clair

I was picking up the latest copy of InCity Times and happened to be around when ICT Chief Rosalie was delivering the new edition. We exchanged greetings and hugs, and during our brief conversation a topic came up: our mutual friend Barbara Haller, former long time District 4 Worcester City Councilor.

That got me thinking about all the things that Barbara started in motion that are now paying dividends in my neighborhood after many years of abject neglect and indifference to the plight of the decent, hardworking residents of the area who collectively suffered for many years while our neighborhood was besieged by hordes of criminal minded types that constantly despoiled the peace and serenity of the area.
One of those long suffering residents: Mr. Gerard (Jerry) Michaud, of whom I featured in an article printed in InCity Times. He was a long time resident here in the 700 Block of Main Street and a longtime resident of the building I manage here at 707 Main Street. He just passed away this past week, the fourth week of August, 2012.

Jerry, as everyone called him, had the best view out of this building onto what was a constant parade of lawlessness, seven days a week, and all throughout the night as well. He lived directly above the corner of Main & Charlton Street in the largest room in the building known as: “The Charlton”. He had three windows that faced Main Street, and two that faced Charlton Street. He saw, and heard it all, all day, and all night. It was chaos, plain and simple. The poor guy suffered from emphysema and could hardly breathe towards the end, but he stayed the course living here right up until he died this past week.

He died in the hospital, where he had been spending much of his time recently. Jerry was the type of guy who did for other people, and was very active in the A.A. Program of recovery, as am I. We both had over 30 years of continuous sobriety from alcohol, and were very active in helping bring the message of recovery to those still suffering from alcoholism, or drug abuse.

Living here there were many opportunities to reach out a hand to help an active alcoholic achieve sobriety. Before he took ill, Jerry was the caretaker at the Notre Dame Des Canadien’s Church at Salem Square, where you would often see him at the noontime A.A. meeting that was held there for many years. He was a staunch believer in the program of recovery from alcohol and drug abuse that A.A. has come to serve as a dual purpose recovery program.

Old-timers’ in the halls of A.A., which would apply to Jerry and myself, would tell you that the program of Alcoholics Anonymous is about recovery from alcohol, and only alcohol. That is the primary purpose of A.A., to bring the program of recovery to those that still suffer from alcoholism. In reality, it has morphed over the years into a combination of A.A., & N.A., and no one can tell this old timer any different. Anonymity is essential also, and normally one would not profess in press, radio, or television their full name, I am breaking one of the Traditions of A.A., by putting my name out there as a member of A.A. while still alive. It has been long a tradition to acknowledge membership by name after a person dies, but not before. There have been exceptions, mostly those that are glory hunting and want to take credit for the good works of the fellowship as a whole, as if they were directly responsible for the recovery of this or that member.

In the halls of A.A., Gerard was known as: Jerry M., and I as; Ron O.
Jerry helped a lot of people by leading them into the recovery phase of addiction, and many owe him a debt of gratitude. May Jerry rest in peace, he was a good person, and gave unselfishly to help those less fortunate than himself. I will miss Gerard Michaud, there are not that many like him left in this world of ours today where most people are thinking only of themselves.

This brings me back to Barbara Haller.

Far from thinking only of herself, Barbara represented this district, and all of its inhabitants with a fierce determination to not allow the rights of the people to live in a safe community go unheard.

She was the voice of the people of the 4th District, and worked tirelessly to represent their interests in the Council Chambers. It was primarily due to her efforts that the police patrols that were so instrumental in reclaiming this neighborhood came into reality. Since the crackdown that resulted, the neighborhood has improved dramatically. The hordes of the unwashed, foul mouthed, ignorant, and rude multitudes have found new places to sell their illegal drugs, and to prey on the hardworking residents of the city elsewhere.

It was not all Barbara, all the time, many people worked to change the neighborhood alongside the police, myself included, but Barbara was the magnet that pulled all the pieces together towards one goal, the improvement of an intolerable situation. People would have had to have lived through it to understand just how bad it was. I wrote many articles on the subject to highlight the problems and work towards bringing about a solution.

I never sought, nor received any praise for my efforts to reclaim this neighborhood, and did not bring about the transformation by myself either, but we all put our oars in the water to steer the boat in the right direction. The unifying force behind all the transformation was indeed all Barbara. Without her being in the District 4 seat, none of the action would have happened.

Barbara Haller, if you are reading this: Please run for an at-large seat on the City Council the next time around, you have my vote, as you always did, and I bet there are many other people that did not vote the last time around that regret they did not return you to the post that you so effectively used to transform this nightmare into a semblance of a normal neighborhood.

It was through our collective efforts that the transformation happened, and the police have seemed to have a new attitude as regards the long suffering resident’s rights to a peaceful and quiet neighborhood as to the rights of the lawless to continue to disturb the peace. It never would have happened without you at the helm of the ship that all our oars helped navigate through the troubled waters of an uncaring City Council.
No one did more than you Barbara, yet many were involved in their own little ways. Without all the pieces of the puzzle that you helped put together, none of what has transpired would have taken place.

Poor Jerry spent his last days here in relative peace and quiet, and he never would have had that blessing without your efforts Barbara.

Barbara Haller, District 4 needs you, the City of Worcester needs you, please if you decide to leave the peace and tranquility of Vermont, and come back to Worcester, please run again for the council. The peace and tranquility is not of the sort you are getting used to, but after all the troubles, it is a godsend and you should come to see what you helped achieve.

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Memorial Day and EVERY day

By Ron O’Clair

I salute all those who have served, past present, and future, to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, FORIEGN and DOMESTIC.

Let us not forget the sacrifices made in the line of duty for our stateside militia, the local and state police forces throughout our country as well. They are involved in the ongoing war on drugs here in the U.S., and it does not look to be over any time soon.

All former veterans should remind themselves that they took the oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution while serving in uniform, but once taken, we never renounced that oath.

I urge all former military to help in the battle that seems unwinnable to restore America to its rightful place as the last great beacon of hope for mankind. Continue reading Memorial Day and EVERY day