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Be a grand mom, aunt, god mother or big sister/friend! This Christmas get the girls in your life Aretha’s greatest hits or gospel albums. She’s a national treasure! All girls need to hear what this girl has to sing!

Here’s an Aretha song that always makes me think of my late mother and her feelings about my late father. Franklin’s vocals are a miracle – totally naked and emotional but not diva melodramatic (at least to my ears!). – R.T.


More garbage dumped in the Canal District!


This is the sofa – up close – that I wrote about yesterday.

Early this afternoon this sofa and boxes/debris were gone (thank you, CITY OF WORCESTER!) only to be replaced by new crap …


WTF is going on?!!!

It’s not the city’s fault – our guys are doing a stupendous job!

This is people outside the area disrespecting an inner-city neighborhood. This is happening hourly … an assault on inner-city residents and small biz folks!

VIDEO CAMERAS AND FINES seem to be the answer. This is illegal dumping; laws are being broken. Let’s put a permanent end to this vile behavior!        – R. Tirella