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The last dress …

How “fitting”! The last dress I picked up at Building 19 – this pretty sheath – has a busted zipper! No worries…  I paid a whopping $2.50 for it during Building 19-Spags’ final day close-out, MOVE IT ALL OUT sale. It’s a “sample” – worth much more than $2.50. Samples are very small sizes of very good clothing that most American woman have trouble squeezing themselves into. Sellers take samples to dept stores and show the stores’ buyers what’s new for the season. The buyers decide if they want to order the clothing for the store. Sometimes, at Building 19, the samples had teeny, inconspicuous stains on them or were slightly damaged – but still very wearable. This beauty, whose color is not faded (it’s the light hitting it in a cool way) is a size 8, which I don’t think I can pour myself into … yet. Maybe never. But, hey, I saw it, fell in love with it and brought it home. 

I may have the zipper repaired … or I may just keep it hanging on my bedroom closet door like this. Looking at it makes me happy and sad: pretty dress/all those great Building 19 workers now unemployed …  – R. Tirella