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Saturday, April 18! Worcester Earth Day clean-ups! City-wide! Pitch in! Have fun!

From the Worcester Regional Environmental Council (REC), based in Main South:

Get involved in this year’s 26th Annual Earth Day Clean Ups!

In Worcester! 

Saturday, April 18!

REC invites you to join us in our 26th REC Annual Earth Day Clean-Ups, Saturday, April 18, to commemorate Earth Day.

With your help we can do even more this year to make our city a better place to live and work!

We are always looking for new sites to clean up and more volunteers to lend a helping hand.

If you know of a Worcester neighborhood/site and would like to spearhead the clean-ups, we encourage you to sign up as a site-coordinator.

But if you are looking for ways to just get involved that day, please sign up as a volunteer.

Become an Earth Day Site Coordinator!

Become an Earth Day Volunteer!

The cleanups are truly a community-wide event; last year marked our 25th year of joining together with local businesses, neighbors and friends to clean a record number of Worcester streets, neighborhoods and parks.

We are only able to achieve the amazing results we do by the sponsorship of local businesses, in-kind donations and the volunteerism of MORE THAN 1,000 VOLUNTEERS! 

If you would like to give a financial contribution to our 26th REC Annual Earth Day Clean-Ups, please sign up as a sponsor.

For more information or, if you have any questions, please contact:

Hanh at 508-799-9139 or office@recworcester.org.

We look forward to working with everyone this year to make Worcester a cleaner, safer, and healthier city. We couldn’t do it without you!

To learn more about REC farmers markets, community gardens, youth internships and fun activities for EVERYONE in our city, CLICK HERE