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By Rosalie Tirella

Congressman Anthony Weiner’s weenie has gone viral via Tweets that were sent to at least six women (college kids) with an “@” as opposed to a “D.” The “D” should stand for “Dumb ass” and no more. The liberal Democrat, who was known for his womanizing long before he got married to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s long-time staffer, was caught doing wihat everybody in America seems to be doing: baring their privates to the world, baring their boobs to all of America and the world over the Internet, baring thier butt cracks over their Iphones, showing off shlongs galore.

Congressman Weiner was just doing what everyone else in America is doing – acting like a whore, starring (over the Internet) in their personal porn home movies. OOOOH! How titillating! Weiner should not be pressured to leave office just because he was aping the crassiest of Ameircans. He should not be pressured to seek mental health counseling. He is as sick as 90% of the population. He I want him to stay in office: he is a liberal Democrat who is right on the issues and not afraid to take on the conservatives, who are the real menace to America. Weiner is not afraid to embrace and defend progressive politics. Yeah, he loves to do so on TV, but that’s OK. We Dems need more bull dogs like Weiner. We do not need to muzzle him – or castrate him.

Look around you, people! We are a nation of Anthony Weiners! Spend two seconds around a bunch of teenaged boys – as I did recently – and you see this: 15-year-old boys hovering over a smart phone and looking at photos of girls. “I’m really into lips,” says one kid.

Into lips?

Of course, he’s into lips! The Internet has allowed us to zoom in on body parts, cut and paste them every which way we like. Of course, we don’t see the whole person (head to toe) any more – let alone that person’s personality or soul.

It is a soul-less time we live in!

No time for love! We are more than objectified! We are merely a bunch of body parts – like the chicken pieces at the grocery store. You want only breasts? We got ’em! All packaged real nice! A leg man? Here’s the package! We won’t mention the parts you won’t see in your grocer’s fridge – just go online for that!

How about this nugget from a totally different group of teenaged guys?: “Wow. Like she was the best looking -and she was only 15!” said one kid to another (he was probably around 19 years of age).

Look outside your window and see the 13 and 14 yearold girls walk by – looking like utter whores. Skin tight shirts, velour tops, pierced belly buttons, boob baring tees, low riding jean with thongs and butt cracks exposed for all to see. (I remember my fellow students at Burncoat High Schoool in the late 1970s. Our “uniforms”? Jeans and tee shirts. Izod shirts and these very demure sweaters. Curdoroy pants. Earth Shoes for cripes sake!!! No one was sexed up. Yet all the girls seemed so pretty … .

But back to whoresville – America 2011. A 61-year-old man I know once had a 15 year old girl sit next to him at the old Foothills Theatre. She had her leg against his leg the entire show! After the curtains closed she turned back to look at him – knowingly. (And don’t you know I vented MY feelings re: this instance of whoresville in Worcester. His fault and hers – mostly his – he was the adult)

Like I said, whoresville. Right in Worcester. Personified in a young, white, middle class Worcester County girl. And the pig old man who didn’t set boundaries.

Our girls sexualized beyond belief … .

It is OK for adults to sext, have virtual sex, etc, if it’s to/with a consenting adult. But more and more, this behavior is coopted by our teens – children really.

Weiner is not sorry for what he has done. He is only sorry that he was caught doing what most of America does. Desperate to keep his Congressional seat, he has told the world he is sick and will go into treatment. For what? Being a sex addict? If that’s the case, what about former President Bill Clinton, a guy who could never ever keep his “boy” in the corral? What about John F. Kennedy, one of my heroes? Jackie O. knew her husband was cheating with just about everybody – while president of the USA – and yet the male reporters kept his whoring hush hush. Maryln Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to him in her breathy, come-hither voice and the world swooned.

I love Marilyn Monroe – she was a briliant actress and wanted her whole life to be recognized as an intellectual. That’s why she married playwright Miller. That’s why she studied Method Acting under Kazan and read, read, read. Would she Tweet? Would she promote her movies over YouTube and FaceBook?

What would Marilyn think of these slutty times?