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The skating rink at City Hall

By Rosalie Tirella

Rosalie Tirella

Rosalie and her best pal, Jett (2010)

One of my favorite things: Merry go rounds and their beautiful, fiber glass steeds! Central Park has one! Hartford’s Bushnell Park has one! Not a far-fetched idea! Kids would come and DREAM on a merry go round!!


While we (me and my pup, Jett!!) would have loved a dog park or a merry go round or, heck, anything other than a skating rink at City Hall (we detest the cold and never “recreate” in it), we CAN wrap our brains around what city leaders are attempting to accomplish here. Drive around City Hall any time of the week/day (like I do!) and be prepared to fall into the doldrums. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Crappy shops, a smattering of people – many of whom look on the edge.

WE NEED MORE PEOPLE – DIFFERENT PEOPLE – MAKING THEIR WAY THROUGH, ACROSS OUR DOWNTOWN! We will pounce on anything that MAY bring new folks to our city hall plaza. We will grasp at any ray of hope, no matter how dimly it flickers!

So, yes, this is kinda expensive and, NO, there was no public input. But, hey, it is being partially funded (half) by private bucks, and people with bucks always get what they want. In this case, a skating rink. As an Italian American, I can tell you right off the bat, the rink will not be hosting many of  my peeps. We prefer sunnier climes, good food, family. Culturally speaking, I wonder WHO is going to be attracted to this rink. I also think Elm Park’s pond is the place where lots of Worcester city folks skate.

But, hey, if the rink is redundant, at least it is something, something to fill the gaping hole that is downtown Worcester.

Hot cocoa, any one?