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A day out with Dad

By Matt Wexler

“Let me push it!”

Dad chuckled to himself, and let go of my fidgeting 4-year-old hand. It shot out instantly, reaching in vain for the button that would take the elevator to the 31st floor. Even on my tip-toes, my outstretched finger could reach only up to floor three.

“Hey sport, let me give you a boost.”

He lifted me high into the air, and the button lit up as I pressed it. I squealed with glee, almost dropping the hot dog my held in my other hand. As Dad set me down, I felt the elevator moving upwards, each floor number lighting up as we passed it.

“I can’t wait!” I exclaimed, as I took a bite out of the hot dog. Some of the ketchup spurted out of my mouth, staining my shirt. Dad smiled at me, and leaned down to wipe up the mess. Continue reading A day out with Dad