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Meant to share this album (it goes way, way deep!!) …

… with you last month, in honor of  my favorite Beatle’s birthday (George Harrison – 2/25/1943). I used to adore Paul (I was a girl – he was sooo cute!); then it was John (I was angry – Lennon set my feelings to music/lyrics), now it is George (because the music is so beautiful, and I see cycles and patterns in cities, nature, myself, the world … and hints of my mortality. sigh …).   – Rosalie Tirella

We got another comment from another ICT reader …

a photo of Rosalie, a buxom bleached blonde! Oh, my!  … – September 12, 2013

…  pissed with us on a personal level. She wasn’t upset by my hair a la Helen Wright but about a post we wrote and have forgotten about. Quite unlikable! Very judgemental! Just another controlling mommy, like ICT reader Helen, looking to bully and control us. HA! We are the last lady anyone in any way can control! The harangues just make us shut down – and take the dog for a nice walk. These two women need to stop taking themselves so seriously, LET IT GO and become less involved with ME and more involved with their own bodies and their own minds.  Yeesh …

– Rosalie Tirella

AND a song for them:

From my kitchen table to my turntable … and a song


By Rosalie Tirella


Rod Stewart

… Love this album. Love the first song on the album, “Every picture tells a story,”  so much so that when I listen to the lp, I never get past it. It’s the last few minutes of the tune that get me – when Rod keeps singing over and over and over and over again: “Every picture tells a story, don’t it? Every picture tells a story, don’t it? Every picture tells a story, don’t it?”!!!!

I jump right in! Join in!  Wail away with the sand-paper-voiced Stewart. Then I will  run to the person in the room and get him or her to sing along. Or, like this morning, I will race to my Husky mix Jett and try to get him to “sing,” howl along, with me. C’mon, Jett! I yell. C’mon, Jett! Woo! Woo!

I am trying to repeat history: When my mother and aunts lived in Springfield in the 1940s and were the maids and housekeepers for the august and pious Bishop of Springfield, they owned two KICK-ASS Doberman Pinschers, Rocky and Bridgette. How they got the good bishop to sign off on these huge dogs, who were snappy with strangers, ate horse meat and had their own huge kennel, whose fence they jumped repeatedly only to knock down visitors (one nun suffered a broken arm) and terrorize their neighborhood, I will never know. But the two dogs adored my mom and aunts. So much so that when my aunt sat down at the piano to play and sing, Bridgey, the female Dobbie, plunked herself right by my aunt and howled and howled away to the tune. Sang with my auntie! Cool! None of my dogs, even Jett, who some folks think has a bit of coyote in him (they out breed in Apalachia, the place he’s from – many hunters there have “coy-dogs”), has ever been a crooner.  

I try to get Jett to howl along with me but no luck. Jett just stands there, waiting for his next dog biscuit. By the end of the song, I am hoarse … all  sungout. When it’s over, I run to my turntable, pick up they stylus and put it on the song again. AND BLAST IT AGAIN! So my left ear (which is super sensitive due to listening to LOUD MUSIC) kinda hurts.

No matter! This is Rod in his ram-Rod prime! This is Rod in the beginning … before the “If you think I’m sexy …”/smarmy phase, before the years when he just couldn’t help himself and married every beautiful blonde model in sight. This is trim, street-smart, soccer-player, rocker, blues guy Rod.

Enjoy! Click on link below to listen! I am listening to this song right now .. and it is making me sooooo HAPPY!