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Next Tuesday please vote for … Martha Coakley for Governor! Steve Kerrigan for Lieutenant Governor!

Martha Coakley for governor! She’s the gal for us! The leader for us! Earned sick time for all Massachusetts workers, a living wage for all Massachusetts workers, casinos for Mass because so many of our people ARE DESPERATE FOR DECENT-PAYING JOBS, getting thousands of our low-income kids into pre- Kindergarten programs throughout the state, an expanded bottle bill to help us keep more plastic (non-biodegradable!!) out of the environment , being a pit bull when it comes to protecting a woman’s access to reproductive services … being passionate about women and families … Martha Coakley, and her running mate, LG candidate Steve Kerrigan, are for all of this! The foundation for a strong, healthy Mass, where no one is left behind – immigrants, little kids, the working poor … the heart and soul of gateway cities like Worcester!

Opponent Charles Baker is squirmy when it comes to supporting Mass families. Baker’s AGAINST earned sick time, expanded pre-K for our kids, the expanded bottle bill, a solid living wage. He is FOR keeping our lowest paid workers on the lowest economic rungs, environment-trashing policies such as running gas pipe lines through our communities and supporting the nuclear regulatory commission’s extension of the pilgrim nuclear power plant’s license.

Learn where Baker stands on important issues! You’ll be DISAPPOINTED!

Coakley and Kerrigan, who is a proud Worcester County guy (Lancaster), would come out swinging for the environment, reproductive rights, public schools, a strong minimum wage …everything a Gateway City like Worcester needs to be successful. We, like Lowell, Springfield, Lawrence and Pittsfield, are the cities immigrants and their sons and daughters call home. Places to embark on the American Dream. Sure, that means poverty, struggle, strife … but cities like Worcester have been the statues of liberty for America since, well, almost the beginning of America!

We should be proud of who we are and not pretend to be what we aren’t. Most visitors to our city are more objective than our slap-happy Woo pr flaks! Visitors see the good stuff in Worcester, but that’s icing on the cake for any Gateway City. Worcester has a lot of poverty. The vulnerability of so many in our community is heartbreaking!

Worcester must do what it’s always done: welcome everyone and create opportunities for our newest Americans, often times the poorest Americans. The city did this for my Polish and Italian immigrant grandparents – it’s probably done the same for yours, whatever their homeland. Now we must create a strong working and middle class – without the factories, this time around. A challenge for sure! But one that Worcester Mayor Joe Petty, Worcester City Councilor Sarai Rivera and the majority on the city council will rise to meet – and overcome. What else can we do?

Count Martha Coakley and Steve Kerrigan as true and trusty Worcester allies!!

Vote Martha Coakley for Massachusetts governor! Vote Steve Kerrigan for Massachusetts lieutenant governor!


To learn more about Coakley and her accomplishments and goals CLICK HERE! – you’ll view her official website –  marthacoakley.com

To learn more about Steve Kerrigan, go to his official website by CLICKING HERE

– Rosalie Tirella