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Is your dog in danger of being “flipped”?

By Lindsay Pollard-Post

Do you know where your dog is right now? If the answer is “outside” and not under your watchful eye, don’t keep reading—go get your dog. A disturbing crime called “dog flipping” is on the rise, and unattended animals are the prime targets.

“Flippers” prowl neighborhoods looking for animals they can obtain for free and then sell on sites like Craigslist. Friendly, roaming dogs and cats are flippers’ favorite victims. Some animals have even been abducted right out of their guardians’ yards.

Last December, a Texas family’s 11-year-old dog, Sushi, went missing after apparently escaping through a hole in their backyard fence. Weeks later, her family spotted an ad on Craigslist featuring a dog who looked exactly like her. But after they inquired about the dog, the ad was removed.

Another Craigslist ad appeared advertising a dog who resembled Sushi. This time, Sushi’s guardian arranged a meeting with the seller to buy the dog at a store parking lot. The dog’s fur was a different color—it had apparently been dyed—but a scan of her microchip revealed that it was indeed Sushi, who had disappeared seven months earlier. Sushi was lucky—many victims of dog flipping never see their families again.

Being torn away from the people they love and sold to strangers is just one of many perils that animals face when they are left outdoors alone. Bunchers—people who abduct animals to sell to laboratories for experiments—also cruise neighborhoods, as do dogfighters looking for animals to use as “bait.”

Unsupervised dogs and cats also make easy targets for abusers. Most of the 400-plus reports of cruelty cases that PETA receives weekly involve animals who were victimized while outside unsupervised.

Last year in Colorado, a home security camera showed a man entering a backyard and spraying three small dogs with what investigators believe was pepper spray. The man returned hours later and violently swung at one of the dogs with a golf club, chased her into the house and emerged carrying a garbage bag. The dog was never seen again.

In Washington, a dog named Butterfinger died after a neighbor allegedly shot him with a pellet gun, piercing his liver and stomach and causing hemorrhaging. According to Butterfinger’s guardians, the neighbor was upset because the dog kept going onto his property.

Poison, traffic, disease, extreme weather and many other hazards claim the lives of animals who are left outdoors every year. One homeowner in Florida called PETA because her cat, who lived outdoors, died after her home was fumigated for insects.. The cat had apparently gotten trapped under the tent that was draped over the house during the fumigation and was killed by the insecticide.

It’s crucial to protect our animal companions from the many dangers lurking outside by keeping them indoors with the rest of the family and letting them out only on a leash and harness or in a fenced area under close supervision.

Spaying or neutering our animals (which we should do anyway, given the millions of cats and dogs who must be euthanized every year for lack of a good home) can make them less attractive to flippers, who often hope to breed them. Having them microchipped and fitted with collars and identification tags can also help bring them back to us if they ever go missing.

Dogs and cats are as vulnerable as toddlers in the great outdoors. No parents in their right mind would turn their 2-year-old child loose to wander the streets alone. Letting our animal companions do so is just as risky.

Urgent message from Sterling Animal Shelter, re: stolen puppies


Please HELP!

Around noon on Friday, March 25, the Sterling Animal Shelter Inc’s director received a call that the Worcester Animal Control and Police found a dead black and white puppy wrapped in a towel in a card board box behind Diamond Chevrolet on Park Ave. Worcester.

“The Worcester ACO brought the puppy to our shelter to see if we could confirm whether the puppy was one of the two missing puppies. The puppy that was found dead suffered from traumatic injuries to his head and face and one of his eyes was ruptured. We don’t know if these cases are connected. Though our puppies were microchipped we have seen and heard of cases where chips have been removed or fallen out. The remains of the puppy will be transferred to for examination a forensic veterinarian and I’m sure they will open a case or investigate further,” said Leigh Grady, the shelter’s executive director.

“As of the morning of Friday 3/25 – Reports from the involved parties were that the STOLEN puppies, all 9 of them, were thrown in the truck of a car together – after recovering from being spayed/neutered just hours prior!

A report also claimed the remaining two puppies were abandoned in the Green Hill Park area of Worcester, – which is a 40 acre park in Central Worcester known to have coyotes and wildlife which is horrifying for our staff, supporters, and volunteers.

Sightings have also been reported in the Great Brook Valley, but we are unsure about their whereabouts and they could be ANYWHERE. Now that a week has passed we are devastated that they haven’t had more solid leads. We just want to know either way and so many calls/emails and letters are coming in from animal lovers inquiring. We simply don’t have any answers,”

“As more time goes by, the more dire the situation becomes,” said Grady.

We are pleading with the public especially in the Worcester area to keep their eyes open – to do the right thing and help us get our babies back.” Grady continued.

Any anonymous calls and tips can be made 24/7 to:

* Sterling Police Dept 978 422 7331 OR report anonymously http://www.sterlingpd.com/tipform.html OR call anonymously (508) 425-4669
* Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling at 978 422 8585 OR email staff@sterlingshelter.org OR
* Worcester Police department text an anonymous tip http://www.worcesterma.gov/police/anonymous-crime-tips anonymous calls can be made to 508 799-8606 or call Detective Tarkini at 508-799-8600.


These puppies are in immediately danger and in need of medical care. Last sightings as of the afternoon of 3/20/2011 was 1 puppy in Great Brook Valley and the other seen in the Worcester Housing Authority area known as “The Valley”

The Sterling Shelter is also encouraging the public, pet lovers and other animal organizations to contact the Worcester D.A.’s office asking them to prosecute these thieves to the fullest extent of the law: Emails, faxes and letters can be sent to:

Joseph D. Early Jr. – District Attorney
Worcester District Attorney’s Main Office
225 Main Street, Room G-301, Worcester, MA 01608
call (508) 755-8601 Fax: (508) 831-9899 email elizabeth.stammo@state.ma.us

PLEASE ALSO FOLLOW UP with faxing or mailing as their email box may be full and may accidentally be deleted and/or sign our petition online and spread the word to have these thieves and cruel people prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law


Worcester County sheriff candidate Lewis “Lew” Evangelidis steals InCity Times newspapers. Publisher goes to the police

Lewis Evangelidis and his campaign volunteers (pond slime) have stolen hundreds of my papers – InCity Times. I will go to the police – I have already called media. This is totally in character for Lew. After all, when I met him, he offered to BUY an endorsement from InCity Times: an ad for our endorsement. When I wrote an unflattering story about him (below), which also ran in InCity Times, he decided to steal my property – a crime – and blow a raspberry at my right to FREE SPEECH.

– Rosalie Tirella