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Here’s hoping …

By Rosalie Tirella

… all our kiddies sign up for the city’s Wheels to Water program. The City of Worcester and the Friendly House, as well as some great social service agencies, have come up with a great schedule. Convenient – and kids can even take swimming lessons!

It is important to note that, once again, our colleges have disappointed us. WPI was the only city college to offer their facilities/swimming pool to the kids of Worcester (most of them inner city). Kudos to WPI! Shame on: Assumption College, Becker, Clark University, Holy Cross and Qunisigamond Community College.

Holy Cross is smack dab in the middle of South Worcester! Becker is in the heart of the Elm Park/Piedmont neighborhood. Clark U is in Main South. And state school, Quinsig, well, it gets a ton of taxpayer money – it’s the PEOPLE’S college. QCC should have been obligated to open its heart/swimming pool.

Next year, life will get better (aquatically speaking): The new super duper Crompton Park municipal swimming pool will be open and  CSX is bribing the hell out of the city – which includes earmarking/donating $2 million to repair/reopen two East Side municipal swimming pools (Holmes Field and East Park).  Plus: City Manager Mike O’Brien is hoping to make the Wheels to Water program year ’round. So next summer, with the two state pools open and a spray park here and there, plus our great city beaches, our kids will be … ready for the Olympics. 

Hooray for all the great folks who “pooled” their resources to create Wheels to Water!