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Let’s go Dems! Let’s find a strong candidate who can whup Scott Brown’s butt!

By Rosalie Tirella

The big wig national Dems are getting nervous – they want MA dems to get serious and find someone – and seriously back someone – who can actually BEAT Scott Brown. They feel (and I do, too) that the mayor of Newton just ain’t gonna cut it.

They (and I) want a serious contender – someone like Governor Deval Patrick, let’s say. Someone who can match Brown’s campaign war chest of $8 million. Someone who can show voters that Brown has no real core values – Brown will say and vote whichever way he needs to in order to keep his Senate seat. Massachusetts and the country need a US Senator with more moral and intellectual heft than the guy who is presently parking his arse in cushy chairs all over washington D.C.

I still see “Senator” Brown as an opportunistic guy who posed nude for Cosmo and got on the national TV news show 60 Minutes simply because his new book contained salacious stuff (he had been sexually molested at a Cape Cod summer camp as a kid). He thinks 60 minutes and a flip flop on his Medicare stance are gonna keep him in office.

We don’t think so. We certainly hope not.

I wish Ted Kennedy’s widow, Vickie, would run for her late husband’s seat. Or even Joe Kennedy. We need someone with the moral courage of the late great Teddy. He was such a beacon of compassion when it came to this country’s poor or kids or seniors or immigrants or working class/middle class. He was always right about the environment, too. I miss that feeling: that feeling of knowing my senator would always vote his conscience – do the right thing every time.

Even though Teddy served for deades, Scott Brown is the real “politician,” in the word’s most cynical sense.

Whom should we trust?

By Richard Schmitt

A Boston business owner has entered the primaries to fill the seat of the late Senator Kennedy. He believes himself particularly well-qualified because he is a successful business man.

Where has he been during the last year?

We are in the middle of the worst recession in eighty years; unemployment is inching up to 10%. Millions of families have lost their homes. Homelessness is up; more and more families must depend on food banks to feed their children. Governments at all levels are short of money because of falling tax revenues. Continue reading Whom should we trust?

On Ted Kennedy’s death …

By Richard Schmitt

Senator Edward Kennedy was the last of the three Kennedy brothers who have left a lasting mark on US politics. Brother John was President; brother Robert Attorney General; together those two intervened at critical moments in the Civil Rights struggle. They helped advance African-American liberation whose ultimate outcome is the Presidency of Barack Obama. Senator Kennedy was a statesman in the same mold. Like his two brothers he was an accomplished politician who was willing to make alliances with George W. Bush for education reform and with Senator McCain for reform of immigration laws.

But like his brothers, and unlike many other of our politicians, Senator Edward Kennedy never lost sight of his larger liberal goals, of helping those in our society who needed help in order to make good on our commitment to “liberty and justice for all.”

With the passing of the heroic generation of Kennedys, who will uphold these American values in our political system masterminded by lobbyists?

Farewell to the late, great Ted Kennedy!

By Jack Hoffman

The late US Senator Edward Moore Kennedy was a true, stalwart liberal. He defined the meaning of liberal in its truest sense: a philosophy of the people and for the people. Whether it was protecting unions, jobs, education or health care, he stood for those whose voices were silent among the corporate and congressional power brokers who cared more about the bottom line and the slush funds they garnished.

He was there against an unconstitutional war in Vietnam, a trumped up war in a country no one hardly knew, Granada and an invasion in Iraq to save the despots of Kuwait and sanctioned by our own government. Most importantly, the greatest blunder in this nation’s recent history – Iraq. Continue reading Farewell to the late, great Ted Kennedy!