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Telegram and Gazette’s Dianne Williamson, 52, of Auburn, hits pedestrian

editor’s note: public information/public record/the City of Worcester (we have made bold the second graph) – R. Tirella :

“Pedestrian Struck By Motor Vehicle at May and June Streets

“Worcester, MA (December 5, 2011) – On December 2, 2011 at approximately 1:37 PM Worcester Police responded to the intersection of May and June Streets for a report of a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle. Upon the officers’ arrival they met with the operator of the vehicle and the pedestrian who was struck.

“According to the operator, she was driving her 2002 Lexus west on June Street when she approached the intersection of May Street. The operator, identified as Dianne Williamson, 52 years old of Auburn, was the lead car in traffic and waited for the green light. When the light changed to green she turned left into the southbound lane of May Street and struck a pedestrian who was crossing May Street from the west to east side. The pedestrian was walking in a cross walk. According to witnesses, the impact forced the pedestrian up and onto the hood of the Lexus.

“The pedestrian, a 22 year old female Worcester resident received minor injuries to her knee and ankle. Worcester EMS arrived at the scene and spoke with the victim. The pedestrian, although shaken, refused medical treatment at the scene.

“Based on witness statements, information provided by Ms. Williamson and the pedestrian, Ms. Williamson was issued a citation for failing to stop for a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk.

“To date, there have been 305 pedestrians struck by motor vehicles this year with 5 accidents resulting in fatalities. As a result of the recent uptick with pedestrians being struck by motor vehicles, the Worcester Police Traffic Division continues to enforce pedestrian crosswalk violations with the use of plain clothes sting operations throughout the city along with traditional enforcement tactics. There have been 1,416 crosswalks violations issued from January 1, 2011 thru December 4, 2011.

“There will be no new additional information released at this time.”

InCity Times and the T & G’s Dianne Williamson

By Rosalie Tirella

Why does Telegram and Gazette columnist Dianne Williamson have a hair across her big hairy butt when it comes to InCity Times?

Amazing! A friend called me about Williamson’s column (yesterday). It seems Williamson – built like a shit out-house and with the personality to match – pretty much implodes everytime she hears the words: InCity Times.

Dianne needs to join a gym, grow her eyebrows back, take up yoga, get a dog, do something – anything – so she doesn’t implode everytime she sees or hears the words: InCity Times. AND she needs to read my newspaper. And she needs to realize this important fact (which she always overlooks): This July I will have been publishing InCity Times for 10 years. 10 years, Dianne! A decade! My paper has been on the stands and shelves and coffee tables and diner booth seats of Worcester/Worcester County for 10 years!

10 years! A decade! Continue reading InCity Times and the T & G’s Dianne Williamson

Is the T & G’s opinion page writer/editor – Chris Sinacola – a right-wing toadie?

By Rosalie Tirella

That’s what I asked myself a week or so ago when I saw turned to the Telegram and Gazette’s Op/Ed page and saw the paper’s editorial on Prsident Obama’s trek to Indonesia, etc. It seems Sinacola got his “facts” straight from the Drudge Report and Fox News’s Glenn Beck! He wrote that the president’s trip would cost millions and millions of dollars – a day. He, like Bill O’Reilly, Hannity, Rush and all the other Obama-haters/Tea Baggers went wild with this misinformation. It was all over cable, radio and tv – and apparently the Telegram and Gazette’s editorial page. This is why so many Americans think our president wasn’t born in this country and is not a Christian. The Indonesial trip was just another way for the Obama haters to NOT validate his presidency.

If Sinacola hadn’t ridden on the right wing band wagon and done his homework, he would have learned the president’s trip cost millions of dollars less – roughly the same amount of money spent on any US president for a similar trip abroad. Continue reading Is the T & G’s opinion page writer/editor – Chris Sinacola – a right-wing toadie?

I saw the Telegram and Gazette’s Dianne Williamson last night and …

By Rosalie Tirella

So, there we were, last night, my guy and I, at a book reading/signing in a bar. We had been eating crackers, listening to music and talking (believe it or not) about zombies, and then I turned to the booth to my left and saw the real thing: Dianne Williamson!

The Telgram and Gazette’s columnist, Dianne Williamson! Zombie alert!!!

If my readers – or hers – don’t already know: Dianne and I hate each other’s guts. It’s a very genuine feeling – one of the purest I have! Continue reading I saw the Telegram and Gazette’s Dianne Williamson last night and …

Telegram and Gazette “hack” Dianne Williamson lies in her columns

By Rosalie Tirella

FYI, Dianne Williamson, T & G hack, you lie! Just ask some of the people you have interviewed! (a few of them have given me an earful)

More lies you wrote in your column about me:

* Former Telegram and Gazette Harry Whitin never called me and asked me “politely” to change the article I had written about you. He was nasty, a bully – my anwering machine filled with threats from Whitin (which I kept on my teeny cassettes). I thought: Well, who does this guy think he is? I dug my heels in and thought: Fuck you, Whitin. Like hell will I accommodate you. Take it to the New York Times Co., bup. Let’s make this a bloodbath.

Harry Whitin and the Telegram and Gazette went away.

* Advertisers are never “enablers,” Dianne. If anyone should know this, it’s you and the rest of the T & G staff. Look how few ads grace the pages of the Telegram and Gazette! Sometimes there are three itty bitty ones on an entire page! Which is why the Telegram and Gazette has stopped publishing all its editions (down to one wretched edition which tells you nothing about Worcester!); 2. there have two huge rounds of layoffs at the Telegram and Gazette; 3. the Telegram and Gazette newsroom has only a handfull of reporters to cover New England’s second largest city; Continue reading Telegram and Gazette “hack” Dianne Williamson lies in her columns

Telegram and Gazette “hack,” Dianne Williamson, needs to get HER facts straight!

By Rosalie Tirella

To Dianne Williamson, nasty, vindictive, mean, phony hack:

Dear Dianne, you wrote a column about me. Here’s where YOU screwed up:

* You say I plagiarized your column about Worcester Fire Department Frank DiLiddo being in a porn flick. Dianne, I got the “news” from you – the fact that a City of Worcester employee – a firefighter (a person the community usually holds to far higher standards than – say, a T & G columnist –  was in a porn movie. Then I opined about that FACT – the fact that a city firefighter was in a movie which you described quite graphically. You wrote about: DeLiddo with his trousers down, sitting in a chair, and a gal blowing him, giving readers a “blow by blow” description of the sex act.

I wrote how I felt about the movie. That is not stealing your stuff. This is plagiarism: Remember when your colleague, Telegram and Gazette sports writer/reporter Ken Powers, copied several paragraphs from a sports story in another publication and then used his handy dandy computer mouse to paste the paragraphs the other writer wrote INTO his story? That’s plagiarism! Powers made it look like he was the real author of those paragraphs. The Telegram and Gazette fired him. This, my dear, is plagiarism. Continue reading Telegram and Gazette “hack,” Dianne Williamson, needs to get HER facts straight!

My thoughts on the Telegram and Gazette character assassination of the InCity Times‏

By Coffeepunk 76

I think I am going to try and read the InCity Times more often.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I am in a union, and the Telegram and Gazette is notorious for its prejudice against unions. The Telegram and Gazette produces more hate speech towards unions than any other “paper” I have ever read.

Dianne Williamson, the same “journalist” who attacked the InCity Times, wrote “an article” (if you can call it that) on May 9, 2010, about putting her mother in ‘a home.’ This ‘reporter’ turned one sentence, “my mother has dementia, and I’m putting her into a home,” into a whole article. Continue reading My thoughts on the Telegram and Gazette character assassination of the InCity Times‏

T & G on-line stories will come with a price! (or: Why would anyone pay $$ to read the crap written by Sid McKeen?)

By Rosalie Tirella

Several years ago, when I first began InCity Times, I wrote a column about the Telgram and Gazette’s ANCIENT columnists: Ken Moynihan, Al Southwick, Bob Nemeth and, of course, the least talented of the T & G geriatric ward, Sid McKeen. I wrote the story after I had just read all of the above columnists’ op-ed pieces for the week and lo and behold!!! the four T & G geezers had all written about their poor health. One of the oldsters had written about his trip to the hospital emergency room, another about all the pills he had to take, dragging the reader through his med regimen. And to top it off, I had overheard this nugget in a restaurant: “Al Southwick had a lot of trouble … getting out of his chair.

This was both hilarious and sad!

Here we were, Worcester, the second largest city in New England, the city on the move, the city on the rise – and we had op-ed writers – writers who wrote for our paper of record! – opining about Milk of Magnesia. None of these guys was/is younger than 85! The T & G had been home to these Grumpy Old Men since World War II. Continue reading T & G on-line stories will come with a price! (or: Why would anyone pay $$ to read the crap written by Sid McKeen?)

The monkey’s ass

By Rosalie Tirella

What a dreadful cold spell. What an unlovely sight Wormtown is at tail’s end of winter. What better time – or so I thought, this afternoon – to treat myself to some real comfort food – a cheese omlette, bulkie roll and home fries at my favorite local hang out.

So there I am, on Water Street looking out the restaurant window, hunkering down, trying to avoid all the crap I have to contend with: the dog has cancer, the bills are paid but need more paying, mom has early dementia, guy pal will never get his shit together. Talking with another small biz owner earlier – we both pined for a vacation in sunnier climes. “I haven’t had a vacation in eight years!” he said. All this was weighing down on me … Would spring-time ever return, I wondered, and I looked out the restaurant window and saw ALLEN FLETCHER at the exact opposite side of the street.

He saw me. I saw him. I blanched. He – wearing his ridiculous black beret – gave me a big salute – the kind of salute Adolph Hitler gave his men before … gassing them.

I made a horrible face at him – and immediately lost my appetite.

My old neighborhood, my stomping grounds used to be hallowed ground, for me. Now it’s the Canal Distgrict (or shall we say Cabal District). Now, instead of a cool Jewish ghetto where (in the early part of the 20th century) hawkers lined the Water Street to sell fruits, vegetables, live (!) chickens and other necessities, we have Allen Fletcher in a black beret. Continue reading The monkey’s ass

Joe blows!

By Rosalie Tirella

We hope Mayor Konstantina Lukes blows “Joe-Blow” O’Brien right outa the freakin’ water!

Amazing! Every election cycle the old Murray/Rushton/Donahue/Eddy brigade farts out yet another political wannabe. This time around the farted (oops! we mean annointed!) is Joe O’Brien, a guy with nothing to offer but his connections – and searing political ambitions.

Yes, yes, I know he has done some work on behalf of the schools, and he lives in Main South, etc, etc. But it seems to me O’Brien’s political work has always been in service to HIS POLITICAL CAREER – as if the ambitious O’Brien were just biding time until … the President came calling!

But President Obama hasn’t given O’Brien a ring-a-ding-ding. So O’Brien decides he wants to be mayor of Worcester -an idea that apparently popped into his head after spending a few years as Congressman Jim McGovern’s regional director. O’Brien’s job as McGovern’s top banana was a political plum thrown to him after helping run (so they say) L.G.’s Tim Murray campaign. (Talk about connections! Can’t the rest of us be connected too so we can get high-paying jobs for giving half-assed speeches on behalf of our pals?) Continue reading Joe blows!