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The Montvale District’s “Histrionic” tennis court (or: Sometimes I just wanna box some ears)

By Rosalie Tirella

Sometimes it’s embarassing to live in Worcester. To see so many poor kids and adults wrapped in sweatshirts in the dead of winter, getting off and on our city buses … finessing the Worcester city snirt (snow mixed with dirt) … and then to have to tune into last night’s Worcester City Council meeting to watch and listen to the snobs of our Montvale Historic District throw a hissy fit over a crumby (unused) tennis court.

To have to listen to some West Side matron practically breakdown in tears as she stood up for the downtrodden folks of the Montvale Historic District! Oh, it is not easy to live in the wealthiest, most exclusive neighborhood in Worcester! she told the city council. To live in a historic district with other professionals and upper income folks who wear lovely coats and drive BMWs and never have to worry about riding our city buses means sacrafice! A historic district takes its toll on a person! A historic district can be so constricting! 

The Montvale matron gave some examples of the chaos that threatens to destroy the very soul of the Montvale Historic District: a neighbor of hers has put flower boxes on her windows! Another neighbor had the temerity to errect a little tool shed on a hill in his yard! She can see it from her home! Mon Dieu! Cover your eyes, my fair lady! (actually quite ugly – not half as attractive as the lovely Latinas who finnese Worcester snirt.) But there was more! The Montvale matron said she too has sinned! Why just this past election season, she had the gall to stick a couple of candidate lawn signs in her yard! How garish! Continue reading The Montvale District’s “Histrionic” tennis court (or: Sometimes I just wanna box some ears)