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Just wondering …

By Rosalie Tirella

… what Worcester School Committee girl (she is definitely no grown up!) Tracy Novick and Gary Rosen must be thinking re: race and WPS Superintendent Dr. Melinda Boone.

They certainly appear to be racist. Former city councilor Rosen writes that he guarantees – just absolutely guarantees! – that Dr. Melinda Boone (Worcester’s first female, black school school superintendent) is using Worcester as a stepping stone to … moving back South so she can put her legs up and relax with all her old friends and colleagues down home.


Would Rosen have written that about any white Worcester mover-shaker guy who just landed one of the most demanding and high-paying city jobs Worcester has to offer?

Rosen, in his writing, intimates that Dr. Boone is lazy and not completely honest with the city (shuckin’ and jyvin’). He writes Dr. Boone is covering up, stone walling, fibbing, shutting out the city … . He makes her seem so nefarious … . All his comments are tinged with racism.

Then there’s Novick. She slaps a Freedom of Info request into Dr. Boone’s hand at a public meeting. When she writes about Dr. Boone, she always writes “Boone.”

There’s rudeness to Novick’s ways.

You would think these two folks would be proud of: Worcester’s first black school superintendent! Dr. Boone is a great role model for our minority majority Worcester Public School population. The kids love when she visits their schools!

You would think these two “educators” would be this agressive when it comes to: HIRING MORE MINORITY TEACHERS for our school system. Springfield, Hartford, Boston – these urban school systems have lots of minority teachers in all their schools. Worcester public schools look like the set of Leave it to Beaver.

Changes must be made. Change is already here in Dr. Boone.

Novick and Rosen are dragging the City of Worcester down.

The racists.