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Worcester photos by Ron O’Clair … the AG comes to town … and more!



Pics/text by Ron O’Clair

This image is of Jerry (Dino) Mariano, a cousin of Ray Mariano, who happens to be a member of the Genesis club, at Boston Donuts on Park Ave getting some grub on. He usually wears a funky leather hat, so this is a rare view of him hat less.


This is the house recently built by the Main South Community Development Corporation on Hollis and Kilby streets; it is a duplex …


… the other side. Beautiful!


A self portrait trying to document the injury to my eye socket. (editor’s note: Ron was taking videos in his Main South neighborhood and one of his neighbors didn’t take kindly to the videographing! So he slugged Ronny in the face! Now Ronny’s got a semi-detached retina!)


Previously a clean area, someone decided to drop their trash on the curb. I dislike litter.


broken car door mirror …





Teens! Join the City Manager’s Youth Council!

The Youth Opportunities Office is recruiting applicants for its 2016-2017 City Manager’s Youth Council.

Applications and student nominations are due on October 14.

If you are interested in nominating a student, please contact youth@worcesterma.gov.

The City of Worcester Youth Council was created in January of 2012 to establish a representative body of young people living in the City of Worcester entering the 9th and 10th grade during the 2016-2017 academic year.

The Youth Council gives young people a direct connection to local government and Youth Councilors take part in civic engagement, leadership development, and planning and decision making opportunities.

The Youth Council will also execute in the following assignments:

• Encouraging youth civic participation

• Enhancing young people’s roles in their community

• Construction of positive youth centered narratives

• Making recommendations, presentations and advocating on issues that affect youth their age

• Involving youth in community awareness and community service projects

• Forming and strengthening working relationships with community

• Eligible youth representation on Boards, Commissions, Committees and Councils

• Public speaking and leadership opportunities

Please spread the word and email us at youth@worcesterma.gov if you are interested in nominating a teen!

If you know a young person who is interested in applying, please have them fill out the application!




4 p.m.


At the Worcester Public Library!

Flamenco for Kids!

The Worcester Public Library will offer a free program for kids to learn Flamenco dancing from Edmy Ortiz, a fine artist, architectural designer, and Flamenco dancer.

The program is recommended for kids ages 4 and up.

The program is in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The first session was held on Friday, September 30 …The second session, Flamenco for Kids: Part II will be on Friday, October 14 at 4 p.m. This session will also be held in the Banx Room.

This will be your chance to practice and show off your Flamenco dancing skills. Flamenco offers many benefits to kids while they enjoy making noise with their feet!

You may dress-up for these events if you wish! Parents don’t forget to bring your cameras!

Sign-up is requested…you may register at the Children’s Room desk or by calling 508-799-1671.

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Worcester Public Library.

For more information on the Worcester Public Library and a complete list of events and programs visit mywpl.org.

Worcester Public Schools students make beautiful music! City programs thrive!

By Edith Morgan

“’Tis the season” for all sorts of music everywhere and performances by one and all – for free or with tickets!

So this is a good time to see what our Worcester Public Schools students are up to in music.  We hear so much about the pressure of test-taking, the constant drill to get the answers right, to exceed last year’s scores, become more and more adept at picking out the desired answers on paper and pencil tests …

So it was with great anticipation that I went to the Worcester Public Schools’ Administration building on Irving Street and met with Lisa Leach, the city-wide music liaison, to find out if, amid all the cuts in recent years, the City of Worcester still had a robust and viable music program in all our grades. Since there is not a way to test music in multiple choice questions, and since there are those who do not consider the arts as worth funding, I was afraid that they had been given short shrift in this increasingly short-sighted society.

So I was truly overjoyed to hear Lisa Leach describe all that was going on – and happy to publicize the efforts of so many people working to ensure that there is music in our children’s lives. My 500-word column is not sufficient to name all that is going on! So if I omit something, it was not intentional!

All students in the Worcester Public Schools, grades k-6, get 40 minutes weekly instruction in their classrooms; most grade 3 and 4 students get instrumental instruction, some only strings – in small groups. The Burncoat quadrant schools emphasize instruction through the arts and add dance and drama to their curricula.

At this time of the year especially, there are innumerable performances involving students from all schools, at ALL grades.

To name a few:

Burncoat Senior High School and Doherty Senior High School have choruses

There is a barbershop quartet at North High School

There is songwriting and contemporary music at North High School

and “music technology”

And, of course, every one of our city  schools has in-house holiday programs for parents and neighbors.

The community pitches in, and there are great partnerships and cooperations involved in music in Worcester. When I went to see Lisa Leach her office was almost impassable, piled high with recently donated musical instruments of many kinds, waiting to be cleaned and repaired where needed, as many students can not afford their own instruments.

WEDF, the Worcester Educational Foundation, raises money, among other things, for repairing musical instruments, field trips, concerts, scholarships and instructional materials. WICN puts on public service announcements asking listeners to donate instruments;  the Worcester Chamber Music Society sponsors Neighborhood Strings, a violin instruction program at Woodland Academy; Music Worcester offers master classes and free tickets for our high school students; the Alden Trust sends all 4th grade students to a concert at Mechanics Hall; the In my own neighborhood  the Joy of Music Program provides scholarships and instruction in all areas of music.

There are so many more programs! I have no space left to mention them all! But if you are interested, you can download videos on the Worcester Public Schools website and watch the educational channel – what was channel 11 and is now channel 191, where you can often catch performances of our children.

But above all: Support, contribute funds or instruments, and encourage the love and joy of music in our children in every way possible!

Music is, after all, the universal language!

Great new mural in downtown Worcester!

Today I spied … this  colorful mural on the side of the old Telegram and Gazette building.  Kinda abstract … I saw some trees, some birds (?) in this huge mural in the alley, off Franklin Street. This whole area, across from our city common,  is supposed to be part of the new arts-and-college students theme of (a part of) downtown Worcester. Woo is tryin to woo the young ‘uns!  The concept is pretty good bait!

The building is now home to QCC  – especially its health care students. There will be a theater on the ground floor, too, as well as space for local entrepreneurs (start-ups). In this “arts alley” the City of Worcester hopes to house small, unique local businesses, art stalls, food stalls …

Sounds great to us! The second-largest city in New England deserves a REAL downtown. The Heart in the Heart of the Commonwealth!

I love how the artist signed his work of art – to his kid, Parker! “Love, Daddy.” Very nice!!

– Rosalie Tirella