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Uniquely yours …


Me, yesterday, before heading to friends’ party/cook-out…

Strung out homeless dude, yesterday, after he kinda followed me into a POW!WOW! artist parking lot …


… Thank goodness he lost interest in this bird when he saw that bird!:



The artist, Qbic, was mildly amused…


Of course, I had to foist an ICT on him …


… before heading to Unique Finds Antiques and Vintage gift shop to buy a unique birthday party gift…So many choices and, of course, I was running late. Because, a la John Lennon, I could spend my life in bed…


This isn’t John…?????…?????

Some unique finds at UNIQUE FINDS:









– text/pics: Rose T.

Paul McCartney and Ringo on John Lennon’s murder …. Guns and Worcester and America

John Lennon was gunned down December 8 at his apartment complex, the Dakota, in New York City years ago; fellow Beatle Paul McCartney reflects on the day. Paul says it all BEAUTIFULLY: When someone is murdered there’s no proper goodbyes, loving moments between family and the dear one. Trauma all around. George Harrison, fellow Beatle, passed away naturally, of cancer. His death, not the devil’s work of a gunman, but God’s taking away, is a sweet memory for Paul. LOVED ONES NEVER RECOVER FROM THE SHOOTING DEATHS OF family and friends…


WORCESTER gun buy back day, December 12:

December 12th, in honor of the victims who were lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, on December 14th, 2012.  Mayor Joseph M. Petty is calling on his fellow mayors to join him to make the anniversary of the massacre the yearly, statewide gun buyback day.

“Today I’m asking my fellow mayors to work within their own cities, and with their elected officials and community partners, to join us and honor the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting by making our cities safer and healthier.”  Mayor Petty said, “The date of this gun buyback effort marks three years since the tragic shooting in Newtown. We remember those victims in a special way, and are dedicating this program in their memory, and to all of those that have been lost in these shocking incidents.”

“There have been so many mass shootings:  Aurora, Virginia Tech, Charleston, Umpqua, Littleton, Fort Hood and so many more.  The list just keeps growing.  I can think of no better way to remember this and every other tragedy than by honoring it with a day dedicated to gun safety,” said Mayor Petty..  “This is not just about getting guns off the streets, it’s about making sure that if you have a gun in your home, that it’s secured.  It’s about safer streets and healthier homes and making sure that the violence we saw in Newtown doesn’t happen here.”

Dr. Michael Hirsh is the medical director for Worcester’s Division of Public Health, as well as a pediatric trauma surgeon and longtime gun safety advocate.  “This isn’t just about crime; it’s about health,” said Dr. Hirsh.  “An unsecured weapon in the home is a public health danger that leads to more frequent homicides, burglaries, lethal domestic violence, accidental shootings and suicide in the home.”

The Goods for Guns program has been a gun buyback program for the last fourteen years in Worcester, exchanging firearms for gift cards.

Police departments in Worcester, Millbury, Grafton, Leicester, Southbridge, Oxford, Sturbridge, Northbridge, and Webster will exchange guns for gift cards of varying amounts:

($25 rifle, $50 pistol, $75 semiautomatic weapon of any kind).

Residents of any city or town may drop off their weapons anonymously, in exchange for gift cards.

Gun owners are further welcomed to pick up a trigger lock free of charge from the police stations listed above.

The 2014 Good for Guns program produced almost 150 firearms in one day as well as 18 lbs of TNT that was being improperly stored in Leicester.  Since the inception of the Goods for Guns program, over 2500 guns have been returned to law enforcement officials in Central Massachusetts.


From The New York Times!

CLICK HERE to view all the (uniquely) American mass murders.




– Rosalie Tirella

We’ll always be playin’ John Lennon

The Beatle who changed the world – my world! – was born October 9! (Like Lennon, I’m a Libra!) – R.T.

Love this sweet, heart-twisting clip: Paul McCartney shortly after John’s death:

John always wore his heart on his sleeve … his neck tie … his coat tails … his boots … his cap …

A belated Happy Birthday, John! WISH YOU WERE HERE!

Thank you, God!!!

Like spring sunshine, snow melting on the grass, my dog Jett’s butt all a-jiggle when he wags his curly-cue tail during our walks (can ya tell I’m jonesin’ for spring?!) – The Beatles are miraculous!!!!! I use the word “miraculous” because everything about them was so serendipitous-ly perfect! Like a tiger’s face. Or an old person’s hand. Or the arch of  dancer’s back … .  Their beautiful looks, their origins (all from Liverpool??!!!), their individual and collective genius … . Their insight into the human and animal soul! Their playfulness! Their fearlessness! THE MELODIES!!!!!!! The lyrics!!!!!!!!

Here are some tunes from one of my fave Beatles lps, YESTERDAY AND TODAY. When artists put out records (45’s), the B side usually has the weaker tune. Sometimes its the same for side 2’s on their albums. For albums, maybe there are three or so brilliant songs sprinkled among 8 or so very good ones, and finally, a clunker, tucked in cuz they were running low on new material. But look at Side 2 to YESTERDAY AND TODAY! Just as fantastic as Side 1!

Thank you, God!!! (She knows our soft spots!!)    – R. Tirella

And some “fab” tunes for you …

… My two favorite Beatles tunes – both from RUBBER SOUL, my all-time favorite Beatles album (which I listened to this morning in a pensive mood). I think I could believe in God if I thought hard enough about the MIRACLE we call the Beatles … . I mean, four working class guys from Liverpool! Creating these musical masterpieces! The melodies! The lyrics! The ideas! … The nehru shirts! AND they were so beautiful to look at (love love love John’s elegant nose)! They were so beautiful to watch on TV or at the movies! … They were so young but knew everything – at 21/22! The Beatles = proof that a divine higher being exists. Like looking up at the night sky while visiting friends in the country. … The first song (below) is the perfect love song to old neighborhoods, old flames and old friends – but also a kind of gorgeous embrace of who is HERE and NOW in John’s life. The second tune (not from the lp but a bootleg) is about John’s secret love affair with Yoko Ono, the artiste who changed everything for him. At the time he was married to “Cynthia,” a very cool blond he met at art school. She was Brigitte-Bardot beautiful (the sex icon of the time), but she was not Yoko! – R. Tirella

Remember when you could put on FM radio and hear …

By Rosalie Tirella

… entire lps? Or side 2 or maybe 4 of a big juicy “double album” – by a rock n roll great? I remember listening to WAAF,  a great Worcester rock station in the early 1980s,  and hearing the DJ  “recreate” a Bruce Springsteen concert that had just ended that night (4 hours later, as is the way with The Boss). I was too poor to go to the concert, but I knew that at 11 p.m. I would get to hear all the songs Bruce and the E Street band burned through, the concert I missed, courtesy of this WAAF DJ. So, as I was about to pop into bed, I put on my radio, plunked it by my pillow, adjusted the antenna and … heaven. I heard every song that Springsteen sang in the order he sang them.

A few years ago, I was listening to a Worcester rock station and a listener had called in to make a request. Not a music snob or someone who wanted to be difficult. Just a regular, nice guy. He requested side B of the Beatles Abbey Road. Freaking awesome, I thought! I love side B! It is rock n roll at its most classic and you don’t hear the tunes that often – especially together, as the Fab Four intended.

Well, my heart broke. The DJ told the guy – just a regular rock n roll guy wanting to hear rock n roll made by regular guys who happened to be working class geniuses  – NO, I CAN’T DO THAT. I CAN’T PLAY THE ENTIRE SIDE. BUT I CAN PLAY YOU A BEATLES TUNE. And he did – one that you hear on the radio all the time. Not even a song from the B side of Abbey Road. No respect for the listener! I mean, we don’t even hear Elvis anymore! Or Chuck Berry! Or Little Richard!

But can you blame DJ? He had done his job, what his bosses forced him to do, what all the marketing people tested and approved of  – he played songs off the play list that Clean Channel or CBS or whatever corporation that owned the station had spit out for him. The anti-thesis of rock and roll, which is revolutionary, profane, out of control, brilliant.


I listen to Carter Allen on WZLX (100.7 on your FM dial) and wish for the old days. Here is Allen, a brilliant guy who knows EVERYTHING ABOUT ROCK AND ROLL and who probably owns more tunes than all the radio stations on the Eastern Seaboard combined, and he is (I can tell) pretty much forced to play the same (great) rock songs eternally. You can never hear anything too off the beaten track, even if it is great rock and roll. For instance, a few years ago the Old Injun Fighter told me he heard a few songs off the late George Harrison’s last lp. He really liked the songs and he wanted the radio station to go deep into the album. But they never did. They only played one or two songs off the lp  and stopped – all together. This is George Harrison we’re talking about. As American as The Ed Sullivan Show! WHY CAN’T WE HEAR HARRISON’S LAST ALBUM?! Any where?!! It was great!

You listen to Carter Allen’s blues show on Sunday morning and savor it. Besides his calming, sexy voice, you get to hear (and appreciate) all this great music and more – like his wide ranging tastes in blues of all sorts, his passion for AND deep knowledge of the blues, his respect for the musicians (who sing their lives through their songs, like great short stories) and their histories.  I learn so much when I listen to Allen during his Sunday Morning Blues Show (9 a.m. to noon).

This all pretty much disappears Monday – Friday, 10 – 2 when he takes to the airwaves for his “day job.”  He’s still articulate and funny in a low key way and so nice to listeners and the music is still good – but you want MORE … you want DIFFERENT … you want songs by The Beatles or Eric Clapton that you haven’t heard for a while. You want their ephemeral stuff. You want their bombast. You want the young kid songs, you want the middle-aged broad/guy songs and you want the on-death’s-door songs (see Bob Dylan! Look at Frank Sinatra’s SEPTEMBER OF MY YEARS!!). YOU WANT IT ALL. Because they are great artists and they have something to say at all points in their lives! You want to see these artist evolve, fight back against older age, resign themselves to the December of their years ….

CARTER ALLEN KNOWS THIS. HE KNOWS IT ALL. But CBS or whatever fucking Thought Police own the station today (and everyone’s paycheck) keep their folks muzzled.

Heartbreaking …

Here’s what we are missing …