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Indulge, while the lickin’s good!

The Broadway Restaurant and Catering is located at 100 Water St., Worcester

They also make:

Smores icecream!


Chocolate chip!



Mint chocolate chip!


And an exotic flavor I tried once and loved, but I’ve forgotten its name…

Lilac loves Broadway icecream – just a lick or two for pups! Wag that tail, girl!!!

Visit the Broadway for terrific home made breakfasts, too! (Try their Belgian waffles!) They also cater parties/gatherings/special events!


Text/pics: Rosalie Tirella

Did you know Billy, owner of the Broadway restaurant and catering, …

By Rosalie Tirella

… has been cooking the Thanksgiving dinners for Catholic Charities holiday meals for the elderly/disabled FOR ALMOST 15 YEARS?

That’s right! THOUSANDS OF MEALS! HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF FOOD PREP – HARD WORK AND HUSTLE IN THE HOT BROADWAY KITCHEN … FOR MORE THAN 15 YEARS. FOR FREE. VOLUNTEERING for Worcester. And Billy shuns the spotlight! Doesn’t want the recognition – just wants plenty of elbow room in the Broadway kitchen to prepare the hundreds of turkey meals for Worcester seniors, while his waitresses and cooks do the other work – serving the Broadway customers who come to this Worcester culinary landmark on 100 Water St. for the sweet ambiance as much as the amazing breakfasts, bottomless cups of coffee and homemade baked mac and cheese.

Billy is for family, church, friendship, silly jokes, smiles, bantering with customers, rescuing dogs …

Jett loves visiting the Broadway where the waitresses sneak him strips of bacon when Rosalie isn’t looking!

… talking city politics with city pols!, giving the poor kids sitting at his counter big $2.50 homemade Broadway ice cream cones for a buck cuz that’s what the kids put down on his counter, while twirling around on those red vinyl Broadway seats and chatting Billy up. Everyone is smiling and laughing … Billy especially!

BILLY IS THE BEST! He is the best of what Worcester once stood for and still stands for in many quarters. Not the fake gentrifiers who use social media to catapult themselves into a kind of fake prominence with their mostly fake friends … and cheat along the way, ever so skillfully. They’re an affront to the Green Island that so many of us remember and love – the Green Island that was all about authenticity, modesty, being so good, so true outside the limelight for your neighborhood, for your city, for your husband or wife, for your kids. You just did a good thing. Period.

Thanksgiving time the Broadway is for remembering Worcester’s poor, Worcester’s forgotten – frail old folks who won’t be able to cook their own Thanksgiving feast and may not be going out to celebrate with family – or even have family with whom to break holiday bread.

Every year Billy and his family fill the gap! They get the call from the Bishop, and Billy and the wonderful Broadway folks step up and volunteer.

The Broadway is located at 100 Water St., Worcester!

Every year about this time, if you walk into the Broadway, you’ll see Billy and his wife Betsy and their staff (most of them with the Broadway for years) running all around the big yet cozy kitchen pulling scores of basted and baked turkeys out of huge shiny silver ovens, with long doors, carving the turkeys up, spooning mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and veggies into the aluminum trays that scores of Elder Services of Worcester County volunteers will deliver to Worcester seniors. And the seniors get gravy … and dessert! Billy is focused, running up the tile floor to fetch a huge pot, a helper is stirring the gravy, big ladles and spoons are dipped into big pots and pans, the prep table in the center of the kitchen is overflowing with all things good and tasty … the place smells like heaven. After all, it’s the Bishop who provides the birds! But Billy provides everything else: the sides, the cooking, the work (all those pots, pans and utensils to wash!) Most of all, BEST OF ALL … THE LOVE.

Thanks, Billy!

The Broadway Restaurant at 100 Water St., Worcester, has homemade pumpkin ice cream!


Broadway Homemade Pumpkin Ice Cream Special (they make it at the Broadway! Ask to watch – FUN): BUY 3, GET 1 FREE!

Visit this Worcester culinary icon today!

On the road today I got to enjoy some Broadway homemade ice cream …

Pina colada! Pineapples, coconut shavings…inner-city treat! Buy some today! The Broadway is located at 100 Water St. It’s a Worcester culinary  icon –  its breakfasts legendary! I’ve been eating Broadway food since I was 7, back when Sam owned the place. On Saturday and Sunday mornings he’d stand at the doorway personally welcoming all his customers. He’d be wearing a spiffy sport coat … he’d shake the guys’ hands and acknowledge the ladies with a deferential little nod. You felt so important!  It was a special morning!  Old school, all the way!

– Rosalie Tirella


This just in! The Broadway restaurant on Water Street has made batches of homemade ice cream!

Nothing beats the Broadway’s just-made homemade Snickers ice cream.  Or Smores ice cream. Or Salted Caramel ice cream! Or Pina Colada ice cream. Or Black Raspberry ice cream. Or Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  Or …

 Head down to this Worcester culinary landmark today! It’s located at 100 Water St., Worcester!

You can’t see it here, in this pic I took last week, but I have a little pot belly.


 Sigh. It will never disappear as long as I live two minutes away from the Broadway. It’s all the Broadway’s fault! It’s their HOMEMADE ice cream with its white chocolate chunks and cherries and brownie hunks … its their cheddar cheese-veggie omelettes bursting at their edges … all sirens to my InCity Times sailor soul!

– Rosalie Tirella