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The end of the GOP and the rise of the Greens!

PR and VP
Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka

By Gordon Davis

The Green Party seems to be the only viable electoral party in the center-left.

The Green Party US is moving to the left. At its 2016 Convention it adopted an anti-capitalism platform. A surprising and bold move for the Greens in the USA.

This anti-capitalist platform is likely to mean a furious fight for the hearts of the Greens. Although the Greens have always rejected any corporate contributions, unlike the Republicans and the Democrats, there are many in the Greens who do not have a clear anti-capitalist agenda.

Does the anti-capitalism platform mean that the Greens will want the so called social democracies of Western Europe? Perhaps another alternative will come about. We will have to see what develops.

In many ways this future struggle within the Greens has the same feel as that which occurred in the late 1960s in SDS. The split in SDS was over how to defeat capitalism.

For President, the Greens nominated favorite and native daughter to Massachusetts, Jill Stein. For Vice President, the Greens nominated Ajamu Baraka, human rights activist. Mr. Baraka is somewhat like Tim Kaine; neither overshadows their respective Presidential candidate.

Cornell West
Cornel West and delegates

At the Greens Convention was a good number of former supporters of candidate Bernie Sanders. For the most part, they were younger and more enthusiastic than the longtime Greens. Former Sanders supporters have made their presence known to the Green-Rainbows in Massachusetts!

It was not clear whether the former Sanders supporters at the Greens Convention were actual delegates or just unofficial attendees. This seems to bode well for the Greens who will likely pick up many younger former Sanders supporters and increase the Green draw as a political party.

The labor vote has not come easily to the Greens. This might have been due to the ties of labor bosses to the Democratic Party. I suppose at some point the Wall Street bosses’ friendship with the Democratic Party could lead to Labor’s defection to the Greens. The Democrats under President Bill Clinton helped destroy labor and the social safety net – and signed bills that led to mass incarceration. Hillary Clinton has paid only lip service to the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement.

During the 1930s the Black vote went from the Republicans to the Democrats when we Black people saw that Wall Street had no plans to end the Great Depression and racism. It is likely something similar will take place in the future.

The Democratic Party was a coalition created by FDR to nullify the Wall Street bosses. Those bosses caused the Great Depression of the 20th Century and the Great Recession of the 21th Century. Today the Democrats are in bed with Wall Street while pretending to be pro-labor.

The Republican Party has split into three parts: fascist, libertarian and the Charlie Baker moderates. It is no longer a coherent entity. Only the fascists have the potential for growing, blaming immigrants and using racism. The Libertarians are just in the wrong century. The moderate Republicans are moving into the Democratic Party where they are being openly courted.

Like the Know Nothing Party of the 1800s, the GOP is disappearing! It seems that the Greens are becoming the new FDR coalition…