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Attn: Mt. Carmel boosters! … TONIGHT! – Thurs! – Historic Commission meeting at 5:30 p.m. – Worcester City Hall

The steeple of Our Lady of Mount Carmel church, located on Mulberry Street in Worcester’s glorious Italian American East Side neighborhood! pic:R.T.

In the Levi-Lincoln Room (3rd floor)

See you there!

By Mauro DePasquale, president

Our Lady of Mount Carmel church Preservation Society

Please consider this:

1. The Diocese does not want a Historic District. It holds a permit to knock the church down.

2. The Mount Carmel Preservation Society (MPS) wants the Church to be re-opened with masses and to save the parish on Mulberry Street.

3. The Diocese is merging the two parishes but has not committed to seating the parish sacred gathering space on Mulberry street in our historic church. According to the Bishop, the merger is non-negotiable and was a part of the unilateral offering made by the Bishop on December 30. (BTW An offer with no guarantees but to explore possibilities.) While a permit for May demotion continues to be on cue.

4. MPS provided a comprise by offering six points for the Diocese to consider and respond to before we withdraw our petition.

5. The Diocese ignored our request as of this writing and many in our group have interpreted an implied negative message which is to be published in the Jan 22nd bulletin. This is after we held our part of the bargain of delaying our petition, held quiet with the press, upon request of the Bishop, until Jan 10. We had no real choice but to move forward with the petition as vetted by the Worcester City Council, due to time constraints for processing it.

6. Whereas the MPS mission is, in part, to preserve the church – and we have discussed the consequences a number of times with the Board and general membership – and whereas the Bishop has not indicated in anyway that he is willing to even discuss our 6 points, we can choose to either walk away or move forward with whatever hope the Historic District has to offer toward preservation of our sacred space and community anchors.

Our members spoke clearly at our latest meeting on how they wish to proceed. Therefore, we are moving forward with our petition, with hopes the Diocese will continue discussions to truly work toward preserving and re-opening our Church.

7. Our mission is to preserve our Church and, for the time being, the Historic District offers at least a chance to preserve it. With consensus from the membership and our Board, we have little choice but to move forward with open eyes and hearts – open to continue to appeal for the Bishop to have a change of heart in favor of saving and re-opening our historic church.

We believe the Diocese does not want the church to sit there on Mulberry Street as an eyesore. No one does. It deserves better – to be re-opened, with masses celebrated there weekly.

Hopefully, this process will encourage a move toward preservation and real, open, bilateral discussion …

Moving ahead…


Progress? Maybe!

Steel support beam delivered to Our Lady of Mount Carmel church

A few items and a formal invitation:

1.Thanks to the Mount Carmel Preservation Society’s work and the City’s Historical commission, we stopped the Monsignor and the Bishop from demolishing our beautiful historical Church on Mulberry Street.

Because of our advocacy and our willingness to STAND TALL to see that they FIX our Church and Save our Parish on Mulberry Street, THANK GOD today we see a steel support beam was delivered. The work should be starting very soon.

Keep Praying, keep asking for donations. We have a ways to go, but every day we are getting closer toward our goal, and finally, it’s good to see the Diocese is doing what they are ordered to do by​ the City.

We were told once the work starts it will take about 10 days to complete.

Thank you all for your support!


OCTOBER 4 at the OLMtC Recreation Center at 6:30 PM is our next meeting. Bring a friend.

This will be an important meeting. Please make every effort to attend.

And… MPS has a booth at both the stART in the Street Art festival this Sunday (9/25) and the Shrewsbury Town Fair today. If you attend these fun family events, look for our booth and show a little love and support.

MPS display

Thank you, and God Bless you all … and God Bless Our Lady of Mount Carmel!

See you soon!

Mauro DePasquale, for the Mount Carmel Preservation Society