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The Toombs of 132 Institute Road hear the truth

By Rosalie Tirella

Finally! The Truth! The awful – but liberating – truth! “J.” had had enough this past Friday night! The Toombs of 132 Institute Road, Worcester, were put in their place by J., the Toombs’ next door neighbor! He finally got so disgusted and freaked and worn down by their weird, perverted, exhibitionist behavior, that he cracked. Had a mini-meltdown – right in the middle of the West Side. This past Friday night J. let go let the Toombs know that he was sick of living next door to them – perverts – perverts who molest each other, exhibit their breasts and genatalia to him, scream “cock sucker” in the middle of their back yard – and in general sexually assault him at every turn.

Truly a night mare.

“Naked! Naked! Naked!” J. screamed at the top of his lungs to his next door neighbors. I’M sick of it! Don’t show me your boobs and cocks – you do this so I see! No more! You disgust me! You do this for me – all your other shades are drawn.

J. was right – all the other blinds and shades of the Toombs’ house are closed/drawn. When they walk around naked in their house – the family on the other side of them can’t see. The same goes for the homeowners at the back of their home. But the huge picture window facing J.’s back door and the attic window that is across from his second floor always remain open. And at night, the lights are on – bright. So they can show J. their boobs and cocks.

All for J. The poor guy.

I have written about “The Boob “- Terry – Theresa – Toombs – and how she folds laundry in her picture window at night, the lights on bright, Terry buck naked. I have written about how Billy junior, their son, was sexually inappropriate with a developmentally disabled person – and got off the hook thanks to a smarty pant lawyer. And Billy senior was put a way for two years for his sexual misdeeds.

How did this clan ever get in the West Side?

Debasing themselves – debasing J.

This is America. People can do what they want to do, and do who they want to do, in the privacy of their homes – as long as it’s between two consenting adults. But people do not have the right to exhibit themselves to their neighbors. Shove their privates into their neighborhs’ faces. DRAW THE BLINDS, you perverts.

J. has been for the past year or so, I believe, showing symptoms of someone who has been sexually abused. By outing his anger, screaming for them to stop, he took control of the situation – the Toombs’ filthy secrets and ways were outed.

For a year or so now, the Toombs have foisted their sick behavior on J. J. gets up at 1:30 in the morning to go to the bathroom. What does he see? Billy senior buck naked in the window facing him, lights on, playing with himself. J. is repulsed.

J. is outside working on his truck, he lifts his head up to change the station on his truck radio and what does he see? Terry – Theresa – Toombs – 61 years old, overweight and with a mouth as big and dirty as her bottom – folding laundry buck naked in her big picture window, all the lights on – boobs a-bouncing – the window only yards away from J.’s truck/J.

J. cannot leave his house without being visually assaulted by these sickos.

Pull the blinds down, you pigs! J. screamed at them Friday night. You perverts! I am so sick of this! Then he added: I plow the driveway [it is a shared one] – you have never lifted a shovel or put down a grain of sand or snow melt! The roof is sagging [they have to share a garage, too], you need to pay for half of the roofing job! The driveway needs repairing!

J. was livid. He was beside himself. I have never seen him so enraged. He is a little guy – but big boned and strong because of his contracting work – so he has a great diaphram. He was bellowing the truth. BELLOWING HIS DISGUST. The entire neighborhood heard him railing against what they have probably only guessed at. But now everyone on Institute Road has been warned.

And as Terry Toombs and Billy senior and their loud mouthed new “boarder” a 30-something broad who leers at J. and who is contantly taking pictures of the driveway whenever I come by, saw and heard how upset J. was this Friday, what did they do? They all smiled, even laughed – and half heartedly denied the charges. Terry said that the last time we both saw her – she was wearing a little pink sports bra and that is OK.

Why are we even tallking about your bra??!!! J. screamed.

The Toombs had accomplished their goal – pulled J. into a sick intimate world. By screaming GO AWAY, J. pushed them back, pulled himself out of the muck that is the Toombs of 132 Institute Road.

When the police came, I asked the cop: What can we do about the boobs in the window, the penis in the window?

The cop said: CALL 911

And 911 will be called.

It will take the police some time to get to 132 Institute Road, and by then the Toombs will have put their boobs and their genetalia back into their sweat pants/shirts and maybe even drawn their blinds. But at least J. will have made the phone call. He will have empowered himself – and created a log – to use in court, if necessary – of the Toombs’ perverted/exhibisionis behavior.

And how they make us all sick.

It’s Toombs – not Toomes!

In our blog postings below re: the boob-baring/topless (in front of her picture window) and safet-net-system-abusing Theresa (Terry) Toombs, we called her and her clan the “Toomes.” The correct spelling of their last name is Toombs.

I hope the Toombs, who live at 132 Institute Road (Worcester’s West Side), read the Boston Globe’s stories on people who abuse welfare/DET benefits and/or free/reduced-cost services for the disabled/poor. Usually, after a big Globe expose, the politicians at Beacon Hill/the Gov, think about things carefully and CHANGE THE LAWS.

Let’s hope this happens soon.

– Rosalie Tirella

Terry Toombs – aka “The Boob” – update

By Rosalie Tirella

How very interesting … .

I got an email from a woman who has known Terry Toombs – aka The Boob – for 13 or so years. She apparently house-sits for Terry when The Boob and her clan go on their 3-week-long vacations (which happens every four months or so!). The woman read my Toomes blog posting and ICTimes story and told me I hit the nail on the head when it came to the Toomes clan of 132 Institute Rd, Worcester.

She agreed: The Toombs milk the system. This woman told me Terry and clan “raid food pantries.” She said her man boys may act dumb but are intelligent enough to get on their comupter and book discount airplane flights. The woman said the Toombs are heading out for their 12-day vaca soon – in January! She said she wanted to say: WHO’S HANDICAPPED?? when one of Terry’s sons was making airplane reservations and asked for 2 handicapped seats. (why not?! more room/less money!)

The woman, who said the Toombs have 8 cats, and a flea problem (last summer) said the naked-boob-bearing Terry sounds right on, too.

Two words for Terry Theresa Toombs and clan: MEANS TESTING.


MEANS TESTING! A STRATEGY TO CURTAIL welfare fraud that Mass gunbernatorial candidate Charlie Baker recommended the State of Mass institute before this state and our fair cities and towns go belly up! I am a Democrat and would never ever take shelter or food or clothing away from a poor single mother and her infant/children. But the Toombs clan is something different. Something insidious eating away at the fabric of … Worcester, society.

Means testing should be something any social service agency/food pantry should do before it gives any sort of benefits/food/etc to folks who say they need the help.

For example: If you want food stamps, how do you live – what is the lifestyle that makes you unable to pay for food? Why should Terry Toombs and her family go all over Worcester county “raiding food pantries” and then use the money they shoud have spent on groceries to buy airplane tickets for their vacations? How insane is that?

Something is very very wrong here. The Toombs are the perfect example of a floundering USA. America has lost its bearings. Where once the USA had a killer work ethic – I know: my immigrant grandparents and my mom worked themselves to the bone – we now have the Toombs – the culture of entitlement. Fat, lazy, computer literate enough to Google “food pantries” and “free” and then jump into their van to retrieve their goodies.

When I was growing up, my mother told me what her mother from Poland told her: When you get your pay check this is how you spend yor money (in order of importance): rent, gas/heating bill, electric bill, food, telephone. Extra money went for clothing, shoes, etc. The last thing my mother would blow her teeny paycheck on was a family vacation. She just didn’t have the dough – and we kids had to adjust. We never ever went on a real vacation. My mother couldn’t afford a week in Florida or Cape Cod. She couldn’t spend dough on lake cabins, etc. But during the summer my sisters and I did go the Girls Club on Winthrop Street (fun!), attended Worcester’s Summer’s World play productions in the parks (also fun!), went to the lilbrary and enjoyed their movies and visited our Aunt Rose and Uncle Mark in the nicer part of town. They had a big back yard and a little house. Much nicer than our third-floor flat in Green Island. When we vistied my aunt and uncle, my mom (a single mom for the most part) relaxed with my aunt and uncle over a cup of coffee and donuts. My sisters and I played basketball with our cousins – or board games like Monopoly. A blast! We also had cook outs and icecream parties. And sometimes we all went – my Uncle Mark driving – to Natasket or Hampton beach for the day.

It was great fun – and appropriate. We were poor. We tried our best to have a good time during school vacations. More important: we always had lots of food (that my mom paid for with her hard earned dough) in the house, a roof over our heads, warmth, electricity, telephone service and boots for the winter months. Which we paid for ourselves. We kids – through my mom’s excellent example – had pride in ourselves, our minds, each other. My mom was God to us. My mother was fiercely proud of herself, too.

I will always love her for this.

Even though we were poor, my mom expected me to get all As in school (which I did – al honors classes and 3 AP courses – up until college!). And she expected me and my two sisters to go to college. This is when – through my aunt – we got assistance from the state and the federal government. Besides college applications, we filled out Pell grant applications, student loan appleications, scholarship applications, etc BECAUSE MY MOTHER WAS POOR AND WE COULD NOT AFFORD COLLEGE and we got help from the govt. Perfectly appropriate.

My mom earned every iota of respect we gave her. We feared her. She was old school. She was not our huggy, lovey-dovey gal pal – she was our mother. Sarah Palin would probably call her a Mama Grizzly.

So opposite from the pigs who are the Toombs! Their raids of food pantries! Terry The Boob and her pathetic husband and kids bring shame to themselves and what it means to be an American. For all of us.