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What Snoop Dog snoop Tracy Novick should “investigate”

By Rosalie Tirella

This is why people don’t register to vote or vote once they’re registered. For myriad reasons, once a seemingly normal person gets elected to office they go and get STUPID on the voters/community.

For example: Worcester School Committee woman Tracy Novick. She was elected to office last election cycle because the voters thought they were getting a young mom, a sensitive person who cared for kids and would advocate for families. But here it is a year or so later and we have a woman so out of touch with our school district and what Worcester public school students and families need that I’m sure people like Mayor Joe O’Brien is wondering what he ever saw in the little twit.

Novick has not come out for our students – most of whom are working class or poor. She has not gotten the fact through her thick/stubborn skull that our urban school district does not resemble the district in which she taught school or the schools she attended as a kid. This is why Novick is such a bad fit for the Worcester School Committee. She is putting her ego/needs before Worcester students and their familes. She has shown that she puts up a fight with any state or federal agency that gives millions of dollars to our school district – our needy kids – and (because they are giving us tons of dough) sets parameters/goals for our students and teachers. This is why, like an idiot, Novick was the only school committee person to vote against accepting MILLIONS of dollars from the government for one of our neediest/poorest schools – Union Hill – because the MILLIONS of dollars came with a few strings attached.

Everyone elso on the Worc. School Committee knows how bad things are for our schools and thought what I thought: SHOW US THE MONEY! We will work miracles with it! For example: Novick’s kids, I’m sure, have a library at home and the schools they attend. Union Hill, is located off Dorchester Street, for Cripes sake, they (up until a year or so) had no school library! No books for their kids to check out!Novick should have thought, like all of the other Worc. School Committee folks: Great! Now Union Hill will have some dough to play with! The school staff can put together a library, maybe get laptops in the hands of our students, etc, etc.

Not Novick. She turned the issue into a political pissing ocntest. Vote Yes – to govt intervention – or Vote No to WPS autonomy. Like the child she is, she felt it was an either/or situation. Most adults got it. Get the money and try to finesse the govt. parameters.

Now Novick’s chomped down on the Goddard School. Everyone has pretty much moved on. Not Novick and pal Dianna Biancheria. But especially Novick who thinks she’s Woodward and Bernstein put together and the Goddard School is the Watergate Hotel! No snippet and snippet of Goddard documents will be revealed. It’s a shame most are redacted to protect the privacy of CHILDREN. No matter to Novick – the idiot will press on!

She doesn’t get that Goddard is a great urban school – and most of Worc.’s inner-city schools are superior to other big city schools. She doesn’t get that she needs to BACK THE FUCK OFF – AS GODDARD PARENTS, STUDENTS AND STAFF WANT HER TO. Novick disrespects them and all WPS students as she continues her “undercover investigation.”

This dweeb needs to get a life. OR: focus on important investigations/issues. For example, Novick could investigate: WHY THERE ARE SO FEW MINORITY TEACHERS IN THE WORCESTER PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

Get snoopy in other ways, Snoop Dog Novick!