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When ICT columnist Dorrie M. is not out being glamorous …

Go, Dorrie, go!

… She is out patrolling the streets of Worcester, monitoring our trash situation.

Photos and cutlines by Dorrie Maynard:

Trash on Trowbridge Street on Saturday. Trash/recycling does not get picked up until Tuesday.

The remains of what used to be a table in front of 98 West St. This mess has been here since (last) Spring!

More trash on West Street, in the same area.

Edith! Always in style!

Love the European view! pic:CJ

People-friendly city

By Edith Morgan
We just returned from a long trip around the U.S. and saw so many different sights and solutions to the problems of how to live, that I thought I would share  a few observations about what we saw.
Of  course, construction is going on everywhere, whether in the near-desert environment of huge areas of the Northwest (going from Oregon to Minnesota by train lets you get a bird’s eye view of  the vast areas as yet not fully colonized, the hundreds of miles of hills, mesas, mountains, rivers and other natural wonders), and the new cities of the West along the coast.
Coming back to Worcester in the midst of the various renovations and restorations, I get a better appreciation of all that we have to work with here: older cities have so many wonderful historical buildings, so many interesting public places, so many parks and gardens – great structures for all to enjoy and treasure.
We can learn much about making Worcester so much more “pedestrian friendly”; we can put up all kinds of new buildings, bring in new businesses, and try to encourage students and residents to visit them. But so far we have not succeeded in getting the kind of crowds we see out and about in so many other cities that attract thousands of pedestrians daily.
As part of our trip, we stopped in Portland, Oregon; we wandered about downtownand were very much impressed by the very “pedestrian-friendliness of the city: sidewalks were SO WIDE and so clean! And so artistically lined with large pots full of flowers and shrubs – and, of course, alive with people.

I was told they clean the streets regularly, and we spotted a sight familiar to most European travelers: persons in brightly colored vests, pushing carts with brooms and trash cans along the sidewalks. Automobile traffic seemed reduced, as there were great choices of surface, public transportation: electric streetcars, regular buses and of course the usual taxis.  

There did not appear to be the awful clutter of huge advertising signs obliterating the view everywhere.  And the new buildings tended not to be huge. Yes, I know, it is more expensive to build structures that have character and detail, but in the long run, saving money up front always seems to involve more expense later on. Worcester has so many structures to be proud of, many unique and built to last – buildings that were here before many of the western states even existed!
Perhaps it is easier to want to take care of what is new and shiny and clean; but I believe it is a matter of priorities. Paris, Rome, Venice, Montreal, etc. are all infinitely older than Worcester but have banned cars from certain parts of their cities, provided plentiful great public transportation, gotten their businesses to put artistic planters on the broad sidewalks, and encouraged seating (benches, tables and chairs) for patrons. 

Worcester has begun to do some of these things, on a small scale. But we are still expecting litter and trash to be picked up by individuals and our streets to remain clean all year, except in spring and fall. We get what we pay for.

District 4 needs daily trash pick up

Pics+text by Rosalie Tirella

… Or free yellow garbage bags

Or … something! This visual pummeling can’t continue! This public health disaster hurts our kids – many poor and already behind the 8 ball!

We here in D 4 are not the suburbs! We’re not even the West Side or Burncoat – we are true city, lots of inner-city spaces.


I took these photos in Green Island, lower Vernon Hill, even Stafford Street, during these past few weeks. This says EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR CITY – OUR VALUES, OUR WORLD VIEW, our relationship to outsiders. This urban messy piss pot cancels out all the accomplishments. People leave the Hanover, drive to the expressway … and see discarded tattered office chairs or even bureaus on our streets and on-ramps. They see green leaf or contractor bags filled with crap that the city ignores on trash pick up day because the bags are not official, City of Worc.-sanctioned garbage bags. JUST PICK THEM UP ON TRASH DAY, CASSELLA GUYS! Please! They decompose on the sidewalks over time! And with summer here, the stench will be unbearable. Rats galore …

The Worcester trash problem discourages solid folks from buying homes or renting apartments here, the second largest CITY in New England; it keeps small businesses at bay. Visitors remember the negative – and tell their friends! And laugh! We are not the utility closet of New England any longer – but its Dumpster.

I’ve never seen it so bad! And I grew up poor on these streets years ago!

We are killing our city, Mayor Joe Petty and city council! This is so heart-breaking for responsible residents who clean, pick up after neighbors, call city hall to get some help – EVERY DAY. Every day! And let’s not get started on discarded syringes!











By Worcester District 4 City Councilor Barbara Haller

On the day of park activist Nancy Alexanian’s adjudication for defacing Elm Park by writing “Fix the Benches + Stop Dumping Trash” on an already graffitied electrical box in the park, across from her home of 30 years.

Nancy Alexanian has lived across from Elm Park with her husband for 30 years. She is an active member of PREP+ neighborhood association. She has watched Elm Park over the years and been dismayed over the disrespect shown the park.

This summer after learning that the City was not allocating any significant resources into the park anytime soon and coming home to see someone dump bags of household trash into the park, Nancy decided to take action. She went across the street to the park and marked on the electrical box (that was already graffitied) “Fix the Benches + Stop Dumping Trash.” She was identified as the culprit, readily admitted to it, and was summoned to court for defacing public property.

Nancy herself does not condone her action. Those who know Nancy and who share her love of the park Continue reading ELM PARK: A CALL FOR PRIORITY RESOURCES!

Holy Cross College party alert!!!!!

By Ron Chiras

Would anyone like to see what is still happening on College Hill, home to Holy Cross College?

Last weekend Boyden and Caro streets were blocked at 1 a.m., Sunday morning (April 24). This week-end is the BIG ONE!!?

Read this alert sent out to residents and join the “Hill” people in trying to figure out what the h— is going on!

Holy Cross Spring Weekend: an annual event that occurs on the Holy Cross campus this first weekend of May. There are activities on campus but, of course, Caro Street is the big attraction.

We suspect, as in the past, many hundreds [of students] will be on Boyden and Caro streets – drinking in overcrowded apartments, cellars, porches and yards – most of them underage with open containers of alcohol. Continue reading Holy Cross College party alert!!!!!