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Get Ready, Set, Go! Run for Public Office!

By William S. Coleman III

The nomination papers for City Council and School Committee are available for any registered voter in the city of Worcester to pick up. All you have to do is go to the second floor of City Hall, go to the Election Commission Office and request nomination papers for City Councilor at Large or District City Councilor in one of five City Council districts.

If you’re not sure of your district, the Director of Elections will help you find your home district. Or you can pick up nomination papers for School Committee. Don’t just stand there and complain to everyone you know about how government doesn’t work. Get involved and help government work better as an elected official. Continue reading Get Ready, Set, Go! Run for Public Office!

Two pols – Jim Leary and Bill McManus – go at it

editor’s note: two pols go at it! Here’s a portion of the email exchange.

From Bill McManus to Jim Leary:

“I find it very sleazy that [Jim] Leary, a public employee, got roughly a !00% pay raise in a one year period of time for a newly created job that was created while he was the Lt’ Gov’s Chief Aide and his wife was a paid fundraiser for the same Lt’ Gov. It’s understandable that Leary wants to create a smokescreen and talk about anything else but the public money he is taking. He wants to somehow deflect the focus of attention from himself. This has nothing to do with me. I am not the public employee who got a raise from $100,000 to $180,000. My wife was not the paid campaign fundraiser for the same Lt. Governor. Jennifer Murphy, was also a paid political aide for Lt. Gov. Murray just like Carolyn Leary.

“Jennifer Murphy just got a newly created $105,000 job less than three weeks ago. That’s what this is all about and why it brings Leary’s pay raise and his wife’s role as a fundraiser into the news. During a recession and in the midst of a hiring freeze, two jobs were specifically created for the benefit of two consecutive campaign aides, AND the first one got roughly a 100% pay increase during his first year while others at the same institution were being laid off. Continue reading Two pols – Jim Leary and Bill McManus – go at it