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9:30 AM — 3:30 PM🌼🌼

This event is FREE. Registration is required.

For more information please visit umassmed.edu/women

or email: Multicultural@umassmed.edu

To register go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2017MWHS

While everyone bashes …

By Rosalie Tirella

… UMASS for being a nonprofit that has the temerity to buy property adjacent to property it sits on, property that it intends to develop for cutting edge life sci research, a move that will enable it to keep Worcester in the bio tech loop (why lose everything to Cambridge/Boston?), property that will stay on the city tax rolls if leased to for-profit bio tech companies … we say: Why are you slamming UMASS?


Stop railing against UMASS! Stop bashing UMASS when, for all these years, it has given the city a very classy glow. A boost to our sometimes dowdy blue collar reputation. Some sparkly tall buildings that draw thousands of people a day, that hum with human activity, provide good paying jobs to thousands of local folks, provide first-rate health care to thousands of sick/dying people. UMASS makes us a city that can attract and keep very smart academic types, some of whom have won Nobel Prizes for their scientific research, we all should remember. UMASS is a great state university/research system, from its flagship university at Amherst, to UMass Lowell, to our UMass hospital/medical center, to the Great Brook Valley Health Center and the Family Health Center, Community Health Link, to the hospital’s staffing of the Ronald McDonald health care mobile and all the other free or low-cost medical services provided to struggling families in the Worcester area, to all the other great things our state university system does for Massachusetts. This state, unlike California or Michigan, does not know how to respect and support its state university system. Call us elitist Mass.

In Worcester’s case call us plain old cheap.

Why is everyone slagging a great local institution?

Cindy Chapman is gone: a victim of our failing health care system

(editor’s note: This op/ed piece can be found in the current issue of InCity Times. Usually, I wait a few weeks or even a month to post some of the content from InCity Times on our website. But because I have gotten some calls by people who were so moved by the story – and a special request by an ICT reader to post this story on our website ASAP so other folks can read it – I am breaking my rule. Here’s hoping even MORE people read this moving/tragic story and work (in Cindy’s name) for UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. – R.T.)

By Chris Horton

Cindy Chapman died Sunday morning at Umass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, MA, of complications due to cancer. She came here two years ago from New York City to find a new place and start a new life and now she is gone, victim of a failing safety net and a failing health care system. Ironically one of the attractions for her locating here was the reputation of our health care system. We know so little about her, why she was here and where she was coming from, what she left behind and why – yet we know everything about her too, because we know what she did and what she stood for, and we had the chance to see what she was made of when she was staring death in the face and making her final choices.

Cindy settled into Bancroft Towers, across from City Hall, with her cat Ugay. To people who work or live downtown she must have been a familiar sight, a perky little woman in her trademark beret or headscarf, walking Ugay around the Common on a leash. Continue reading Cindy Chapman is gone: a victim of our failing health care system